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Thanks to Google Translate, we can now understand street signs in a foreign language using our smartphones. Although the translations may be imperfect, it will give you a pretty decent idea of what they mean. In some ways, we are in a similar situation today. Even though there is no replacement for listening to the speakers yourself, I think we here at APH Networks can give you a pretty good idea of what the Edifier S1000DB desktop computer speakers are like. All I have to say is I am impressed. The Edifier S1000DB produces bright and energetic sound for those who are not expecting perfectly flat studio monitor response, and they are powerful enough to cleanly fill a medium-sized room. I personally would have preferred a thicker and warmer midrange with a deeper soundstage, but for $350 at press time, I am not complaining. These speakers are less than half the price of the Audioengine HD6. Heck, they are even cheaper than the Audioengine HD3! This is not to mention the S1000DB comes with a remote control, and its independent source selection feature is unavailable on any Audioengine products at press time. The only areas I can see improvement on, other than the sound character itself, comes down to three points. Firstly, include a line-level output for the option to connect a subwoofer. Secondly, revise the remote control slightly, so the D-pad can be used to skip and repeat tracks rather than using the entire thing for volume control. Thirdly, the S1000DB only currently supports aptX and default SBC support over Bluetooth; AAC support is recommended, considering the popularity of Apple devices. But these complaints are small in the grand scheme of things. For the product you get and the money you pay, the Edifier S1000DB is a well-deserved recipient of our prix d'équilibre égal APH. If you are a native French speaker and whatever I wrote seemed strange, I used, uhh, Google Translate for that, haha.

Edifier provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

APH equal.balance Award | APH Review Focus Summary:
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7/10 means Great product with many advantages and certain insignificant drawbacks; but should be considered before purchasing.
-- Final APH Numeric Rating is 7.5/10
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The Edifier S1000DB are large desktop speakers that is big in performance and small in price.

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