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In some ways, I think Gigabyte has some merits into entering this saturated market. From a reviewer's perspective, if I were to enter a market that has so many competitors already, I would try to do something novel to set it apart, whether by price or by features. At a suggested price of $69 USD, this pricing is neck-to-neck with the Kingston UV500 240GB. From the specification sheet, we have good write endurance and low power consumption. These are good signs when it comes to solid state drives, and from that mindset, it makes it a good budget drive. However, in our benchmarks, the UD PRO 256GB fell into a similar situation we had with the Kingston UV500. In terms of overall performance, we actually had pretty competitive linear and read performances from the UD PRO. However, the write performance overall was a bit lacking. The Gigabyte UD PRO did not fare favorably in some real-world tests either. Unfortunately, the Gigabyte UD PRO 256GB does nothing really new, whether in price or in performance, and is generally outclassed by other budget drives like those from Crucial. Finally, I think Gigabyte should up their warranty coverage to five years, which is becoming standard for even budget drives. One silver lining is that the Gigabyte UD PRO 256GB is $60 USD from popular online retailers, which does represent some savings. If you really need to save those resources from something else, then the UD PRO is a viable option. However, I would suggest spending the extra ten dollars to get a better overall performing drive from Crucial.

Gigabyte provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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The Gigabyte UD PRO 256GB writes the same script of being an economical drive -- and if they want to be successful, they have to do something to make it stand out among the rest.

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