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Page 7 - Benchmark: PCMark 7

About PCMark 7

PCMark 7 includes 7 PC tests for Windows 7, combining more than 25 individual workloads covering storage, computation, image and video manipulation, web browsing and gaming. Specifically designed to cover the full range of PC hardware from netbooks and tablets to notebooks and desktops, PCMark 7 offers complete PC performance testing for Windows 7 for home and business use.

From: Developer's Page

PCMark 7 tests three general categories: Overall System Performance, Common Use Performance, and Hardware Component Performance. Each category has a series of specific tests. The overall system performance benchmark includes an overall PCMark score -- the official system score -- as well as a Lightweight score for testing entry-level usage and mobile platforms. Other tests include entertainment, creativity, and productivity categorized under Common Use Performance, and computation and storage tests under Hardware Component Performance. Taking a look at the results above, there isn't really any major differences between my ASUS P6T motherboard and Gigabyte G1.Sniper, but again, the G1.Sniper has consistently outperformed the ASUS P6T reference board. Futuremark claims they have brought down the variance of each run to ensure accuracy of their benchmarks, so these are definitely positive numbers for Gigabyte.

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1. Introduction, Features, and Specifications
2. Bundle, Chipset, BIOS
3. A Closer Look, Board Layout, Test System
4. Benchmark: AIDA64 CPU
5. Benchmark: AIDA64 FPU
6. Benchmark: AIDA64 Memory
7. Benchmark: PCMark 7
8. Benchmark: 3DMark 11
9. Benchmark: PassMark PerformanceTest 7.0
10. Benchmark: SuperPI 1M, Cinebench R11.5
11. Onboard Sound (RMAA 6.2.3) Analyzation
12. Overclocking and Conclusion