Lexar Hades RGB DDR4-3600 2x16GB Review (Page 7 of 10)

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3DMark includes everything you need to benchmark your PC and mobile devices in one app. Whether you're gaming on a smartphone, tablet, notebook, or a desktop gaming PC, 3DMark includes a benchmark designed specifically for your hardware.

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Just like UL's PCMark 10, 3DMark is a favorite among enthusiasts and reviewers. It has been a part of the APH Networks' battery of standard benchmarks since our start. The latest iteration of 3DMark has been updated, with several of our older benchmarks removed, so we included Time Spy Extreme, Port Royal, Fire Strike Ultra and Extreme, and Night Raid. Each of these benchmarks test different capabilities of the GPU, and this newest one includes a ray-tracing benchmark to boot. From the graphs, you can see we only tested two sets of memory sticks, but it still provided us some good insights. For the most part, the Lexar Hades RGB DDR4-3600 2x16GB was playing catchup in practically all of these tests, with the exception being the ray-tracing Port Royal benchmark. Even so, all of the results were pretty close.

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