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Page 5 - Benchmark: Crystal Disk Mark 8.0

About Crystal Disk Mark

- Measure Sequential and Random Performance (Read/Write/Mix)
- Peak/Real World Performance Profile

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Moving on, Crystal Disk Mark 8.0 is our next benchmark. For a bit of background information, higher capacity drives tend to perform a little better in these tests. The ability of a controller and flash memory to deliver high IOPS will provide huge benefits to the score as well. When we look at each set of results, you can see we did reach the peak read speeds of 2006.38MB/s for the Lexar SL660 BLAZE. However, Lexar advertised a peak 1900MB/s write while we only saw a peak 1790.55MB/s in the sequential tests. Compared to the other USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 external SSDs, our numbers were slower than the P50, while trading blows with the SE880. In the single queue, single thread sequential benchmark, the SL660 BLAZE was faster than the other two in both read and write. However, the two random 4K tests showed an area of weakness for the SL660 BLAZE, as it fell behind some USB 3.2 Gen 2 drives like the Crucial X8 1TB and the LaCie Rugged SSD 1TB. In the random 4K single queue single thread results, the SL660 BLAZE was near the SE880 and Black P50, but also provided the lowest read numbers here.

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