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Even after our puzzle game, I still think we will always be looking for more games to play with each other, especially during these continuous days of online interaction. However, I can happily report that the Noctua NH-U9S has seemed to pass through my scrutiny today with a pretty positive outcome. This stealthy version is positioned where the original NH-U9S resides with a full-black exterior. As such, build quality is still great and the stealthy look should visually fit better in your build. The choice to still only include a single fan is not too surprising and the NF-A9 PWM fan is a capable one for its size. The ease of the installation procedure is the same classic Noctua, which is to say it is excellent. When it comes to performance, this NH-U9S performed as expected, running warmer than larger tower-style coolers but cooler than slimmer heatsinks. Noise output is good though the single fan does spin faster and is a bit more audible. At an overall height of 125mm, this cooler is about 30mm shorter than typical 120mm tower coolers, which is still a notable difference in tighter environments. However, this may not necessarily be a constraint that everyone will face. At a retail price of $65 USD, this represents a $5 increase from the original. On the other hand, this price is sandwiched between the original Noctua NH-U12S and its respective version. Thus, if you have some wallet wiggle room, I would recommend the larger heatsink for the improved thermal performance and quieter operation. However, the Noctua NH-U9S is a great option for those with height concerns in their build.

Noctua provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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The Noctua NH-U9S is a great cooler for those who want performance in a slightly smaller package.

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