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About 3DMark06

3DMark®06 is the worldwide standard in advanced 3D game performance benchmarking. A fundamental tool for every company in the PC industry as well as PC users and gamers, 3DMark06 uses advanced real-time 3D game workloads to measure PC performance using a suite of DirectX 9 3D graphics tests, CPU tests, and 3D feature tests. 3DMark06 tests include all new HDR/SM3.0 graphics tests, SM2.0 graphics tests, AI and physics driven single and multiple cores or processor CPU tests and a collection of comprehensive feature tests to reliably measure next generation gaming performance today. Futuremark's exclusive Online ResultBrowser web service tracks and compares 3DMark06 scores.

Key 3DMark06 Advanced and Professional Features
* DirectX® 9 3D game performance benchmark
* Includes separate graphics card and CPU tests
* Produces workloads that simulate next generation 3D gaming requirements
* Advanced 3D game engine supports HDR Rendering with SM3.0 Shaders, in addition to SM2.0 Shaders
* Includes two HDR/SM3.0 game tests and two SM2.0 game tests
* CPU performance testing via AI and physics workloads for both single core systems and multi-threaded, multi-core and multiple processor environments
* 3D graphics feature tests include Fill Rate, Pixel Shader, Vertex Shader, SM3.0 tests, and Batch Size tests

From: Developer's Page

In our 3DMark06 SM2.0 benchmark, it seems to us that the program likes the Buffalo Firestix the most. Although, one could say, that it is a statistical tie due to a margin of error.

Same goes for this one. Again, the OCZ Flex XLC PC2-6400 CAS4 2x1GB RAM trailed the Firestix by a single point.

The CPU score indicates that, for some reason, the Flex XLC and Firestix again led significantly over the SOE Urban Elites.

The overall score of 3DMark06 results in a final statistical tie. However, literal rankings put the Buffalo Firestix (Micron D9) in first place, with the Flex XLC and SOE Urban Elites in 2nd and 3rd place, respectively.

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