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Page 4 - PCMark05 Results

About PCMark05

PCMark®05 is everything you need to reliably and easily measure the performance of your PC and determine its strengths and weaknesses. With PCMark05, you will be able to select the optimal upgrades for your existing PC, or choose the right new PC that fits your specific needs. This easy-to-use product gives you the same tools and knowledge that virtually every professional tester in the industry uses.

Key PCMark05 Advanced and Professional Features

* Unparalleled ease-of-use: One click benchmarking
* Unified benchmarking for desktop and laptop PCs and workstations
* System Information tool that displays advance system configuration information
* Advanced Online ResultBrowser functionality

From: Developer's Page

Who leads here? The one who was in last place every test previously: The OCZ Special Ops Edition Urban Elite. But remember, the scores are all really close together, and to an extent, a statistical tie.

The Special Ops Urban Elite shows off its score once again.

And again... by an incredible 3 points!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111shiftoneoneone

Ok, well, to be serious -- the Flex XLC PC2-6400 CAS4 is on a statistical tie with the OCZ Special Ops Edition Urban Elite.

Much to our surprise, the Buffalo Firestix came up with the highest overall score in PCMark05! The reason we can say behind this is that the hard disk is having higher burst rate during this test -- thus contributed to the higher score because PCMark05 takes hard disk performance into count.

There's a reason why we publish results for individual scores to properly reflect the performance in a more accurate manner!

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