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When it comes to wrapping up the entire drive, I can say that it is quite positive for the Patriot Stellar 64GB. It has an excellent build, with a real stylish look. It says “Look at me!” and shines a bright yellow color. If you have not noticed by now, it is tiny! This drive can be with you all the time and you will not feel like any extra weight has been added. The Micro USB plug is integrated quite well into the entire drive, and can be neatly covered by the attached cap. Setting it up and using it with mobile devices is as easy as plugging and playing, provided you have some sort of file management application. Performance is not extremely spectacular, but considering the actual market of the product, I do not think it is right to ask for more. The Stellar 64GB is not meant to be used as a fast drive, and being able to pull some read speeds close to 160MB/s while holding it together in such a small package is quite a feat. As with every product, there are one or two small things that could be addressed. For one, the rubber attachment to the cap could be strengthened a bit, as it feels a bit flimsy. As well, it would be nice if they add an activity LED on the drive. So to answer my question in the beginning, it probably would not quiet the capacity hogs. This is because these users will always want more and more space, and because this is not meant to be a permanent solution for storage issues. However, for a temporary sharing and viewing of your favorite videos or pictures, we definitely have a real winner on our hands. Patriot has put quite a bit of effort at providing one way to easily transfer files between devices, and is useful when you need to use it for a quick file transfer. At an MSRP of approximately $50 USD at press time, the Patriot Stellar 64GB is a steal of a mobile-oriented USB drive.

Patriot provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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The Patriot Stellar 64GB is a solid buy for those with Android devices, whether or not they need the extra space.

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