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The Philips ActionFit Wireless Headphone ST702 comes to us at a seemingly opportune time, especially when everyone has been emphasizing good hand washing techniques and physical distancing. Starting at the beginning, the overall physical build and fit of the ActionFit earphones is great. The smaller and lighter build is comfortable to use and does not protrude out of your ears too much. In day-to-day use, these true wireless earphones are implemented well with its intuitive touch controls that were responsive and provided most of the controls I would want. Furthermore, the battery life offered with the Philips ActionFit Wireless Headphone ST702 is one of the best I have used in a true wireless package with a single run time of over six hours before needing an additional charge. Its wireless performance also was great with no glaring issues to speak of for range or latency. Finally, the UV lighting offered to clean out the earphones is a pretty neat design, especially for those wanting to clean them without any additional effort. In reality, the real place where the ActionFit Wireless Headphone ST702 would benefit from some cleaning is in its audio performance. The darker sound is combined with some missing details and muffled sound, which leaves some obvious room for improvement. I would have also liked a wider soundstage for an immersive experience. Otherwise, the newer USB Type-C connector and some other sizes of ear fins included are preferable. I would like to see volume controls offered through the touch controls of the earphones too. At press time, the Philips ActionFit Wireless Headphone ST702 can be found for around $160 USD, which is not exactly cheap, though this is likely affected by the current pandemic. Even so, the battery life and cleaning features really make the ST702 stand out. Overall, this is a well-built pair of true wireless earphones that could be improved upon in its audio performance.

Philips provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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The Philips ActionFit Wireless Headphone ST702 is a self-cleaning pair of earphones, but improvements in its audio reproduction would make it pristine.

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