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The ROCCAT Burst Pro Air, unlike its wired counterpart, the Burst Pro, has a PixArt PAW3370 rather than a PMW3389 sensor and adds a rather considerable 13g to the scales. Is it still any good though? From a performance and design standpoint, the Burst Pro Air is a solid product. Those who have experience with the PAW3370 will know what it is. This sensor delivered solid tracking performance in the Burst Pro Air with low power consumption, translating to great battery life that can be measured in weeks rather than hours or days. All your custom settings can be stored on the mouse with a capacity for five profiles. I also like its comfortable ambidextrous shape with good button placements in the non-porous but lightweight Bionic Shell body, just like the wired Burst Pro. The Omron switches beneath the buttons feel and sound good in day-to-day use. ROCCAT's Stellar Wireless technology is lag-free and worked very well in my experience. If you need, the Burst Pro Air can switch to Bluetooth mode for any compatible system with a Bluetooth receiver. The lightweight PhantomFlex USB Type-C to Type-A cable feels good to use if you ever need to plug the Burst Pro Air in. There are a few key areas for improvement though. Firstly, the 13g weight differential between this and its wired counterpart was surprisingly high. There is only a 9g difference between the Kone Pro and Kone Pro Air, not to mention the Kone Pro is 2g lighter than the Burst Pro to begin with. I could immediately feel the weight difference of the Burst Pro Air coming from the Kone Pro Air. Therefore, I think the Burst Pro Air should be about 5% lighter. Secondly, ROCCAT Swarm still looks old school, and it has been countless years since anything has changed with the look and feel of the program. The outdated RGB lighting effects do not help, not to mention it does not provide a proper, configurable battery status indicator. Lastly, while the PhantomFlex cable is decent, a true paracord cable is still preferable, but this is minor as you almost never have to plug this mouse in. For about $85 at press time, the ROCCAT Burst Pro Air is an excellent lightweight wireless gaming mouse for the discerning enthusiast, even if it is a little bit heavier than expected.

ROCCAT provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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The ROCCAT Burst Pro Air is a lightweight ambidextrous wireless gaming mouse that delivers solid performance and usage experience for the enthusiast.

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