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How does the ROCCAT Pyro stand up against other mechanical keyboards? I used this keyboard to write this review, edit my Thermaltake TOUGHRAM XG RGB DDR4-4000 2x8GB article, and play various games such as Valorant, Apex Legends and Phasmophobia. After many hours of typing, I can say that I really enjoy using this keyboard. The RGB lighting on the ROCCAT Pyro looks great and is further complemented by the ROCCAT Swarm software that allows for various lighting customization. The keyboard is solidly built with a strong aluminum island-style backplate, which also makes for a polished and clean appearance. The linear TTC switches are very smooth and have a quick response rate. The switches also feel very nice to press and make a nice clicking sound without being too noisy. The wrist rest is a good addition and makes long typing periods comfortable to sit through. The adjustable volume knob is always a great feature to have, even if it is not revolutionary by any means. When it comes to improvements, a better wrist rest similar to the Corsair K60 RGB PRO SE will go a long way. I also think the ROCCAT Swarm user interface would benefit from an update, as it looks the same now as it did back in 2016. The option of PBT keycaps would have also added to the quality of this keyboard, although I think the ABS keycaps work just fine for a mechanical keyboard of this price. Overall, the ROCCAT Pyro is a solid performing keyboard with excellent switches and great build quality. At a retail price of $100 as of press time, I think this is a great deal for a great keyboard.

ROCCAT provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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The ROCCAT Pyro is a solidly built mechanical keyboard with neat RGB lighting and smooth tactile switches.

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