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In the Noctua NH-U9S review by Aaron Lai about a month ago, he reminded us of how good things can come in small packages -- with the consideration that people say this to make shorter people feel better. However, today, I would like to point out good things do indeed come in small packages period. Additionally, I would like to challenge the Project Management Triangle, and make the assertion that with the SanDisk Ultra II 240GB, something can actually be good, cheap, and fast all at the same time. When we reviewed the SanDisk Ultra Plus 256GB about two years ago, I was particularly impressed by how the company managed to deliver so much performance with a PCB while occupying about only a third of the normal space inside. Today, with the SanDisk Ultra II 240GB, it is no different. Created with a super compact circuit board inside, SanDisk's excellent reputation for reliability, great performance across the board, and only $110 at press time, the Ultra II 240GB hits all the right notes concurrently. Obviously, the use of TLC flash memory has its shortcomings with regards to endurance, but there is overwhelming evidence suggesting it will not affect most consumers in normal usage. My only complaint is there is no native encryption protocol support, such as Microsoft's eDrive. A lot of times in life, there are expectations, and then there is reality. For some products, there are high expectations, and it delivers. For other products, there are low expectations, and you get exactly what you have paid for. With the SanDisk Ultra II 240GB, compared to its peers, it exceeded my expectations, and behold, it delivers.

SanDisk provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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The SanDisk Ultra II 240GB is a mainstream value SSD that delivers on all fronts. To put my money in where my mouth is, I have just purchased two of these to build a new desktop PC for my university research lab PC.

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