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10TB of storage capacity is indeed epic. As we move into a new generation of ultra-large hard drives that takes capacity up another magnitude, I think the Seagate IronWolf ST10000VN0004 is a winner in more than one way. You might think spinning those seven platters at 7,200RPM will make Justin Trudeau want to slap on a carbon tax every time you click the "Order" button for one of these drives, but as it turned out, the ST10000VN0004 is actually quite power efficient. In fact, thanks to its helium fill, this 10TB drive uses a lot less power compared to its 8TB counterpart, and is one of the most efficient 7,200RPM drives on the list. Impressively, this uber sized HDD is no compromise in performance either. It constantly scored among the top, if not at the top, almost across the board in all our benchmarking applications here at APH Networks. Being a NAS drive, the IronWolf 10TB comes dual-plane balanced with rotational vibration sensors for reliable operation in systems equipped with up to eight drives. For about $420 at press time, the ST10000VN0004 certainly is not chump change. But it costs $80 less than the IronWolf Pro 10TB, and a whole $110 less than its enterprise cousin. You are limited to only 180TB/year user workload rate and a 3-year warranty, but I think this is well justified in the price difference for most users. If you are looking for a NAS hard drive with the biggest capacity money can buy that is also fast and power efficient, look no further than the Seagate IronWolf ST10000VN0004 10TB. If you have $1680 to spend on a 30TB RAID 5 array, this is your chance to load up your file server with probably every single Korean drama ever produced -- with space left to spare.

Seagate provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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The Seagate IronWolf ST10000VN0004 10TB is the biggest hard drive money can buy. But do not let its capacity fool you -- it compromises nothing in speed and power efficiency.

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