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I believe the line, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" applies to the SilverStone Tundra TD02-LITE well. SilverStone took what worked, and slimmed it down to provides user with an alternative cooling solution if they have tighter space inside their case. The test results we attained were as expected, which was a little lower than the TD02-E, considering the radiator size. However, it still outperformed the Cooler Master Nepton 240M we reviewed a while back, just as the smaller TD03-E did. In terms of the looks for the TD02-LITE, it is sleek black all around, which I personally found just as attractive as the carbon fiber touch. I also appreciate how SilverStone changed the LED lights on the unit so it no longer engulfed the entire logo. But in the same regard to the previous models, the bright blue LED light still cannot be turned off, which can be distracting to some people. One thing that stood out to me was the improved ease of installation for the TD02-LITE, which was a welcomed improvement. Overall, the SilverStone Tundra TD02-LITE is solid. It is well built from the radiator to the water pump, with nothing feeling cheap. However, there were minor changes made compared to the non-LITE models, such as the screwed together water block rather than a one piece build, and the base is no longer nickel plated, in order to save on cost. Noise is another factor we always consider when we want to see how good a cooler is. It uses the same fans as the TD02-E, but the pump is a bit louder from my subjective listening tests. With a price tag of $80 USD at press time, SilverStone dropped the price by about $5 USD compared to the TD02-E (But this may vary to about $10 depending on the week). With the minimal change in price, unless space is tight, go for the full sized TD02-E instead -- it delivers better cooling performance with a quieter pump.

SilverStone provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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The SilverStone Tundra TD02-LITE is built with reduction of cost and space in mind, but do not be fooled, it still cools as a cooler should.

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