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With regards to the interior of the SilverStone Precision PS05, the chassis looks quite standard to say the least. That is not necessarily a bad thing, since some budget oriented cases do not come close to even being considered 'standard', and usually that spells out problems down the road. In this case, the interior is painted completely black for improved aesthetics, and it seems no cost corners were cut even for such a budget oriented case. All the edges were smooth, and the overall quality of the interior is of a very high caliber. You won't cut yourself while building your PC. There is no indication of any machine works left over; overall the quality is very high for such a case. Even the nicely constructed black matte steel used looks great -- it is designed well with nothing looking out of place. The built in cables are of adequate length, and can reasonably reach across the whole case. There is more than enough space even for longer power supplies and expansion cards.

A single included exhaust 120mm fan is situated at the back of the case just like the NZXT Beta, while two more can be added to the top of the case near the CPU socket area on a standard ATX motherboard. A 3-pin motherboard header is featured on this fan, and must be attached to the motherboard unless you have adapter. The rear exhaust does not have a fan filter, but it is not necessary to have one in this area anyway.

Here you will find a large square cutout on the motherboard tray for easy installation of aftermarket heatsinks with backplates. This mitigates the need to remove the whole motherboard from the chassis itself when swapping out your CPU cooler. This can be a very convenient; and it looks like even if you have a shifted CPU socket like the ASUS P7P55D-E Premium, the opening is large enough to accommodate the latest LGA 1155 and LGA 1156 motherboards.

Since the SilverStone Precision PS05 utilizes the now standard bottom mounted power supply design, the chassis is slightly raised off the bottom to accommodate PSUs with bottom air intakes. The honeycomb grille found in this areas does not have a dust filter installed by default, but there is one dust filter included out of the box that can most likely be deployed here. SilverStone made sure there is some additional clearance between the power supply and the PS05's bottom panel for maximum compatibility.

All of the rear expansion slots are slightly ventilated, thanks to a small diamond opening in the middle of each one to enhance heat exchange. Two of them are actually fully ventilated for even more airflow, but these are the only reusable covers. All of these are all held in place by a plastic lock system. This is a great addition, and works very well for easy installation and removal as well as keeping expansion cards in place. This is probably one of the best tool-free systems I have used in terms of practicality and convenience, but plastic clips may be easy to break. The motherboard tray's pre-drilled mounting holes are labeled for different motherboard sizes too.

The SilverStone Precision PS05 has four 3.5" drive trays for installing hard drives. The drive trays can accommodate 2.5" SSDs as well. No fan is installed in the front by default either, but you can buy your own 120mm fan for front air intake and additional cooling of the drives. The drive trays are all independent for ease of installation and removal. This is a great addition to a budget case; certainly not something that is commonly found in something that costs $40 at press time. The location of these drives are also well placed, and with this design, SilverStone's Precision PS05 allows for expansion cards up to 11" in size -- meaning most ATI and NVIDIA cards will fit quite snugly in this chassis.

Above these four 3.5" drive bays are two 3.5" external drive bays and four 5.25" drive bays, as discussed earlier in this review. They all feature tool-free installation, as with the hard drive trays. Again, they work quite well; creating a nice fit that is relatively secure. If you ever feel the need to go beyond these locks, the other side of the case has screw holes. Even though it was secure enough for most cases, I personally preferred a little more snugness, so I attached additional screws anyway. In terms of being a tool-free solution, the SilverStone has done a commendable job with the Precision PS05 in my opinion.

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