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Packaged inside a new metal casing with cool industrial look, how well does the Toshiba OCZ VX500 512GB stack up against its predecessor, the OCZ Vertex 460? Although both drives are sold as mainstream performance SSDs, the company's latest mainstream performance model packs fundamentally different hardware under the hood for a totally different performance profile. The Toshiba TC358790 controller with 16nm MLC NAND flash chips make the VX500 essentially a consumer version of the Toshiba Q300 Pro, which is marketed as a client oriented SSD on the enterprise level. The way the VX500 performs reflect this aim: It offers fast read speeds, with a relatively quick ramp up using compressible data, and solid performance across the board in our workstation/server read simulations. The VX500's ability to handle heavy punishing workloads was also very impressive, as demonstrated in our PCMark 8 Storage Consistency Test. However, its write performance -- especially in the area relating to 4K/4K QD32 -- evidently was not its priority at conception. The VX500 also does not have any hardware encryption support, but if you are an enthusiast looking for something fast for everyday usage, is the Toshiba OCZ VX500 512GB the drive to buy? In my opinion, yes. Not only is this one of the most power efficient SSDs in the market today, but it also comes with an incredible 296TB write endurance rating and an unmatched five-year warranty with advanced replacement, free shipping both ways. I know I say this in every OCZ solid state drive review, but this warranty program is truly the best in the industry. For $155 at press time, the VX500 512GB is positioned at the higher end of the price spectrum for a mainstream performance drive. At the same time, the VX500 512GB is also positioned at the higher end of the spectrum for its combination of performance, quality, and warranty -- well worth the $155, if you ask me.

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Toshiba's OCZ VX500 512GB is an SSD that delivers on performance, quality, and warranty for the right price.

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