Hacker Unveils Stealthy Memory Injection Attack in Mac OSX

From DailyTech: Vincenzo Iozzo, a student security researcher at Politchnico di Milano University in Italy, unveiled a startling new attack against Mac OS X computers that allows hackers to inject malicious code into another program’s memory space – and then vanishes as soon as the computer is switched off.

Razer Lycosa Keyboard Defective; Replace Yours

From Tom's Hardware: Shortly after the launch of the Razer Lycosa gaming keyboard, buyers started to express concern over the functionality of their newly purchased units in the Razer support forums and on many other open technical support forums. Purchasers were complaining that their Lycosa boards were acting erratically in one way or another, but there was definitely a common trend.

Windows Mobile 6.5 Prototype Phone Stolen

From DailyTech: Mere days after it was unveiled to the public for the first time, a phone loaded with an upcoming version of Microsoft's operating system for "Windows Phones" was stolen right out of the pocket of a Telstra executive. The prototype HTC smartphone was loaded with Windows Mobile 6.5, which features an improved user interface and a much friendlier user experience. DailyTech covered it earlier this week, and it has since met with a generally positive welcome.

Microsoft Accused of Antitrust Violations, Again

From DailyTech: Microsoft is no stranger to lawsuits and allegations of antitrust violations. Many consumers and other software makers have claimed that the software firm has a monopoly in the operating system market. So far, Microsoft has been fined in Europe and other countries for antitrust violations.

Dell battles over 'Netbook' trademark

From CNET News.com: Here's how you know how enamored Dell is with the Netbook concept: it's volunteered to fight over the trademark on behalf of all other Netbook makers.

On Wednesday the PC maker filed a petition with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to cancel a registered trademark for the term "Netbook" by a company called Psion.

Palm says game on for the Pre

From CNET News.com: Palm has confirmed that games will be among the applications available for the Palm Pre, although exactly what type of games will run on the handset remains unclear.

Yahoo tries bridging search, display with 'rich ads'

From CNET News.com: Yahoo's been arguing for years that its two main advertising businesses, search and display, are stronger together than separately, but a new development Wednesday could illustrate just how much truth there is to that statement.

Lenovo Wants to Use Nvidia’s Ion Platform for Large Screen Netbooks – Rumours

From X-bit Labs: Rumour has it that Nvidia Corp. has managed to win a design with Lenovo to power large-screen netbooks with its GeForce 9400M core-logic that is also known as Nvidia Ion platform. The systems are projected to be available sometimes in the second quarter of the year.

Ultra Quiet Xbox 360 Video Game Consoles Now Available

From X-bit Labs: Microsoft Xbox 360 video game consoles are criticized by many gamers for being too hot and loud. The software giant has addressed the issues by introducing new versions of the consoles that consume less power and produce less noise, but many gamers are still not satisfied. But there is a way to get an utterly quiet Xbox 360: a maker of silent personal computers QuietPC.com has just started selling them.

Gateway Goes Low-Cost With New TC Laptops

From PC World: At the start of 2009, during CES, we called it: This is going to be the year of affordable mobile computing. Yes, netbooks aplenty will flood the market, but Gateway has been doing a bang-up job lately of delivering solid-looking larger machines. And the crazy part is that these laptops cost a lot less than you'd expect.


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