Vista marketing draws antitrust complaints

From CNET Government antitrust attorneys said on Wednesday that they continue to receive complaints from hardware makers and other companies about Microsoft's business practices, even as the software giant has stepped up its efforts to cooperate with the state and federal authorities overseeing its antitrust consent decree.

Google, universities offer tool to detect Net filtering, blocking

From CNET Is your Internet provider interfering with your network traffic, and perhaps even running afoul of Net neutrality principles? Google and some like-minded folks believe they've come up with what amounts to an early warning system.

Fujitsu to Stop Making HDD Heads, HDD Business Transfer Becomes Inevitable

From X-bit Labs: Fujitsu Limited on Wednesday said that it would discontinue its hard disk drive head business on March 31, 2009, as part of a broader strategic review of the HDD operations. Considering that virtually all makers of hard drives own HDD head manufacturing and there are few independent head makers, acquisition of Fujitsu’s hard drive business by another maker becomes almost inevitable.

Microsoft pulls PerformancePoint Server after just 15 months

From InfoWorld: Microsoft said Tuesday that it was folding its business process management (BPM) software, PerformancePoint Server, into its popular SharePoint Server product.

First released in September 2007 , PerformancePoint Server 2007's features will in future be available via client access licenses of the enterprise version of SharePoint Server, said Kurt DelBene, senior vice-president of Microsoft's Office Business Group, in a statement on the company's Web site.

Gmail grows up with offline e-mail access

From CNET Significantly increasing the utility and competitiveness of its Web-based e-mail service, Google is enabling an experimental ability to read, write, and search Gmail messages even while not connected to the network.

AT&T earnings dip 23.6 percent

From CNET AT&T, the nation's largest phone company, reported Wednesday that its earnings for the fourth quarter fell 23.6 percent year over year, amid a tough economic climate.

IBM Settles With Apple Over iPod Chief Lawsuit

AMD Launches 45-nm Opteron Line

From Tom's Hardware: With the rising demand for low power consumption, AMD answers the call with its new line of Opteron (aka Shanghai) 55-watt ACP processors, now available in five flavors through global OEMs and "solution providers." Currently HP utilizes AMD's processor in eight server systems; Quad-Core AMD Opteron HE processor-based servers from Rackable Systems are also available with systems from Dell, Sun and other companies coming soon.

Intel Has No Intentions to Block Creation of The Foundry Company – Chipmaker

From X-bit Labs: Even though Intel Corp. does have concerns regarding the viability of cross-license agreement with Advanced Micro Devices in the light of the spinning off AMD’s fabs into the joint-venture with Advanced Technologies Investment Company (ATIC) called The Foundry Company (TFC), the world’s largest chipmaker denies any intentions to stop the creation of yet another contract maker of semiconductors.

AMD Has No Replacement for Geode LX Processors

From X-bit Labs: Advanced Micro Devices is not developing any new Geode processors for embedded applications and has no replacement for them in sight, the company said on Monday. It is no secret that AMD officially stopped the development of Geode years ago, but it has been assumed by the market that the company’s code-named Bobcat chip will be able to address the market of ultra low-power embedded applications.


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