Details of Upcoming Intel Products from 2008 through 2012 Leaked Ahead of IDF

From DailyTech: One of the most anticipated releases for late 2008 is Intel's Nehalem processor --its new four core processor that features the return of Hyper Threading, allowing eight logical cores per processor. Recently formally named Intel Core i7 by Intel, the new processor is also highly anticipated as it will feature QuickPath, Intel's answer to AMD's HyperTransport, and will feature an on-die memory controller for the first time.

What is your main method of checking/reading email?

Mail Client (POP3, etc)
63% (120 votes)
37% (71 votes)
Total votes: 191

APH Networks Reports: Thermal Paste Roundup August 2008

OCZ Speeds Up Performance of Affordable Solid State Drives

From X-bit Labs: In a bid to respond to the demands of enthusiasts and high-performance mobile computing consumers, OCZ Technology Group, has unveiled the new – V2 – versions of the company’s consumer-oriented – Core – solid state drives (SSDs) that still feature affordable pricing, but this time also respectable performance level.

AMD Has Four New Business Phenoms

From Tom's Hardware: The four new Phenom processors extend AMD’s B-series platform, which also includes a motherboard carrying either AMD’s 780V or Nvidia’s MCP78 chipset, to a total of 11 processors. The new models include the Phenom X4 9750B (2.4 GHz/95 watt), the Phenom X3 8750B (2.4 GHz/95watt), the Athlon X2 5600B (2.9 GHz/65 watt) and Athlon X2 4850B (2.5 GHz/45 watt) processors.

Infineon Chip Causing iPhone Problems

From eWeek+Reuters: An Infineon chip could be the reason Apple's new iPhone is dropping calls and has unpredictable links to the Internet, according to published reports. Apple plans to fix the Infineon software with an update.

An Infineon chip could be at the root of complaints from around the world that Apple Inc's new iPhone drops calls and has unpredictable Internet links, according to a research report from Nomura.

Rumor mill: Seagate to buy SanDisk?

From EETimes: The rumors were flying at the Flash Memory Summit here.

The big rumor is that Seagate Technology Inc. is interested in buying all or part of SanDisk Corp., according to sources in the industry. Some analysts dismissed the rumor, saying it would be a bad marriage.

Confirmed: AOL will acquire Socialthing

From CNET AOL's People Networks division, formed when the company acquired Bebo, has picked up a new friend: Socialthing, a Boulder, Colo.-based start-up that aggregates social feeds from sites like Digg, Twitter, and Flickr.

The acquisition has not yet been completed, but is close to it.

New Intel chipset could awaken the PC as phone

From CNET One of the biggest drawbacks of current PC-based Internet phone services like Skype, which allow people to make phone calls from their computers over the Internet for free or for reduced fees, is that you can't receive calls when the computer is turned off. But that is changing with a new chipset introduced by Intel Thursday that allows computers to wake from "sleep" to accept calls and do other tasks like accept downloaded content.

Intel Unveils Next Generation Turbo Memory

From DailyTech: Since Microsoft launched Windows Vista, there have been a number of complaints from users regarding usability of the operating system and other problems. One of the most common complaints about operating system is the sometimes sluggish response times in machines with inadequate amounts of memory onboard.


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