Samsung Plans New Netbook, Smart Phones

From PC World: Samsung Electronics plans to follow-up its NC10 netbook in the coming few months with a new model and expand its range of smart phones with models based on a number of different operating systems, it said Friday.

DRAM Maker Qimonda Files for Bankruptcy

From PC World: DRAM maker Qimonda filed a bankruptcy petition with the local court in Munich, Germany, on Friday, seeking time to reorganize its business.

The move came after a financing package involving the German state of Saxony, a Portuguese financial institution and Qimonda's parent company, Infineon Technologies, could not be completed in time, Qimonda said.

Facebook now twice as big as MySpace? Oh boy

From CNET On Thursday, TechCrunch posted new statistics from ComScore that show Facebook now pulling in nearly twice as many unique visitors worldwide as its News Corp.-owned competitor.

About 222 million people visited Facebook worldwide in December (keep in mind that the social network pegs its active user count somewhere just north of 150 million these days) versus 125 million people for MySpace.

RIM Founders Face $100M Fine

From DailyTech: Two co-founders of Research In Motion (RIM), the company that brought you the Blackberry, could pay a record $100 million (Canadian) fine if the Ontario Securities Commission in Canada has its way.

Seagate Firmware Update Bricks Barracuda 7200.11 HDDs

From DailyTech: It has been a rough few weeks for Seagate. The company announced last week that outspoken CES Bill Watkins was being replaced by Stephen Luczo. The change came amid concerns over the company’s ability to adapt to changing market conditions.

Shortly after the announcement of a new CEO, Seagate announced that it would cut 6 percent of its workforce. The six percent cut represents 2,950 employees -- even Luczo saw his new CEO salary cut by 25 percent.

HP Mini 1100 Specifications Show Up Online

From DailyTech: Computer sales are down in most categories, but the netbook market continues to post significant growth. Most computer makers have jumped into the netbook market in an effort to give consumers what they want in the poor economy and grab their share of the market.

Vista main culprit in Microsoft layoffs

From InfoWorld: Windows Vista has been trouble for Microsoft perhaps since the operating system's beginning. And this last quarter was certainly no exception. Despite a dip in client software revenue, however, one analyst says the workforce reduction Microsoft detailed on Thursday is healthy -- at least from enterprise IT shops' perspective.

Samsung records Q4 loss, annual profit slumps

From InfoWorld: outh Korea's Samsung Electronics recorded a net loss for the last three months of 2008, while its net profit for the entire year fell 26 percent, it said Friday.

YouTube to Let Big Media Bring Its Own Ads

From PC World: YouTube has long had a thorny relationship with big media companies, some of which have sued Google's video-sharing site for illegally distributing their copyrighted content. But now YouTube appears to be playing nice by sharing a piece of the ad revenue pie with the big boys.

Cuts Call for Microsoft to Rethink Windows Client

From PC World: Microsoft's first-ever layoffs point to a need for the company to rethink its Windows client business, which is largely responsible for the disappointing financial results that led to thousands of Microsoft job cuts announced Thursday.


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