Sony Ericsson announces PlayNow music service

From CNET Mobile phone company Sony Ericsson announced Tuesday that it will launch a new music service called PlayNow Plus, which will feature unlimited music downloads.

As first reported by CNET News, the new service will be powered by British music-download firm Omnifone, and will feature music from all four of the largest recording labels, the company said in a press release.

Photoshop CS4 Will Use GPU Power

From DailyTech: GPU makers have been busy convincing consumers that the GPU is able to do more than just visually enhance video games. NVIDIA announced its CUDA architecture that allows all sorts of applications to run on the GPU rather than the CPU. Performance for things like video rendering and computation are much faster when using the GPU.

Articles Roundup September 23, 2008

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Microsoft rolls out HPC Server 2008 on Wall Street

From InfoWorld: This may seem like a weird time to go to Wall Street to announce a new operating system, but that's what Microsoft did Monday. At a technology conference in New York, the software vendor formally detailed its Windows HPC Server 2008 software, a high-performance computing version of Windows offering some features that may appeal to bailout-seeking financial services firms.

Activision Targeting Individual Pirates

From Tom's Hardware: According to public reports, Activision has sued a New York resident for allegedly copying Call of Duty 3 for the Xbox 360 console and other, unnamed games. Activision is seeking between $30,000 to $150,000 in damages “for each infringement of each copyrighted videogame.”

Rumours May Point to Transformation of HP’s Voodoo Unit

From X-bit Labs: Market rumours say that Hewlett Packard is about to either dramatically reorganize or even close down its Voodoo PC business unit that sells high-end gaming and mobile personal computers. The rumour comes months after HP announced that it would sell Voodoo-branded products worldwide, not only in the USA.

Windows Mobile 7 release delayed

From CNET Microsoft has informed some of its partners that it has had to delay Windows Mobile 7, a much anticipated update to its cell phone operating system.

Although Microsoft has not publicly said when to expect Windows Mobile 7, partners who had expected to have a final release in their hands by early next year have been told now that it won't be ready until the second half of next year, sources told CNET News.

Sony Announces 2.9-pound, 11.1" Blu-ray Notebook

From DailyTech: The VAIO TT uses a carbon-fiber chassis and a sharp 11.1" (1366 x 768), LED-backlit XBRITE-DuraView LCD screen with 100% color saturation. Due to its lightweight and compact construction, the VAIO TT weighs in at a mere 2.87 pounds and is just 1-inch thick.

Intel makes the dual-core Atom 330 official

From InfoWorld: Intel officially started selling its dual-core Atom 300 processor on Monday, charging $43 for the chip.

The Atom 330 is designed for desktop computer and has two 1.6GHz processor cores and 1MB of Level 2 cache. The chip also supports 667MHz DDR2 memory. The single-core 1.6GHz Atom 230 chip supports slightly slower 533MHz DDR 2 memory.

Apple recalls millions of iPhone 3G power adapters

From InfoWorld: Apple Friday recalled all power adapters it packaged with iPhone 3G phones sold since mid-July in the U.S., Japan, Canada, Mexico, and several Central and South American countries.

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