Asus EN8800GT (NVIDIA 8800GT) TOP 512MB Review (Page 5 of 10)

Page 5 - Benchmark: Prey

Based off the Quake 4 engine, we used Prey as a part of our set of graphics benchmarks. Our previous mistake in benchmarking with Quake 4 based games was forgetting to uncap the FPS -- making all results identical across the board for Quake 4 engine based games. In this case, we used the com_fixedtic command in console to uncap the FPS, making it a more accurate benchmark. The only manipulated variables were AA and AF, as previously described. Running through the results, the Asus 8800GT TOP was actually significantly faster than the 8800GTS 320MB -- much to our surprise. The results in the graphs above simply speak for themselves.

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2. NVIDIA 8800GT Architecture
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4. Benchmark: FEAR
5. Benchmark: Prey
6. Benchmark: Half Life 2: Lost Coast
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