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About EVEREST Ultimate Edition

EVEREST Ultimate Edition is a complete PC diagnostics software utility that assists you while installing, optimizing or troubleshooting your computer by providing all the information you can think of about your system – from hardware devices and installed drivers to operating system security and stability metrics.

More than just system information, EVEREST Ultimate Edition also offers comprehensive benchmarking and hardware monitoring capabilities with real-time reporting. Leverage these powerful tools to compare your computer’s performance to other computers and prevent overheating, power issues and hardware failures.

Designed for ease of use, EVEREST Ultimate Edition is intuitive even for the most novice computer users but also comes fully equipped with the functionalities that professionals need.

From: Developer's Page

EVEREST takes into account drive performance from the beginning to the end, along with random read and buffered read results. This is also where lack of moving parts on an SSD really pays off -- whereas a mechanical hard drive has a spinning platter and read/write head, an SSD does not; resulting in virtually no latency, as shown in our results above. By this time, it probably is not surprising the SSD's consistently fast performance is untouchable by the reference Western Digital Caviar Blue AAKS 500GB.

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