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If this website was Facebook, and this page was the profile for some teenage guy or girl, then this paragraph will be one of those "to be honest" comments to share on someone's timeline. So, here we go. To be honest, when I first saw the QNAP HS-210, I thought it would have been the perfect media streaming box to replace the "average" QNAP NMP-1000 I have reviewed back in March 2010. The HS-210's clean design, slim enclosure, and promised performance is vastly superior to anything of the past. But when I found out what appears to be the ultimate network media player actually does not have an HDMI port or audio output, it made about as much sense to me as my friend who coordinated a group movie event discussed in the introduction of this review, only to ditch out the last minute herself. Thankfully, QNAP sells the HS-251, which is the exact same thing as the HS-210, except it does have HDMI output. Where does the QNAP HS-210 stand, then? The way I see it, even though it was kind of funny for QNAP to make something as good looking as the HS-210, and not give it any actual hardware media credentials, you really cannot fault the company for making something aesthetically pleasing. The merit of having this system is it is completely silent, very power efficient, and maintenance-free. Combined with some of the best operating systems around, loaded with more features than most people can use, and carrying a reputation for excellent reliability, there is a lot to like about the QNAP HS-210. Personally, I would like a bump in write speed, but that is about it. Retailing for around $270 at press time, this is a sleek 2-bay NAS that does not look anything like your traditional NAS, but does a lot more than your traditional NAS.

QNAP provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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Designed to be fanless, compact, and working silently in the background, the QNAP HS-210 is one good looking device that delivers on all the features and services you need in a home environment.

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