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One of the tests that were not officially part of the APH Networks parameters is the OTG feature the Silicon Power Mobile X31 32GB offers. USB OTG (On-The-Go) was first introduced in the early 2000s. It has been more than a decade since that, and with technology that progresses everyday, my question is how useful this feature actually is. On the manufacturer’s website, it states the OTG feature offers fast, stable data transmission. The website included a link showing the compatibility list for Android smartphones and tablets. Although there is no APH Networks test we did to verify this, I would say based on using the USB flash drive for the last month or so, it showed its increased convenience right from the beginning. Aside from downloading and installing the 1.78 MB Silicon Power File Explorer application from the Google Play Store, it was simply plug and play.


To continue where we left off in the introduction, the smartphone that replaced my Samsung Galaxy S3 with was a Galaxy Core. As soon as I got the replacement phone, I downloaded the SP File Explorer app to see how many of my media files I was able to transfer over from the USB flash drive. The results were good, and I was able to have share my pictures from the flash drive onto the storage on my phone. However, I was unable to keep that phone for long due to unforeseen circumstances, and got a Samsung Galaxy S4 instead. (Yes, I know. Wow. Much upgrade. So fast.) Hence, I went through the same file transfer with no problems at all, with a very consistent transfer speed from the computer and phone alike. Based on its looks, I can say it is aesthetically pleasing with its matte finish and 360 degree smart swivel cover. Yet, we know a good USB flash drive must also perform as well. The Silicon Power Mobile X31 32GB is no speed demon, as Technical Editor Aaron Lai would have called it, but comparing it across the board with similar USB 3.0 drives of the same size and function will reveal numbers that would not make a significant difference in real-world situations. But this is subjective to the user. At a cost of around $20 USD for the higher 32GB model at press time, it is an aesthetically pleasing, smart, and dual purpose USB 3.0 flash drive. If you are an Android user with a need for an external storage option, the Silicon Power Mobile X31 is an external storage that puts up a good fight on the list. Also, guys, remember to always back up your phone. It is well worth the effort.

Silicon Power provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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The Silicon Power Mobile X31 looks good and offers users with convenience between devices, but keep in mind it is no speed demon.

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