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Just like previous small form factor cases I have reviewed, the SilverStone Raven RVZ03 presents its share of challenges in the pure size constraints alone. However, I can say this was a pretty enjoyable building experience overall. The first step I did was to install my small computer into this enclosure. I took my Gigabyte GA-Z170N-Gaming 5 motherboard with an Intel Core i5-6600K at the heart and two sticks of Patriot Viper Elite PC4-24000 2x8GB DDR4 RAM mounted in. Cooling the processor was a CRYORIG C7, which was an intentional choice considering the space limitations. The Raven RVZ03 clearly has height limitations, and the tallest cooler you can place here is 83mm. You could try water cooling, but to find a place to mount your radiator, you will probably need to use other areas in the Raven RVZ03.

Installing the power supply was an interesting experience, especially since I used the SFX SilverStone ST45SF V3.0 450W here. While this is an SFX power supply, I was able to use the included SFX to ATX adapter included with the power supply. While its tiny size was helpful, the non-modular cables on this unit meant there was a bundle of extraneous cables. I would recommend using a modular power supply if you can help it, as the extra cable bundle clutters up the internal area. You will have a maximum length of 150mm for the power supply, but SilverStone recommends units to be shorter than 140mm for adequate cabling room. In addition, they recommend using a maximum power supply wattage of 800W on 110V (Or 1600W at 220V, if such a power supply exists that fits) due to the internal power cord extension. Other cabling concerns I had included finding a better place for the front connections, such as the USB 3.0 internal header and the other pin connections. I would only expect this would get more difficult with a graphics card installed. Even so, I think SilverStone offered adequate room in the Raven RVZ03 for all your extra cables.

Normally, I would be telling you about my installation experience with the graphics card here, but I cannot since I do not have one to install. SilverStone states a maximum length of 330mm for the graphics card and a maximum width of 149mm. If I had one, I would install the graphics card into the bracket first, using the provided support brackets as necessary, before placing the full plastic bracket into the slot. Instead, my last step was to install the solid state drive, a Patriot Ignite 480GB, into the back of the graphics card bracket. Once again, I would say it is definitely easier to install this drive before the bracket is placed, as gravity is not on your side when you try to screw in this drive. Even so, securing and connecting the SSD here was not too difficult.

Otherwise, I connected everything and fired my machine up. The first problem I noticed was the fact my RGB LED strip was not lit. It turns out I connected the LSB01 incorrectly. As Hai mentioned in his review, you can connect the lighting hub to your motherboard if you have such an input for a more synchronized lighting setup. However, the LSB01 can also be used to directly control the lights. You will need to plug in a switch to make it actually change colors. I used the reset switch for this purpose, which worked well. I mounted the included LSB01 to the inside of the Raven RVZ03 using the four magnetic feet at the bottom of the lighting box.

From here, you can see the finished look of the machine. For a home theater computer, I will say the RGB lighting is a bit too bright and distracting. However, this is the perfect amount of shine for a gaming machine. Just like what we saw from the LSB01 review, users can cycle this light to different colors, fade in and out, and be completely off. Otherwise, the rest of the case actually looks pretty good and clean. I know the aesthetics may be a bit of an acquired taste, but it is starting to grow on me. In addition, you can also make the SilverStone Raven RVZ03 stand vertically with the included rubber feet. According to the standard APH Networks sound scale, where 0 is silence and 10 is loud, the SilverStone Raven RVZ03 is a 3.0/10 on everyday usage. With two slim fans, the case does not really get too loud, which is good. It is not the quietest case I have used, but it is not too loud either.


Unlike a wearable, the SilverStone Raven RVZ03 brings a lot of what I already have to the table without really offering any new conveniences or features. This being said, it does a lot of things well. When we look at the Raven RVZ03, it is definitely a different take from what we have seen from SilverStone, though it has roots in some Raven elements. It may not be for everyone, but it definitely has a unique gaming look. Internally, the Raven RVZ03 also boasts impressive features. The sheer fact it handles a full-sized graphics card, standard ATX power supply, and four 2.5" drives is a pleasant surprise. Airflow through the SilverStone Raven RVZ03 is definitely limited compared to a full-sized case, but for its size, there is more than adequate amount of holes to encourage air circulation. The inclusion of two 120mm fans also helps in this regard. SilverStone has also included a lot of other accessories to help with your build, including the LSB01 to drive your RGB lighting. Building in the Raven RVZ03 was also a pleasant experience and I think SilverStone has allowed for enough gaps to make cabling manageable. If there is anything I would look at changing with this small form factor box, it would consist mainly with the material choices of the product. While the plastic and steel are passable, it would be nice to see some aluminum for a better feeling case. The inclusion of a front-facing USB-C port would have been nice too. The SilverStone Raven RVZ03 commands a price tag of around $110 USD at press time, which is not too bad for all of its features. At the end of the day, there may be cheaper options in this form factor, but if you are looking for a small but capable enclosure for your portable gaming machine, then the Raven RVZ03 is a looker to... well, look at.

SilverStone provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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The SilverStone Raven RVZ03 wraps up a slim, small computer into an eye-catching chassis blessed with the RGB treatment.

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