Intel buys Mobileye for $15 billion to challenge Nvidia for the future of self-driving cars

From PC World: Intel is no longer satisfied just partnering with other companies to create self-driving cars: it wants to own the whole stack. Well, at least as far as the autonomous hardware and software go. The chip maker just announced it intends to purchase Jerusalem-based Mobileye for $15.3 billion.

Samsung Pay could come to more non-premium phones

From CNET: Samsung Pay could end up on even more devices, starting with the Galaxy J series phones in India, Mashable reports.

Samsung Pay lets you save credit cards, gift cards and other payment methods onto your phone and then use it when paying. Your phone mimics your cards right down to the magnetic signal, so it works in most places that accept credit cards thanks to Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST) and Near Field Communication (NFC). Just tap your device against the payment terminal and you're generally good to go.

Do you prefer wired or wireless headphones?

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Tesoro Zone Balance Review

If you guys have been reading APH Networks for a while, you will realize other than being a computer enthusiast, I am also quite into cars. Since my car is one of my most prized possessions, it is probably unsurprising to you I like to keep it in flawless condition. In the automotive world, the act of car detailing -- or "the performance of thorough cleaning, restoration, and finishing of an automobile, both inside and out, to produce a show-quality level of detail" according to Wikipedia -- is serious business. Besides demonstrating pride of ownership, keeping your car in showroom condition also makes it easier to sell. When I showed my old car to the guy who eventually bought it a few years ago, I said to him, "My car not only looks new and drives new, it also smells new" -- to which he agreed and said, "Wow, literally, too." (I had a secret weapon called the New Car Smell Spray, which can only be purchased at specialty places). As you can see, the new car smell can actually help you make a sale. Now, as good as my New Car Smell Spray may be, it is unable to fully replicate the smell of an actual new car, especially when compared to fresh leather from the factory. However, I found out recently you do not need to splurge twenty or thirty grand just to bring that sensation back into your life. For about $230 at press time, the Tesoro Zone Balance gaming chair not only looks like a bucket seat taken out of a sports car, but also carries the smell of a new automobile with its wrapping of some pretty convincing faux cow hide. Does this mean we have everything to seal the deal? Read on to find out!

CRYORIG A40 Ultimate Review (Page 1 of 4)

The other day, I was at a Korean BBQ restaurant. This restaurant is fairly different from a typical restaurant. On one hand, there is an area where you can sit down and order food normally from the kitchen already cooked. On the other hand, the more fun experience, albeit a little counter to the idea of a restaurant, is you get to cook your own food. There are a couple of tables of varying sizes with a grille in the middle, but since it is embedded in the table, it is not very large. However, it is big enough for the number of people sitting around it, which would be a maximum of four. The idea is you order the different types of meat you want, and the kitchen gives it to you raw with a bunch of other sides as well. Then you get to cook the meat right in front of you. It is pretty cool; I am sure some of you might think it is pointless to go out to a restaurant only to cook your own food, but it is more for the experience than anything else really. One of the things I noticed at the restaurant was the extensive fire suppression system they had. It had to be for so many fire hazards and all the people all cooking their food. It must be quite the task to keep the entire place safe, but also at a decent temperature, so it is not boiling hot for all the customers. I did not think it was uncomfortably hot in the restaurant, but it could well be with a grille right in front of you. Temperature regulation is a tricky business, and any computer enthusiast knows this, especially those with some fancy aftermarket coolers. Just like a fire suppression system using water, why not one for your computer? Well, for plenty of reasons, but luckily water and cooling go hand in hand. Today, we have one such water cooler from CRYORIG, namely the A40 Ultimate. This cooler promises good temperatures for not just the processor, but the surrounding components as well. Read on to find out more!

Google launches official Gmail Add-on program

From PC World: Google is making it possible for developers to bring their services into Gmail using new integrations called Add-ons.

It’s built so that developers can write one set of code in Google’s Apps Script language and have their integration run in Gmail on the web, as well as inside Google’s Android and iOS apps for the service. For example, a QuickBooks add-on would let users easily send invoices to people who they’re emailing.

Google already offers Add-ons for its Docs word processing and Sheets spreadsheet software.

Google tries to beat AWS at cloud security

From InfoWorld: Google knows that if enterprises are going to move their critical services to its cloud, then it has to offer something that AWS doesn’t. At Google Cloud Next, the company’s leadership made the case that Google Cloud was the most secure cloud.

Intel's Core i3 NUC has dropped to $220 today

From PC World: For anyone wanting to take their first baby steps into the world of PC building, it doesn’t get much easier than today’s deal. You can create an HTPC with a small footprint for pretty cheap and little work thanks to Newegg, which is selling an Intel NUC with a Skylake Core i3 processor at $220. That’s $80 off the sticker price, and about $40 to $50 off the latest street prices.

China's Uber slayer becomes Apple's new neighbor

From CNET: After last year's Uber acquisition and Apple's $1 billion investment, Didi Chuxing has journeyed to the mecca of tech, Silicon Valley.

The Chinese ride hailer officially opened its first US-based research and development lab in Mountain View, California this week, according to a statement released Wednesday.

Facebook, Microsoft target faster services with new AI server designs

From InfoWorld: Facebook on Wednesday rolled out some staggering statistics related to its social networks. Each day, users watch 100 million hours of video, 400 million people use Messenger, and more than 95 million photos and videos are posted on Instagram.

That puts a heavy load on Facebook’s servers in data centers, which help orchestrate all these services to ensure timely responses. In addition, Facebook’s servers use machine learning technologies to improve services, with one visible example being image recognition.


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