Samsung heir refuses to testify at former president's corruption trial

From CNET: Five months after his arrest, Samsung heir apparent Jay Y. Lee is refusing to testify at the corruption trial of former South Korean President Park Geun-hye. He's concerned that testifying may affect his own bribery hearings, according to Bloomberg.

Arrested under a bribery charge in February, Lee is accused of giving millions to Geun-hye. Donations were allegedly made to foundations controlled by the former president's close friend Choi Soon-sil in exchange for her approving a controversial merger. His trial began in March.

Alphabet's Dandelion Wants to Water Cool/Heat Your Home

From PC Mag: Part of the Alphabet (formerly Google) empire is the moonshot factory simply called X. X focuses on inventing and launching "moonshot" technologies to make the world a better place. The latest of those technologies just became an independent company called Dandelion.

Facebook drops the price of its Oculus VR hardware yet again

From CNET: Facebook's Oculus Rift VR headset already got one price drop back in March. Now it's getting another.

As part of the "Summer of Rift" sales promotion Oculus is having, the VR headset and a pair of Touch controllers are down to a combined $399, a $200 drop. That undercuts the HTC Vive, and matches the entry-level price of the controller-less PlayStation VR headset. But, that price drop is temporary for the next six weeks.

Along with the $200 drop of the bundle in March, this makes for a combined $400 price slash in 2017 for Oculus' 2016 hardware.

Can facial recognition replace fingerprint readers for smartphones?

Yes, if implemented correctly
34% (46 votes)
No, fingerprint will always rule
21% (28 votes)
Why not both?
46% (62 votes)
Total votes: 136

AZIO Retro Classic Review

Last week, I made a bet with one of the interns in the office. For the longest time, I have been working about three kilometers away from Chinatown and I have always wanted to go there. We were talking over lunch about how long it would take to walk from our office to Chinatown. I definitely thought it would take less than forty minutes, while the intern was sure it would take more. Over our lunch break, we started our walk. Along with two other interns, we walked towards a bubble tea place. With our timers flying, I navigated the group to an optimal path, leading through the neighborhood rather than on the main roads. The intern realized how fast we were going, and we walked into the bubble tea cafe in less than thirty-seven minutes. The victory translated into a free bubble tea for me, which was nice. When I came up with the number of forty minutes, it was more of a guess. I think the crucial difference was just the fact I was able to dictate which path we took, which led us through a few more side roads. My victory came by a combination of intuition with modern innovations of Google Maps. Without either, this bet probably would not have been made on my part or it would not have been favorable for me. Today's product, the AZIO Retro Classic is another combination of a product, mashing together the older Victorian styling with the modern mechanical keyboard. We have already seen AZIO's first rendition of this in the AZIO MK Retro, so I have to wonder what has changed. Does this keyboard still provide a present-day typing experience with an older style of aesthetics? Let us read on to find out!

Loftek 15 Watt LED Floodlight Review

One of my favorite comedy movies is the Pink Panther movie starring Steve Martin. I know the comedy in that movie is fairly specific and is not everyone's cup of tea. However, there are some laugh out loud jokes. Of course, if I attempt in any way to retell the joke right here, it would fall flat, and you would probably never want to watch it. There is also a sequel to the movie, but it is much worse than the first. What I enjoyed most about the first movie is the amount of quotable jokes, especially when you are talking to someone who has seen the film. Not to give too much away, but Steve Martin plays an incompetent policeman. In the beginning of the story, he is in a normal car, but gets a call to go somewhere. Before he heads out, he sticks a light on top of his car to flash blue and red so people will know he is a policeman and needs to get somewhere in a hurry. I always thought anyone could probably do that if they are okay with taking the risk of getting in a lot of trouble. However, I have never actually seen a light being sold that will flash red and blue alternating like a police car. This all changed when I received the Loftek 15 Watt LED Floodlight, which has an SOS option to flash blue and red. It is definitely not recommended to stick this light on top of your car and see how fast you can go, but it does serve a purpose of getting people's attention. Today, we will be taking a closer look at the Loftek 15 Watt LED Floodlight to see everything it has to offer. Read on to find out what they are!

Apple says graphics partner is lying about when they broke up

From The Verge: Apple says that Imagination Technologies, a chip designer that’s currently blaming Apple for its collapse, is essentially lying about how long the company was aware that Apple’s business plans would leave it behind.

In a statement to Bloomberg this morning, Apple says it’s “disappointed in [Imagination’s] response, which has been inaccurate and misleading.”

Imagination says that Apple only informed it at the end of March, days before its April 3rd announcement, that the company would not be licensing its graphics chip designs for future iPhones.

Xiaomi's move into brick and mortar stores has paid off

From CNET: Things are looking up for Xiaomi.

The company has just announced a record high of 23.16 million phones shipped in the last quarter, itself an increase of 70 percent over the previous quarter.

Xiaomi has taken quite a beating from its local competitors such as Oppo, Vivo and Huawei in China, so its new shipment record comes as good news for the company. While the company has traditionally sold its products through online channels, the company recently switched tack to go into brick and mortal retail shops, and the strategy appears to be paying off.

Xbox One Store Adding Game Gifting

From PC Mag: Buy any games console today or invest in a gaming PC and you'll gain access to one or more digital games stores. But the feature set of each store can differ drastically. Visit Steam and you have the option to buy games for yourself or gift them to others. Visit the Xbox One store and there's no such gifting feature. But that's about to change.

Mike Ybarra, corporate vice president of Xbox & Windows gaming platforms at Microsoft, confirmed in a tweet that game gifting is "Not far!" off being rolled out to Xbox One owners.

Total War spins off Saga series focused on smaller 'powder-keg' moments in history

From PC World: How much Total War is too much? It seems like Creative Assembly’s determined to discover the answer, today announcing yet another spin-off of the strategy series. In addition to the mainline historical Total War and the fantastical Total Warhammer, we’ll now see A Total War Saga games.

And soon. While Total Warhammer 2 releases this fall, the first A Total War Saga game will release “before the next major historical release in the franchise,” as this press release puts it. Sometime next year, probably.


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