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Calgary has some of the strangest weather I have ever experienced. Back in South Africa, we also had some strange weather changes, where it would be cloudy and rainy and then suddenly sunny and warm. Calgary also has similar issues. It can be warm, and just a little while later, a full on storm could be blowing through. So far, our winter this year has been fairly mild, but this week has been, in Canadian terms, a little chilly eh? Temperatures are hanging out around -15 to -20 degrees Celsius without windchill. Mornings are usually the worst, with having to scrape the ice off of my car's windshield, and also having to heat it up. Luckily, I do not have a long walk to the university anymore, so I do not have to spend much time outside. Sometimes, you have to make the best out of bad weather, which, if you take a page out of Editor-in-Chief Jonathan Kwan's book, would be to stick your computer outside and let nature do the cooling for you, haha. Just for the sake of testing though. I do not think it will be always too consistent, especially when the weather suddenly changes. The Calgary weather forecast was fairly consistent with it just being cold for the last few weeks, which is a nice change in a sense. Consistency, I think, is desirable and key, especially if it comes to the temperatures inside of your computer. I would be fairly concerned if the temperatures of my computer's components fluctuate randomly from very hot to cool randomly. Today, we have the NZXT Kraken X52 all-in-one liquid cooler. Perhaps this one will keep the temperatures in your computer under control? Let us find out.

Amazon Teases Game, App Discounts for 'Digital Day'

From PC Mag: Christmas has come and gone, but holiday shopping deals aren't over yet at Amazon, which is planning a first-of-its-kind "Digital Day" on Friday that will discount movies, TV shows, music, apps, and games by as much as 80 percent.

Amazon will offer the deepest price cuts on video games, while movies and TV shows will sell for up to 50 percent off, and other content like comics and apps will receive discounts of up to 75 percent.

Microsoft foresees AR tracking your keys, milk, entire life

From CNET: Want a virtual assistant that means you won't lose anything ever again? A patent application filed by Microsoft hints at that future.

The technology described in the patent filing, published Thursday, would bring sophisticated, automatic object tracking to augmented reality. A cousin of VR, which creates an entirely digital experience, augmented (or mixed) reality blends the real and virtual worlds into a seamless experience -- think Pokemon Go.

Super Mario Run appears in the Play Store with a 'pre-register' button

From PC World: Super Mario Run is the hottest thing since sliced app updates over in the iOS App Store, but Nintendo is about to send Mario running to the Play Store.

A listing for Super Mario Run is live, and you can click the big friendly “Pre-register” button if you’d like a notification sent to your device when the game is ready for download. (You’ll still have to initiate the download yourself—don’t worry about it auto-downloading when you aren’t on Wi-Fi, or anything like that.)

Tim Cook calls AirPods a 'runaway success'

From CNET: After its AirPods were mercilessly mocked at their debut in September, and after weeks of delay on their availability, Tim Cook says that the wireless headphones are a "runaway success."

Cook had been touring the New York Stock Exchange with his nephew on Wednesday when reporters from CNBC asked him how the AirPods were doing.

The $159 headphones were put on back order within hours after their release on December 13, and they've taken off to become a holiday hit, Apple's CEO noted. Buyers will have to wait up to six weeks for their AirPods to ship out.

Samsung Unveils Quantum Dot Curved Monitors

From PC Mag: The jury is still out on the benefits of curved TVs. Whenever I see them on display in a store, it's impossible to view the screen without picking up some reflections because, you know, it's curved!

But monitors are a different beast. We sit much closer to them, and light sources can be more easily controlled. Now Samsung is adding a new feature into the mix: curved monitors using quantum dots.

It's CES next week, and manufacturers need to stand out from the crowd. So Samsung is launching a number of new curved monitors "designed with gamers in mind."

Twitter releases 360-degree video streaming on Periscope

From CNET: Twitter is launching live 360-degree video streams on Periscope.

The social network released the feature Wednesday, with the catch being that while everyone can watch videos in 360, only a group of "select partners" -- likely celebrities and influencers -- are able to stream in 360 for now.

Windows 10 Creators Update will have a Game Mode that shifts resources to gameplay

From PC World: Windows 10 loves gamers again, if Game Mode says anything about Microsoft's plans. Spotted by an alert user in a leak of the upcoming Build 14997 and reported by Windows Central, Game Mode will shift PC resources to gameplay, letting other software take a backseat.

Note that Build 14997 isn't out officially yet, and the Game Mode spotted in that build isn't working yet, apparently. According to Windows Central, however, Game Mode will jump into action when you launch a game, allocating CPU, GPU, and other resources to prioritize smoother gameplay.

Facebook, Google top out most popular apps in 2016

From CNET: Facebook might not be as cool as Snapchat, but it still has the most popular app in the US, according to a Nielsen report for 2016 published Wednesday.

In a year where Pokemon Go smashed App Store records, social media still remains the dominant force on people's phones. Facebook remains comfortable as America's most popular app with more than 146 million monthly users. The company has been adding features to its app over the last year, like games, its own marketplace and its many, many attempts to be Snapchat.

Qualcomm hit with $850M fine in South Korea antitrust probe

From CNET: Qualcomm faces the largest antitrust fine in South Korean history, following a nearly three-year investigation from the South Korean Fair Trade Commission.

The commission accused the chipset makers of having an "unfair business model" and creating a monopoly with its practices. It fined Qualcomm more than 1 trillion won, or about $850 million.


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