CA to acquire security testing firm Veracode for $614M

From PC World: CA Technologies is acquiring application security testing company Veracode for US$614 million in cash, in a bid to broaden its development and testing offering for enterprises and app developers.

The acquisition is expected to be completed by the second quarter of this year.

Privately-held Veracode has offices in Burlington, Massachusetts and London, and employs over 500 people worldwide. The company has around 1,400 small and large customers.

IBM-Salesforce deal will bring Watson data into applications

From InfoWorld: Watson and Einstein are teaming up, and IBM and Salesforce hope the pairing proves as smart as it sounds. The two companies are working together to bring information from IBM systems into Salesforce’s products through a series of integrations announced Monday.

As part of the partnership, joint customers will be able to combine Watson’s insights from their unstructured data with Einstein’s insights about information stored with Salesforce. That comes alongside other integrations that bring weather and application data into Salesforce.

At last: Windows 10 will stop forced automatic updates

From CNET: In a stunning about-face -- and a victory for common sense -- Windows 10 will no longer automatically take control of your computer, and flip the reset switch, at the worst moments imaginable.

Mind you, Microsoft will still push updates, and it won't necessarily be easy to completely turn them off.

But this spring, you -- and only you -- will get to decide when Windows 10 can update your computer.

Google faces new antitrust investigation in Turkey

From PC World: Antitrust concerns about Google's tying of its app store and services to use of the Android OS are spreading, as Turkey's Competition Board has opened an inquiry, reversing an earlier decision.

Russian search company Yandex filed a complaint with the board in 2015, alleging that Google requires smartphone manufacturers to pre-load Google Play Store, Google Play Services and Google Mobile Services on any Android devices they sell, and to make Google Search the default search provider on those devices.

IBM's new Q program will include a 50-qubit quantum computer

From InfoWorld: Characters named Q in film and TV have been portrayed as being exceptional. Q in the James Bond movies served up futuristic gadgets, and Q in Star Trek was omnipotent.

A new quantum computing program called Q at IBM will be remarkable in its own right. In a few years, IBM plans to create a quantum computer with more than 50 qubits, which should push conventional computers one step closer to the trash heap.

Fitbit is adding deeper sleep tracking and guidance to its trackers

From CNET: Feeling fit isn't all about steps and calorie burn. A good night's sleep plays a critical role in your health and overall well being.

That's why Fitbit is adding new features to its trackers that provide more insight on your sleeping habits and guidance on how to improve them.

The health and wellness company on Monday announced two new sleeping tools that will be coming to its existing products.

IoT and 5G are driving computing to the edge

From PC World: By 2020, an average internet user will use 1.5GB of traffic a day, and daily video traffic will reach 1PB, Intel predicts. A huge amount of data will be generated by autonomous vehicles, mobile devices, and internet-of-things devices.

Every day, more information is being collected and sent to faster servers in mega data centers, which analyze and make sense of it. That analysis has helped improved image and speech recognition and is making autonomous cars a reality.

How do you keep track of your schedule?

Online calendar
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Physical calendar
13% (18 votes)
I don't
20% (27 votes)
Total votes: 137

The 32TB NAS Setup: Striking the Sweet Spot | Reports

"I am a poor student," I explained to my friend. "Have you seen my car?" For at least a month, I could convince a group of people I am a poor student with this line, because I generally leave my car at home on weekdays. And since this group of friends was relatively new, they did not have a chance to hang out with me outside of school yet. That said, it did not take long until my cover was blown. A few weeks ago, we were all heading to an event, and one of them asked me for a ride. When she got in my car, seeing my car was the latest model nicely trimmed with leather on the interior, she commented, "Jonathan, you are not a poor student." To which I replied, "I know, have you tried the heated rear seats?" The thing is, while my Honda Accord is certainly not a rich man's automobile, my 9th generation Touring sedan is far from being peasant class. As ubiquitous as a Honda Accord may sound, it is a car that seems to strike a chord with very wide range of buyers: Young or old, rich or poor, male or female, you name it. The reason? Everyone wants to get more bang for their buck, and with the Honda Accord, you do not need to spend a lot to get a lot. In our report today, I would like to propose the same idea for those who are looking for a high performance, high capacity network attached storage solution. My goal is to try to strike the sweet spot in delivering a massive amount of storage, while ensuring this setup is also optimal in power efficiency, features, dependability, and performance, all without totally breaking the bank. You know, a setup that will surprise and impress your friends at the same time, just like the Honda Accord. Is this a feasible project? Will I be successful in the end? Read on to find out!

Fnatic Gear DUEL Review (Page 1 of 4)

Often when we are faced with unexpected circumstances, our natural instincts engage in order to deal with whatever may be flying our direction. Last Sunday, I was helping out in the Kindergarten class at my church as a substitute for a missing helper. As the class was finishing up, I went to the head teacher and held out my hand to high five her. Rather than doing the traditional thing and high-fiving back, she decided the best way to respond was to grab my hand with both of her hands. I quickly pulled my hand back before she actually grabbed it, and I awkwardly smiled at her. I then proceeded to fist bump, and she almost grabbed my fist again. Interestingly enough, when I inquired about it, she said she just did not expect me to high five her or fist bump her at any time. Thus she was flustered and reacted in the only way natural. While I would probably have left this interaction feeling very confused, this friend is a unique friend, so I could only laugh. I then spent a minute or two educating her on the high five, fist-bump, and explosion combination. Overall, I think it does seem pretty interesting how we deal with unexpected things. While I have no clue what her thoughts where as I held my hand in the air, she only did what seemed as a natural response. Thus when I received word of the Fnatic Gear DUEL, I had some innate instincts. For any company entering the audio industry, it can often be a rough go to start with. However, when I heard Fnatic Gear teamed up with an audiophile company named AIAIAI, my fears started to melt. Was this the dream team combination we could expect? Or would the final result just be another unsurprising disappointment? Let us see when we take a closer look at the Fnatic Gear DUEL!


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