Facebook adding 1,000 to its global ad review staff

From CNET: Today, Facebook is delivering copies of 3,000 ads to Congress that were likely bought by Russians during the 2016 presidential campaign. But the social media company is also pushing to improve how its ad transparency works in the future.

Facebook aims to hire 1,000 people to its global ad review team over the next year, along with instituting other changes detailed in a post this morning from Joel Kaplan, VP of Global Policy.

Are desktop CPU release cycles becoming less and less exciting?

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Creative Sound BlasterX Katana Review (Page 1 of 4)

I was sitting at a restaurant with a group of friends one Sunday afternoon after church when a couple of girls started talking about makeup. "I spend an hour every day putting on makeup before I leave the house," the first girl said. "I just do not leave the house without it." The second girl responded, "I would rather have an extra hour of sleep than to put on makeup." Taking the opportunity to join this conversation, I said, "That is the exact same reason why I do away with makeup as well." Now, while it is not literally wrong I prefer an extra hour of sleep over putting on makeup, the actual reason why I do not put on makeup is not because I need an extra hour of sleep. After all, I am a guy, and I am not into that kind of stuff. With the popularity of soundbars in the market today, I will have to boldly say that, in a similar manner as to why I do not put on makeup, people do not prefer soundbars over actual speakers because of its sound quality. People want soundbars because they deliver better performance than primitive systems like the one built into your TV (or maybe nothing at all), and for the form factor and convenience it offers, it is as well as you can do, given the constraints. As I was looking around for a soundbar that fits underneath my 42" TV that doubles as a monitor for one of my computers in my basement, one product caught my eye. The Creative Sound BlasterX Katana promises great audio performance for gaming and entertainment alike in an aesthetically pleasing package. Creative has long been known for their computer audio products since the 1980s. How successful are they today with the Sound BlasterX Katana? Read on to find out!

SilverStone TS-11C Review

As you may have remembered from my review of the Kingston HyperX Cloud II, my favorite color is blue. However, if there is one thing you do not see much in the computer parts and peripherals world, it is this color. Take a look at any keyboard, mouse, computer case, or accessory. You will probably see colors like black, white, or gray before you see a blue option. This is not too surprising, especially when you consider the neutrality of the aforementioned shades. As well, with the current trend of RGB-ing everything, you can make everything whatever color you want. When we look at consumer electronics like smartphones, laptops, or tablets, the blue shade again lacks in representation. You might see it from a specific company like Samsung or HTC, but otherwise it is once again the same black and white trend. On the other hand, if there is one color rising up in popularity, it is gold. I never really thought it would be a trend to stick, but I think it has come a long way, spearheaded by the popular fruit company, Apple. This specific color can be found on their phones, laptops, and tablets. Even though I am pretty sure the neutrally shaded devices will sell more, it is nice to see a bit of color injected into popular devices. Today, we have the SilverStone TS-11C, which is a single slot drive docking station. Interestingly enough, this product also follows in the trend of the gold color, although the TS-11C is only available in this finish. Appearances aside, how does this product fair in helping you connect an internal hard drive through an external slot? Hopefully, this review will answer this question and more, so read on to find out!

Acronis True Image 2018 | Reports

The move to Canada from South Africa for me was the easiest out of my immediate family. I was fifteen years old at the time, and it was relatively easy for me to set down new roots. Looking back now, there were difficult things in moving here, but I can say it was all for the best. There were a couple of culture shocks I experienced when I arrived. Some were very small and easy to adjust to or understand; others were harder to understand. The small culture shocks hinged on words I had to get used to or the way people said things. However, one of the bigger culture shocks I had to get used to was the relaxed approach to security. South Africa is not exactly the safest place to live, but Canada is very safe in comparison, especially Calgary. There are no walls surrounding the houses -- especially no electric fences on those walls -- or even extensive alarm systems. No trellises anywhere either. Of course, this does not mean there is no crime in Canada. There are still dangers and we need to be aware of them, but they are to a lesser degree, which was a great experience. I could just get on my bike and go to the store. I could walk to the store, or just go for a walk. All of it was quite freeing. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for computer security. There are many dangers on the internet, and one such danger is ransomware. Acronis claims attacks of ransomware has been going up in recent years, meaning more and more people are being affected by these malicious attacks. One of Acronis True Image 2018's biggest features is its updated protection against ransomware compared to last year's version, along with a few other things on the list. Read on to find out what they are!

Whole Foods hit by credit card hack at several stores

From CNET: Shopping at Whole Foods might have cost customers more than just overpriced avocados.

The popular grocery chain, which Amazon bought for $13.7 billion in June, warned customers Thursday that thieves stole payment card information at several of its stores. The cyberattack hit Whole Foods' taprooms and restaurants, not stores' primary checkout lines, the company said.

Apple Investigating Reports of iPhone 8 Plus 'Splitting Open'

From PC Mag: If you've decided to hold out for an iPhone X rather than picking up an iPhone 8 Plus, you may have made a very wise decision. Apple is currently investigating reports of the iPhone 8 Plus splitting open, with the reason as to why remaining unclear.

The retro Nokia 3310 now comes with 3G and works in the US

From The Verge: Earlier this year, HMD Global revived Nokia’s classic 3310 candybar phone with only the slightest updates, and next month, the phone is in for another tweak: a new version is getting support for 3G, which will open it up for use in a lot more countries — including the US. The phone should work on AT&T and T-Mobile, but not Verizon and Sprint.

Amazon has a Fire TV Stick and Echo Dot bundle for $60

From PC World: Amazon has a new roster of Echo and Fire TV devices, and it wants you to join in the smart-home madness with a special bundle. Right now, you can get last year's Fire TV with the Alexa Voice Remote and the second generation Echo Dot for $60. That's $30 cheaper than it would usually cost to buy these items together.

Liquid Nitrogen Drives 18-Core Core i9-7980XE Above 6GHz

From ExtremeTech: Intel’s latest Core i9-7980XE is a monster CPU and the fastest core you can buy in the consumer space today (for an extremely specific and well-heeled definition of ‘consumer,’ anyway). As with all high core count CPUs, however, Intel had to compromise on clock speeds. The all-core clock on a Core i9-7980XE drops to 3.4GHz under full load, to keep power consumption at a manageable level. Of course, if you’re overclocking with liquid nitrogen, you can ignore such minor inconveniences as TDP.


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