Major layoffs loom for AOL and Yahoo, report says

From CNET: Citing anonymous sources, Recode has reported that AOL and Yahoo are about to make over 1,000 layoffs as they get set to merge under a new media division at Verizon. This, the report notes, is still less than 20 percent of the total workforce.

With HomePod, Apple may finally get serious about Siri

From CNET: Stuck at home on a rainy day, Zooey Deschanel peered out her window while in long-sleeve pink pajamas and started up a conversation with her iPhone.

"Let's get tomato soup delivered," she said, and the phone quickly responded in a friendly voice with a list of nearby restaurants whose reviews mentioned tomato soup and that delivered.

GitHub Enterprise users get project management, data access improvements

From InfoWorld: GitHub has added data access tools and advanced project management to GitHub Enterprise, the on-premises version of the company’s code-sharing platform.

Here are the notable features in GitHub Enterprise 2.10, which can be installed on a user’s own hardware or on a cloud service such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure:

OnePlus 5 phone to be officially unveiled June 20

From CNET: The wait is nearly over. After a steady stream of rumors and teaser posts, OnePlus will officially unveil its upcoming flagship, the OnePlus 5, on Tuesday, June 20.

The company will reveal the phone via an online keynote, which will kick off at 9 a.m. PDT/12 p.m. EDT, and will be accessible on OnePlus' site. Afterward, OnePlus will hold pop-up events in different countries to promote the phone, similar to past launches.

HP's Omen X Compact Desktop can morph into a backpack VR PC

From PC World: HP’s Omen X Compact Desktop was purely a VR backpack PC in a past life. For this generation, it’s branching out—perhaps because VR gaming hasn’t exactly set the world on fire. Instead, HP is emphasizing how this new generation, announced Tuesday, is actually a desktop with backpack special powers.

The Omen X Compact Desktop is expected to ship in late July. The $2,499 configuration will include Intel’s 7th-generation Kaby Lake mobile quad-core Core i7, 16GB of DDR4 RAM, a factory-overclocked GeForce GTX 1080 GPU, and a 1TB PCIe SSD.

HP Omen laptops include a first: Nvidia Max-Q graphics technology

From PC World: HP's revamping its Omen 15 and Omen 17 gaming laptops with new CPUs and GPUs and fresh designs, including one extremely new feature: Nvidia's Max-Q technology. Just announced last week at Computex, Max-Q promises to boost graphics performance in thin-and-light laptops. We hope to test this feature when the machines start shipping in August.

Apple's new iPad Pro is computer evolution in gradual steps

From CNET: Apple's yearly developer conference was surprisingly full of new hardware, and the iPad Pro was one of the biggest recipients of an overdue upgrade. The latest version comes in two sizes: 12.9 inches, and a new 10.5-inch model, starting at $799 and $649, respectively. (In the UK they're £769 and £619, and in Australia they're AU$1,199 and AU$979.) It has better graphics, processing and a better display. But it's the software that seems most promising. And when those iPad-specific features in iOS 11 hit this fall, it could finally make it a real laptop contender.

The new iMac Pro has 18-core Xeon chips, Radeon Vega graphics, and a sky-high price tag

From Mac World: Over the years, the iMac has gone from a candy-colored entry-level machine to one of the most powerful all-in-ones money can buy, but it’s never quite been the best machine for professionals. But with the new iMac Pro unveiled at WWDC on Monday that’s set to launch in December, that’s all about to change.

This new model isn’t just a better version of the 27-inch model—it’s both the most powerful Mac ever made and one of the most expensive. Seriously, it’s as if the Mac Pro and the 27-inch iMac had a baby.

Qualcomm hits at FTC over ‘deficient’ antitrust suit

From CNET: The back and forth goes on in the US Federal Trade Commission's antitrust suit against Qualcomm, the world's largest maker of mobile chips.

Late Friday night, Qualcomm fired the latest salvo in the case, filing documents in which it says, for a second time, that the FTC's suit should be dismissed because it doesn't back up the agency's claims that Qualcomm's practices hampered competition.

Why AMD's Radeon graphics cards are almost impossible to buy right now

From PC World: It’s impossible to buy anything but the most entry level Radeon graphics cards right now.


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