Nintendo unveils 2DS XL, a $150 portable game system

From CNET: Hot on the heels of discontinuing its wildly popular NES Classic mini gaming console and reporting hot sales for the Swift console, Nintendo on Thursday unveiled the 2DS XL. The new portable gaming system features a clamshell design and the same size screen found on Nintendo's new 3DS XL.

Nintendo said the 2DS XL will play all Nintendo 3DS, new Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo DS games. But as its name suggests, the new handheld hardware will display visuals in 2D.

AMD updates Ryzen drivers with a new power profile and the promise of better performance

From PC World: AMD's Ryzen power management plan that aims to improve gaming performance for AMD's new processors is now available as part of a chipset driver update. AMD released chipset driver 17.10 WHQL on Wednesday. The new drivers include the AMD Balanced Power Plan, which first became available in early April as a separate download. The new drivers are only available to 64-bit Windows 10, according to AMD.

How HP reclaimed the title of world's top PC maker from Lenovo

From InfoWorld: In late 2015, HP was reborn as a PC maker following a split of its parent organization, Hewlett-Packard. At the time, HP was a lost cause, and its double-digit decline in PC shipments was a main reason for the split.

The new HP then set out to reclaim its spot as the world's top PC maker from Lenovo, a title it lost in 2013. It reached the goal in the first quarter of 2017, during which its PC shipments grew by 13.1 percent year over year.

Samsung will launch new flagship smartphone months after Galaxy S8

From PC World: Samsung Electronics said Thursday it was planning to launch in the second half of this year a new flagship phone, leading to speculation that the company is planning an alternative to the ill-fated Galaxy Note7 that had to be recalled last year.

The launch of a new flagship smartphone this year and continuing sales of the Galaxy S8 and S8+ will help Samsung counter Apple’s launch of a new version of its iPhone. Apple usually unveils new phones in September.

BlackBerry KeyOne to launch in US and Canada in late May

From InfoWorld: The BlackBerry KeyOne, an Android-based smartphone with a hardware keyboard, will be available in the U.S. and Canada from May 31, the phone's maker said Thursday.

TCL Communications, the Chinese company that acquired rights to produce BlackBerry-brand handsets, originally had said the phone would go on sale in April, so the delay may disappoint potential users. This could be a bad time to test the patience of potential buyers, as Samsung and LG are both heavily promoting their new flagship handsets, the S8 and G6.

Amazon reveals the Echo Look, a device for style selfies

From CNET: Amazon on Wednesday unveiled its first Echo device with a built-in camera.

Called the Echo Look, the $200 gadget uses its depth-sensing camera and LED lights for style selfies and fashion advice. It lets people take full-length photos and videos of their outfits using just their voices, so they can more easily compare looks and share their fashion pictures with friends.

Microsoft cuts off 40 percent of Windows phones with Creators Update shift

From PC World: Our review of the Creators Update for Windows 10 Mobile may have shown it to be a half-hearted update at best, but a substantial portion of Microsoft's base of installed phones won't even have a chance to experience it.

A report by AdDuplex, an ad network running on top of Windows devices, found that four of the top ten Windows phones won't be allowed to upgrade to Microsoft's latest feature update. That works out to about 40 percent of all Windows phones already in the hands of users.

3D NAND to make up half of all flash memory production

From InfoWorld: 3D NAND, which stacks layer upon layer of flash cells atop one another like a microscopic skyscraper, will become the prominent technology for all flash memory this year, according to a new report.

According to DRAMeXchange's latest forecast, NAND flash manufacturers have focused their efforts on converting fabrication plants to 3D NAND, which is denser, faster and less expensive to produce than traditional 2D (planar) NAND.

Google tweaks Android Messages to make it easier to start a one-on-one conversation

From PC World: Every time we see an update to Android Messages we get a little excited, hoping it will finally be the one that brings cross-device syncing to our phones, tablets, and computers. Sadly, the latest version doesn't add that feature, but it does bring a couple tweaks that should make it easier to use.

Sprint offers free fifth line on its unlimited family plan

From CNET: If you're looking to add a fifth person to your family plan, Sprint is hoping you'll choose them by making that new line free.

The carrier is keeping the pricing on its Unlimited Freedom plan, launched earlier this month, the same on the first four lines. This equals out to $50 for the first line, two lines for $40 each and four lines at $30 each. But on Tuesday, Sprint rolled out a deal that lets you add a fifth line with no further monthly charges.


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