Facebook launches Live Audio, its version of podcasts

From CNET: The social network said Tuesday it's launching a new feature called Facebook Live Audio, which is like video live-streaming on Facebook but with no video. So, radio. It's Facebook radio.

To kick things off, the company is partnering with media outlets including BBC World Service and Harper Collins. Facebook said it will expand the feature next year to let other publishers and people use it, but the company didn't give a specific timeline.

Eclipse embraces Java microservices initiative

From InfoWorld: MicroProfile, which provides a technology blueprint to outfit enterprise Java for microservices deployments, has become an Eclipse Foundation project.

Apple's committed to 'great desktops,' Tim Cook tells employees

From CNET: Tim Cook is apparently trying to dispel the feeling that Apple has abandoned the desktop.

Though the company released an overhauled MacBook Pro laptop in October, it's been years since much of its Mac lineup of desktops has been updated. That has led to pessimism among the Mac faithful that Apple has forsaken the desktop.

Not true, Cook told employees through postings to an internal message board.

G.Skill's new Trident Z memory blends face-melting speeds with multi-colored LEDs

From PC World: You can’t get them quite in time for the holidays, but PC enthusiasts take note: G.Skill just announced blazing-fast new Trident Z DDR4 RAM kits with customizable RGB lighting. Yes, LED lights on your memory.

The new Trident Z RGB Series memory kits require no extra power connections to light up the LEDs, which sit atop the heatspreader design. The new G.Skill RAM rolls out in mid-January 2017.

BlackBerry to open autonomous vehicle research center in Canada

From CNET: BlackBerry didn't disappear along with the abbreviation PDA. It's actually a major supplier in the automotive industry with its QNX secure operating system, and now, it's opening a whole research center devoted to autonomous-car software development.

BlackBerry will open its Autonomous Vehicle Innovation Center (AVIC) in Ottawa, Ontario, the company said today. Its sole purpose is to develop production-ready software for autonomous vehicles, both independently and alongside partners in the public and private sectors.

ARM tackles server compatibility issues with Allinea acquisition

From InfoWorld: ARM has a big problem -- it rules in smartphones and tablets but hasn't broken into servers and supercomputers. ARM servers are devalued partly because many applications don't work with the chips.

But ARM has acquired Allinea Software with the hope of partially resolving the compatibility issue. Allinea provides software development, debugging, and porting tools, which should make it easier for people to write applications for ARM-based servers and supercomputers.

Samsung could look to LG for phone batteries after Note 7 debacle

From CNET: Samsung seems to be doing everything within its power to avoid a repeat of the great Galaxy Note 7 battery crisis of 2016.

That might even include buying in batteries from LG, according to a Reuters report published on Monday.

Nvidia job posting reveals GTX 1080 Ti, premium 'Club GeForce Elite' subscription

From PC World: Between the introduction of the Shield lineup, GeForce Experience 3.0’s mandatory registration, and the arrival of GeForce Now’s cloud-based PC game streaming, it’s clear that Nvidia’s been striving to position itself as a one-stop gaming ecosystem for PC gamers, rather than a mere purveyor of graphics cards.

Apple to appeal EU's $14.5B fine, calls itself 'convenient target'

From CNET: When the European Union slapped Apple with a $14.5 billion tax fee in August, CEO Tim Cook called it "political crap."

This week, the tech behemoth is fighting back in the form of an official appeal, Reuters reports.

"Apple is not an outlier in any sense that matters to the law," Apple General Counsel Bruce Sewell told the news service. "Apple is a convenient target because it generates lots of headlines."

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