Samsung predicts record profits for second straight quarter

From The Verge: Samsung Electronics’ earnings guidance for the third quarter of 2017 is out, and it’s looking like another record for the Korean giant. The company expects to have made around 14.5 trillion won (~$12.8 billion) in operating profit off 62 trillion won (~$54.7 billion) in revenue; last quarter it made 14.1 trillion won, its highest ever quarterly figure.

Uber files appeal to stay in London

From CNET: Uber today officially launched its bid to remain in London three weeks after the British capital's transport regulator refused to renew the company's license to operate citing "public safety and security implications".

Microsoft Announces 4 New Xbox One S Bundles

From PC Mag: We are fast approaching that time of year where everyone has to start thinking about buying nice things for other people. It's also a key time for games console sales, and Microsoft is attempting to present a very strong line-up of Xbox bundles to entice you away from the market-leading PS4.

Alongside the Xbox One X$499.00 at Microsoft launch next month, Microsoft is introducing four new Xbox One S bundles for the fall. The thinking here is clearly to provide something for everyone.

The four bundles are as follows:

Microsoft Windows might get easier to navigate with new Cortana Follow Me

From The Verge: Noted Microsoft watcher WalkingCat has spotted a really nifty upcoming feature for Windows called Follow Me, that uses the Cortana for guided navigation. WalkingCat posted a one minute video on Twitter showing the Cortana voice assistant guiding a user with visual prompts on the screen. In the example given, the user wants to connect a Bluetooth device and a blue circle shows which menus to click to get to the appropriate settings. The user can quit the navigation at any time using the ESC key.

Oculus Go is a standalone $199 VR headset that doesn't need a PC, a phone, or wires

From PC World: “The sweet spot.” It sounds like that’s going to be VR’s new focus, as we head into Oculus Connect’s fourth annual iteration. And what is that sweet spot, exactly? Not mobile VR, not PC-based VR, but a blend of both. No wires, but the same high-fidelity experience people get from the Oculus Rift.

That’s still probably a ways off, but Oculus took its first steps in that direction at Connect, announcing its new $199 Oculus Go headset, plus giving us our first look of the upcoming “Santa Cruz” prototype with inside-out position tracking.

Airbnb gets into the apartment game

From CNET: Most landlords don't allow tenants to sublet their apartments on Airbnb. That's because it typically comes with increased risk and no profit for them. But a major landlord in Florida is trying something new: working with Airbnb.

Airbnb said Thursday that it's partnering with Newgard Development Group to allow for short-term rentals in a 324-unit building in Kissimmee, Florida. Tenants who live in this building can freely put their apartments on Airbnb for up to 180 days per year. The catch is that they have to share the income with Newgard.

Nintendo Hints at Game Boy Classic With Trademark Filing

From PC Mag: Nintendo has got a very busy year ahead of it. Alongside a continued push to sell more Switch consoles and 3DS handhelds, the Japanese company is trying to keep up with demand for the SNES Classic. Then, next summer the NES Classic is set to be re-released putting renewed pressure on Nintendo's production lines. But what comes after that?

As AnimeNewsNetwork reports, a trademark filing by Nintendo back on September 15 suggests that after the NES Classic we'll be getting a Game Boy Classic.

Amazon finally makes a waterproof Kindle, after 10 years

From The Verge: Amazon has been selling Kindles for 10 years now, but “waterproof” never appeared on its list of incremental technological advancements — until now. The company just announced a new version of its popular e-reader that builds on last year’s Kindle design and has an IPX8 waterproof rating.

The new Kindle Oasis — the same name as last year’s premium Kindle — has jumped up in size, moving from a 6-inch screen to a 7-inch screen. It has an aluminum back, which gives it a more premium look and feel than the Kindles with soft-touch plastic.

Bug reportedly exposed T-Mobile customers' personal data

From CNET: A vulnerability on T-Mobile's website allowed access to millions of customers' personal data, including email addresses and account numbers, Motherboard reported Tuesday.

The flaw, which Motherboard said was discovered by security researcher Karan Saini, could have allowed hackers who knew -- or guessed -- a customer's phone number to obtain data valuable in social engineering attacks, or perhaps even hijacking victim's numbers. The bug was repaired Friday after Motherboard asked the wireless carrier about the issue.

Microsoft is now rolling out Cortana inside of Skype

From The Verge: Microsoft is starting to roll out Cortana inside of Skype, letting its smart assistant jump into private and group chats to offer assistance in making plans and looking up information. Cortana will be available on both iOS and Android, but Microsoft says its assistant “will be gradually rolled out” starting in the US, so you might not have access yet.


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