Android gets patches for serious flaws in hardware drivers and mediaserver

From InfoWorld: The June batch of Android security patches addresses nearly two dozen vulnerabilities in system drivers for various hardware components from several chipset makers.

The largest number of critical and high severity flaws were patched in the Qualcomm video driver, sound driver, GPU driver, Wi-Fi driver, and camera driver. Some of these privilege escalation vulnerabilities could allow malicious applications to execute malicious code in the kernel leading to a permanent device compromise.

Intel's next monster 24-core chip is made for high-performance computers

From PC World: Intel continues to pump more horsepower in its chips, by releasing a 24-core processor for high-performance computers.

The Xeon processor E7-8890 v4 chip is part of the Xeon E7-8800 v4 family of chips that Intel announced on Monday. It was announced just a week after Intel made headlines with a new 10-core Core chip for gaming code-named Broadwell-E.

The 24-core chip will go, in many cases, into monster performer four- to eight-socket servers. An eight-socket system could have up to 192 cores, with support for up to 24TB of memory.

AT&T doubles down on 5G with second test location

From CNET: Citizens of Middletown, New Jersey, get ready for a new kind of home Internet service.

AT&T said on Monday that Middletown will join Austin, Texas, as the two locations for using 5G wireless technology as a home broadband service, scheduled for the end of summer. The nation's second largest wireless carrier said early tests with equipment partner Ericsson have yielded speeds of 10 gigabits a second, or 10 times faster than what Google Fiber offers.

TiVo Bolt adds out-of-home streaming

From CNET: TiVo has announced that Bolt DVR users now can stream content iOS and Android devices outside of their homes.

Bolt users can now stream programming on-the-go as well as download to devices boasting either iOS 7 or later or Android 4.1 and up. TiVo originally announced the capability at the launch of the Bolt last year, and it's something that Roamio (though not over-the-air) users have been able to do for some time.

TiVo advises that the rollout to customers' boxes has begun and will continue through next week.

Deal with Microsoft notwithstanding, China’s Xiaomi won't be stateside anytime soon

From InfoWorld: Xiaomi's cross-licensing and patent-transfer deal with Microsoft announced earlier this week prompted a flurry of renewed interest in how soon the Chinese smartphone maker will sell its devices directly in the U.S.

Several analysts interviewed this week said they believe a U.S. arrival won't happen for more than a year, perhaps even two years, and will certainly pose big marketing challenges for Xiaomi.

Are eBay fees too high?

Yes, this is why I stopped selling there
53% (69 votes)
No, it is still reasonable
9% (12 votes)
I don't use eBay
37% (48 votes)
Total votes: 129

NZXT Manta Review (Page 1 of 4)

"Meet us in the hotel lobby, and make sure you have a valid driver's license and closed toe shoes on." As I read the email during CES earlier this year, a wave of thoughts rushed into my head. "What requires closed toe shoes and a driver's license? A bar? Go-karting?" The morning of the press meet, I rode the public bus to the hotel lobby in anticipation. It took me a while to find where everyone else was, but once I recognized a few faces, I waited with them till we were loaded onto a party bus. Lights flashed, loud music played, and I talked with some of the other people on the bus. Apparently, our destination was a well-kept secret, because we all had no idea as to our destination. About half an hour later, we pulled into a large parking lot. We looked out the tinted windows and saw a Nissan GT-R and a large sign on the building saying "Exotics Racing". From there, we were all thrilled and shocked, especially when we learned we would be driving Ferraris and Lamborghinis later on. However, the first order of business was to look at the new product on display. We were herded into a side room, and there stood the NZXT Manta in its prototype form. It was wrapped in a sort of NZXT car-like wrap. When we asked them why they brought us to the race track, they mentioned it was because many of their cases had been car-inspired. Very few details were given to us, and we were not even allowed to look inside the Manta. Honestly, the day was a huge build up to the moment of not only the prototype reveal, but also the racing. Now the wait is now over, as today we finally have the NZXT Manta on our tabletop. After all the excitement NZXT built this case up to be, I have to ask, does the final product live up to the anticipation? Hopefully today's review will answer my questions, and more. Also, driving a Ferrari was awesome.

Cooler Master V750 750W (Page 1 of 4) | Reports

"I am an expert in Korean culture," I explained to my friend. "I watched one Korean drama, I eat at the Korean BBQ House at the university food court, I own a Samsung TV, and I even have some Korean friends!" My friend looked at me, laughed, and said, "Jonathan, that is not how it works." Now, obviously I was joking, and other than the fact I just admitted I watched a Korean drama (Descendants of the Sun is really good, by the way) -- albeit with English subtitles -- I think this brings about the question: What makes someone an expert in a certain culture? Although it will probably take more than an APH Networks review introduction to answer this question, I think the better way of putting it is, being an expert in a certain culture takes a lot more than scraping the surface with a few superficial things, even if my Korean friends think the place at the university food court genuinely has pretty good quality food. As we take a look at the Cooler Master V750 750W power supply today, we are posed with a similar question: What makes a power supply a good power supply? Is it the efficiency certification, modularity of the cables, dimensions of the enclosure, or the quietness of its internal cooling fan? While all these are totally valid contributing factors, I think there is more to the story. Although it will definitely take more than an APH Networks review introduction to answer this question, the good news is we have the next four pages to address this in abundant detail. We looked at every detail of the Cooler Master V750 750W both outside and inside, and let nothing slip under the radar. Read on to find out what we have found!

GAMDIAS Hermes RGB Review

I have always been fascinated by the history of something, or the lore in a fantasy story. I thought a bit about the history of the keyboard, and how they became popularized to be used as much as they are today. Typing instruments have been around since the early 19th century, which were known as the early typewriters. However, they were not used by many people, and instead only used to produce legible and uniform business documents. At this time, typewriters were slower compared to handwriting. Christopher Sholes and Carlos Glidden were the two people who created the first commercially successful typewriter, also known as the Remington No. 1, in 1874. They slowly changed from here until 1910, which, by that time, they have all been standardized. The next step in keyboards was to use small type-balls instead of type-bars. These type-balls allowed someone to change fonts easily. The first teletype and ENIAC computers were very big, and used paper cards the computer would punch holes into. These cards would then be read by a card reader, and analyzed as data. The first keyboard to instantly display text on a screen was developed by Bell Labs and M.I.T in 1964, and it was a lot more efficient to use than previous designs. The first keyboards used were mechanical units in the 1970s, and only much later in the 1990s did membrane switches start to be implemented. Since then, the design and build have changed frequently to target a wide range of markets. Today, we have the GAMDIAS Hermes RGB, and much like other RGB LED keyboards, is aimed at gamers. Will it prove to be a worthy successor to years and years of history, while staying true to the goodness of the mechanical switch? Read on to find out!

Apple App Store and iCloud back online after outage

From CNET: Apple's services are functioning as normal, after an outage that saw the App Store, Game Centre and plenty of iCloud features knocked for six.

Apple's status page says that all its services are running as normal after the glitches that appear to have taken hold across the globe yesterday evening UK time.

The App Store, Photos and iTunes in the Cloud were among the services affected, Forbes reports.


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