Archos Offers $99 WinPhone, $150 x86 Win8.1 Tablet, Android Trio

From DailyTech: French hardware company Archos (EPA:JXR) is perhaps best known for in 2000 releasing the Archos Jukebox 5000, arguably launching the portable media player (PMP) craze. A year later Apple, Inc. (AAPL) would jump on the bandwagon with the iPod, a device that would overshadow Archos to the point that many felt the American company "invented" the PMP. By 2003 Archos tucked tail and abandoned the traditional MP3 player market, unable to compete with Apple.

HP recalls 6 million laptop power cords that can pose fire and burn hazards

From InfoWorld: Hewlett-Packard has recalled more than 6 million laptop power cords that could pose fire and burn hazards.

HP is recalling LS-15 AC power cords used with HP and Compaq branded laptops. The company is recalling about 5.6 million power cords in the U.S. and 446,000 units in Canada.

The cord pulls out of one end of the AC adapter. It came with laptops and accessories sold between September 2010 through June 2012, HP said on its power cord recall website.

Seagate's monstrous 8TB hard drive is the most spacious storage yet

From PC World: If you're looking to pack a massive amount of storage into your PC, the best you can do these days is 6 terabytes—as long as you're willing to shell out close to $300. But there may soon come a day where you can get a whopping 8TB stuffed into a single hard drive.

Seagate recently announced it is now shipping the world's first 8TB 3.5-inch hard drives. The new drives aren't for consumers just yet and are specifically designed for enterprise data centers that need major disk capacity.

Microsoft: Fix for Surface Pro 3 overheating issues coming soon

From CNET: There have been reports by some recent Surface Pro 3 users -- specifically those buying the Intel Core i7 devices -- that their tablets are overheating.

Microsoft officials responded publicly on Tuesday to those reports, saying a fix is in the works and that it will be available "as soon as possible." (Officials declined to say if that means on the next Patch Tuesday, which is September 9, or some other date.)

I asked for an update on the overheating reports and a Surface spokesperson sent the following response:

ZOTAC Announces Diminutive ZBOX PI320 pico

From DailyTech: ZOTAC has always strived to bring enthusiasts the smallest, full-featured Mini-PCs on the market, but the company is looking to go one step further with the introduction of the new ZBOX PI320 pico.

Dell adds Intel processor to new Wyse thin client

From InfoWorld: Dell for the first time is using an Intel processor in its Wyse thin clients, which are used as alternatives to enterprise PCs.

The Wyse Intel-based 3000 series thin client, which starts at $429 and is available now, runs on a dual-core Celeron processor based on the Bay Trail architecture. The entry-level thin client offers 3D graphics, said Dan O'Farrell, senior director for product marketing, cloud client computing at Dell.

The dual-core Bay Trail chip in the Intel-based thin client "packs enterprise-grade performance," Dell said in a blog entry.

Amazon's $970 million buy gives Twitch the best of both worlds: Money and freedom

From PC World: The saga is over. Twitch, the game-focused video streaming service indeed has a new owner, as has long been rumored, and yes, the selling price was right around the $1 billion everybody was whispering about. But the earlier leaks got one oh-so-crucial detail wrong: On Monday, it was Amazon announcing a deal to buy Twitch for $970 million—not YouTube.

LG to launch G3 Stylus at IFA tradeshow

From CNET: LG's accidentally leaked G3 Stylus will make its official appearance at the IFA tradeshow in Berlin next week, and the announcement timing is anything but coincidental.

The Korean manufacturer's main rival, Samsung, will be launching its next iteration of the popular Galaxy Note phablet at the show, and LG is perhaps looking to steal some of the stylus-shaped limelight.

HTC Desire 820 to Set New High Bar for Mid-Range With Snapdragon 615

From DailyTech: HTC Corp. (TPE:2498) played it a bit conservative with the HTC One M8's hardware spec, opting for only modest updates of its high-end flagship, and in some cases scaling its capabilities back from the previous year (for example, dropping the optical image stabilization package). In the mid-range, though, were HTC has for some time expressed its largest interest in, the Taiwanese phonemaker appears poised to flex a bit of its muscle, adopting a bleeding edge spec.

XTracGear Ripper Review (Page 1 of 4)

Lately, I have been looking for a new vehicle to replace my old 2002 Toyota Corolla. After searching online and looking high and low throughout the city for cars that I liked, there were still three or four models that I had my eye on. It was a contest between the Toyota Corolla Sport, Toyota Camry SE, Honda Accord Sport, and Lexus IS 350 AWD F-Sport. Although they do not all necessarily compete each other -- considering their price and intended market -- this short list became what we looked out for in the past few weeks. Each vehicle's unique characteristics attracted my attention as a potential client. However, without much explaining, the winner in terms of aesthetic pleasing-ness took my attention straight to the Lexus. Personally, I am into the sleek-looking fast-going cars; however, my parents’ preferences and priorities were totally different. This being said, we had to eliminate the (my) idea of purchasing the IS 350 AWD F-Sport, for “safety reasons”, so to say. In the end, it was practical considerations that won over; loosely quoting what Editor-in-Chief Jonathan Kwan wrote in his Western Digital Red WD40EFRX 4TB review back in June of this year. As such, for our family, the question boiled down to, would it be the newly designed sleek, reliable Corolla, or the comfort and spaciousness of the Camry? Either has its merits, and size does matter. For practical considerations and size selection when buying a mousepad, the same goes. Will the XTracGear Ripper be that sleek, smaller but reliable mousepad, or will it be the bigger and more comfortable alternative? Read on to find out!


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