Google Pixel offers cold comfort to silent partner

From CNET: HTC needed a break. It got just that when Google chose the veteran phone manufacturer to produce its newest flagship phones, the Pixel and Pixel XL. The partnership is a testament to strong relationship between Google and HTC, which was also tapped to build the original Android phone, the G1, as well as the first Nexus phone, the Nexus One.

That courtesy, however, did not extend to the actual Pixel unveiling. Google never uttered its longtime partner's name during the roughly 90-minute presentation Tuesday.

Lenovo won't make Windows 10 phones because it doubts Microsoft's commitment

From PC World: Like everybody else in the world, Lenovo isn't sure what Microsoft's future plans are for Windows 10 Mobile. As a result, the company is staying far away from that mess. That's the word from Lenovo's chief operating officer, Gianfranco Lanci, who leads the company's PC and smart device group.

Speaking at the Canalys Channel Forum in Barcelona, Spain on Tuesday Lanci said the company has no plans to release a Windows Phone, as reported by The Register.

The entry point for Apple TVs just went up

From CNET: Apple just discontinued the $69 third generation Apple TV. This leaves the $149 Apple TV 4 as the only new option for purchase on the Apple store (refurbished 3rd-gen units are still available for now).

This move was not unexpected. With the 2015 release of the 4th-gen Apple TV, it seemed likely that the 2012 3rd-gen TV was on its way out. The product was removed from the Apple website quietly -- the former product page now redirects to the Apple TV 4.

Apple adopts Windows 10 tactic to auto-download Sierra to Macs

From InfoWorld: Apple on Monday began automatically downloading macOS Sierra to Macs that have yet to upgrade to the new operating system, taking a step that rival Microsoft was criticized for last year.

Although the upgrade to macOS 10.12 will automatically download to eligible Macs, it will not automatically install. Instead, users must authorize the upgrade after being notified that it has been retrieved and is ready to install. Users may also decline the upgrade at that same notification.

Google Wifi makes internet connection a team effort

From CNET: Google's latest smart router will be able to harness your Wifi for an even more powerful network.

One of Google Wifi's most touted feature is its expandable network: the device uses multiple routers to create coverage across the home.

"Unlike a single central router, multiple Google Wifi points work together to do a much better job," Mario Queiroz, Google's vice president of product management said on Tuesday's "Made By Google" event.

Google's 4K HDR Chromecast Ultra costs $69, and will launch in November

From PC World: Google is about to release a new version of its wildly-popular Chromecast streaming dongle, with 4K HDR video support for $69.

The Chromecast Ultra will be available in November. Presumably, the existing version will remain available for $35.

Google says the Chromecast Ultra will support 4K HDR video from Netflix and Vudu. YouTube will also support 4K video, and Google Play Movies & TV is getting 4K support in November (but no word on HDR). Chromecast Ultra will also support Dolby’s flavor of HDR on televisions with Dolby Vision.

Google adds Pixel phones to Project Fi lineup

From CNET: Project Fi fans will soon have two new phones to choose from when signing up for Google's Wi-Fi-first service.

Google took the wraps off the new 5-inch Pixel and its big brother, the 5.5-inch Pixel XL, at an event Tuesday in San Francisco. The company said the new smartphones will work with Project Fi.

Hulu drops price to $6 per month

From CNET: With Netflix at $10 per month and Sling TV at $20, cutting the cable cord can start to add up. One of the most popular services, Hulu, is offering some relief.

The company's lowest monthly price for new subscribers is now $6, down from the $8 it used to charge. That buys you the version of Hulu that includes ads. The price of the ad-free version remains at $12 monthly. That's right: you have to pay double to skip ads. In my book, that's well worth it.

Microsoft points to a transition of Windows 10 Mobile to 64-bit

From PC World: There's a lot to like in Microsoft's Windows 10 Mobile for smartphones, but it has one glaring weakness: It still is a 32-bit OS.

But a transition to 64-bit for the OS was inevitable as memory capacity in smartphones goes up, Microsoft said during a presentation at the Ignite conference last week.

Windows 10 Mobile lags behind Apple's iOS and Google's Android, which transitioned to 64 bits a few years ago. Many new Windows phones already have 64-bit ARM-based Qualcomm processors, but the OS still runs as 32 bit.

Roku 4 owners earn discount on new 4K Roku Ultra

From CNET: Starting at just $30, Roku's new streaming devices are priced to appeal to everyone. Now an email offer to current Roku 4 owners looks to heighten their appeal to bigger spenders who own 4K TVs.

The offer, as reported by cordcutternews, was recently extended to people who bought a Roku 4, the company's first 4K-capable streamer, which launched last year. It entitles recipients to a $50 discount on the new Roku Ultra, which currently costs $130.


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