Oracle doubles the speed of MySQL query handling

From PC World: For the next release of its open source MySQL, Oracle is making a number of changes designed to vastly boost the speed of the open source relational database management system.

Such a sizeable performance bump could help organizations save money in server purchases, because it would require fewer servers to run large jobs. Or, it will allow them to run complex queries that might have taken too long to run on earlier versions of the database system, said Tomas Ulin, Oracle vice president of MySQL engineering.

Do you turn off your monitor at night?

Yes, always!
42% (55 votes)
No, I just leave it on standby
58% (76 votes)
Total votes: 131

KGUARD Easy Link EL421-4HW212B Review (Page 1 of 4)

What do you call a Pizza Hut when an employee pees in the sink? One could refer to it as a PEEza Hut. Recently, a surveillance video on YouTube was uploaded, showing a Pizza Hut district manager peeing in the restaurant's kitchen sink in West Virginia. While we here at APH Networks are not about to debate the reasons why anyone would do such a thing, let us sit back for a moment, and think about it: Would anyone have known about this if there were no surveillance cameras installed practically facing right at the kitchen sink? Even if there were surveillance cameras, would we have known about it the internet did not exist? With the explosion of affordable electronics and fast internet installed almost everywhere, we have access to more useless information than ever before. On the other hand, although it is mere amusement to the rest of the world of what is happening at a PEEza Hut in West Virginia, other than to the people in West Virginia, what is going on in our own home when we are at work or at school may be of significant relevance to us. KGUARD Security, a company that specializes in making surveillance cameras, has exactly this in mind. Coming out of the business niche and making their foray into the home market, the company understands buying all the equipment separately can be quite an overwhelming task, especially to newbies. Therefore, they created the Easy Link EL421-4HW212B four channel CCTV combo kit, which promises easy setup, remote internet access, and affordable pricing all in one package. Is this one box to rule them all? We gave it shot to find out.

Fire hazard forces recall of Lenovo ThinkPad batteries

From InfoWorld: Lenovo is recalling certain ThinkPad battery packs that could be a fire hazard due to overheating, which could ultimately also lead to computer damage.

The recall applies to 34,500 batteries sold in the U.S. and 2,900 batteries sold in Canada, said the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission in a statement.

The company also recalled 117,732 units in China, according to a Xinhua news report Thursday.

BlackBerry revenue plunges 64 percent, suffers loss

From PC World: BlackBerry continued to struggle during the company’s fiscal fourth quarter, experiencing a huge drop in revenue and a $423 million net loss.

Revenue for the fourth quarter of BlackBerry’s fiscal 2014, which ended March 1, was approximately US$976 million, down 64 percent from $2.7 billion in the same quarter in 2013.

The company’s $423 million net loss for the period compares to a $98 million profit for the year-earlier period.

Dell to Pay Android, Chrome OS Royalties to Microsoft in Patent Licensing Agreement

From DailyTech: Microsoft and Dell have penned a patent licensing agreement regarding devices running Android and Chrome OS.

According to Microsoft, Dell agreed to pay royalties to Microsoft for sales of devices that run either Google's mobile Android operating system or Chrome OS.

Intel Acquires Maker of Wearable Computing Devices

From X-bit Labs: Intel Corp. on Tuesday announced that it has completed the acquisition of Basis Science, a leading developer and manufacturer of wearable computing devices for health and wellness applications. The acquisition of Basis accelerates Intel's wearable products focus and extends the company's capabilities in this area. It also brings access to new technology, and further expands the leadership team with people who have a proven track record in wearable device technologies.

Intel, Altera Extend 14nm Foundry Deal

From EETimes: Intel's year-old foundry deal with Altera has been expanded to include "multi-die" devices that combine Altera's Stratix 10 FPGAs and SoCs with DRAM, SRAM, ASICs, processors, and analog chips in a single package.

HTC announces the HTC One (M8) with dual cameras and fancy gesture controls

From GreenBot: HTC’s latest bid for smartphone relevance is a 5-inch handset called the HTC One (M8), parentheses and all. At a Tuesday press event in New York, HTC CEO Peter Chou announced the new smartphone, stressing smart industrial design, a more intelligent, gesture-driven user interface, and what the company calls “another breakthrough camera.”

Sprint CEO Dan Hesse Tips Nationwide HD Voice Rollout for July

From DailyTech: Sprint has been offering what it calls HD Voice in a few markets around the country. HD Voice service promises to significantly improve call quality since it supports seven octaves of the human voice while normal voice calls can only support four. That means you can hear more of the nuances of your conversations just as you would if you were in the same room.


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