Microsoft certifies new PCs with Windows 7 to ease enterprises onto Windows 10

From InfoWorld: Businesses are rushing toward Windows 10 as fast as they can, but they simply need more time. To accommodate them, Microsoft is trying something different: creating a transitional list of PCs built on the latest Intel Skylake hardware, but certified to run the tried-and-true Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 operating systems for now.

Qualcomm sets up joint venture in China for server chips

From PC World: Qualcomm is setting up a server chipset design and sales unit with a provincial government in China, a move that could help boost the company's bid to diversify from mobile chips into the server chips market.

The chip maker will own 45 percent in the joint venture, Guizhou Huaxintong Semi-Conductor Technology, that will be 55 percent owned by the Guizhou provincial government's investment arm. The initial registered capital of the joint venture will be about US$280 million.

WhatsApp kills $1 subscription fee

From CNET: If a dollar saved is a dollar earned, WhatsApp users can make themselves a quick buck in 2016.

The popular messaging app on Monday killed its $1 subscription fee, which converts to 70p or AU$1.45, making its service free to all users globally. In the past WhatsApp has been free to use for the first year, following which the nominal fee has been charged on annual basis. But no more.

Microsoft to cut some Azure computing prices

From ComputerWorld: Good news for businesses using Microsoft's Azure cloud platform: their infrastructure bills may be shrinking come February.

How often do you use NFC smartphone payments?

As often as I can
9% (12 votes)
Sometimes, but not always
10% (13 votes)
Never did
81% (106 votes)
Total votes: 131

Western Digital Red WD60EFRX 6TB Review (Page 1 of 11)

While APH Networks is probably not the first -- or even the second, third, or fourth -- website to visit if you are looking for relationship advice, I think we had some great points posted in the opening of my Western Digital Red WD40EFRX 4TB review back in June 2014. Since the Western Digital Red WD60EFRX 6TB we are reviewing today is an improved and larger capacity version of the WD40EFRX as mentioned, what better thing is there to do than to post an updated version of our excellent relationship advice in this review introduction? Recently, I was talking to my fellow editor Aaron Lai about what to look for in a person, and we ended up deriving what we call the "LPSE formula" (By the way, for future reference, APH Networks is the first place where this term first appeared). "LPSE", in this context, stands for "looks", "personality", "spirituality", and "emotional appeal", in no particular order. I am not going to go into elaborate detail into what each term mean, since they should be quite self-explanatory. But the point is, all of these elements are important in a person you are looking to be in a relationship with, no matter how subjective it may be to you. If one or more of these criteria score poorly, your best bet is to look for someone else instead. As it turns out, LPSE can also be applied to evaluate what products we buy, if we redefine the acronym. LPSE, in this context, will then be "looks", "price", "speed", and "efficiency", in no particular order. Back in 2014, we gave the WD40EFRX an APH Recommended, one of our most prestigious awards, because it was well-rounded LPSE-wise. Well, maybe except for looks, which did not matter, since it was an internal hard drive. Today, we will take a look at the WD60EFRX, which is the 6TB model with the latest NASware 3.0 firmware. Will it take home another APH Recommended? Read on to find out how it fared! Because, you know, LPSE.

G.Skill Ripjaws MX780 RGB Review (Page 1 of 4)

On first glance, you might look at me and say, "Aaron would never watch anime". I grew up watching more Arthur and Sesame Street than Pokémon or Digimon. I was also one of the few kids to not watch an episode of Dragon Ball Z until I was twenty years old. Even when all my friends in junior high were watching Naruto and One Piece, I was the odd one out, cheering on the Calgary Flames and watching live hockey. It was not until senior high when my friend introduced me to Case Closed. It did not take much convincing, but once I started watching, I could not stop. Since then, I have watched about six hundred sixty episodes of Case Closed; ranging from the standard half hour segments to the longer two hour shows. I should mention they are still producing more episodes, with over eight hundred and counting. In addition, I have now gone through my fair share of other Japanese animations, all of them being less intense, slice-of-life series. The real point I am trying to say here is that change can happen to anyone. Even though they may not have a history of doing so, it does not always take a lot for people to make a shift. Today, we have a company doing just as such, with G.Skill being the next manufacturer to throw their hat into the PC peripheral ring. At Computex 2015, they announced their lineup of headsets, keyboards, and mice. Today, we have the G.Skill Ripjaws MX780 RGB laser mouse on our table today. Will we leave the desk thinking G.Skill is now a competitor in this area, or should they stick to their already established memory sector? Hopefully this review will clear up these questions and more!

Xiaomi hit by slowing Chinese market, misses device shipment goal

From ComputerWorld: Xiaomi said Friday it shipped over 70 million smartphones in 2015, short of an ambitious target it had announced last year, amid growing competition and high dependence on the Chinese market.

The Chinese company had forecast last year that it would sell at least 80 million phones during the year. It had sold 34.7 million handsets during the first half of the year.

The first fruits of Intel's biggest buy ever will come this quarter

From InfoWorld: Intel welcomed employees from its massive Altera acquisition this week, and the first products from the deal will come out this quarter.

The chipmaker poured out $16.7 billion to buy Altera, which makes FPGAs (field programmable gate arrays), or chips that can be reprogrammed for specific tasks. The first chip that combines Intel and Altera technology will go into servers, cars, robots, the Internet of Things, automation equipment and other products, Intel says.

Foursquare checks in a new CEO

From CNET: When's the last time you used Foursquare?

Can't remember? That's part of the problem for the company behind the pioneering social app.

Also called Foursquare, the firm announced a major shakeup Thursday. Co-founder Dennis Crowley is stepping down as CEO to become its executive chairman. Replacing him in the top job is Chief Operating Officer Jeff Glueck. Steven Rosenblatt, a four-year veteran of the New York-based company, will become its president.


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