Google to spin out game-maker Niantic Labs as independent company

From CNET: Google's remaking of its business has only just begun.

The search giant is spinning out game-maker Niantic Labs from its company, according to a statement from the company on Wednesday. The company said it plans to expand who it builds the game for as an independent company, without giving much other detail.

Niantic makes Ingress, a game that involves players going to various real world landmarks -- like a public sculpture or a sign -- and "capturing" it for their team by using various commands on their smartphones.

Windows 10 on Raspberry Pi, IoT Devices Sees Developer Debut

From DailyTech: Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) promised up a version of Windows 10 for the Raspberry Pi minicomputer and other "internet of things" (IoT) devices. The outstanding question is what shape Windows might take on such barebones devices. This week we finally found out as Microsoft has launched the "Windows 10 IoT Core" for this class of devices.

Symantec finally sells Veritas for $8 billion to investment group

From InfoWorld: Symantec is selling its information management business, known as Veritas, to an investor group led by The Carlyle Group for $8 billion as it looks to increase its focus on security.

The sale is something Symantec has been working on for the better part of a year. The group buying Veritas also includes GIC, Singapore's sovereign wealth fund, and other expected co-investors, Symantec said on Tuesday. Upon closing of the transaction, Symantec expects to receive about $6.3 billion in net cash.

Qualcomm's Snapdragon 820 could yield big camera gains

From PC World: Qualcomm has teased out some more details about its upcoming Snapdragon 820 processor, including a refreshed GPU and an image processing unit that could lead to big improvements in smartphone cameras.

The 820 is Qualcomm’s next mobile chip for the high end of the market, due to appear in products in the first half of next year. It’s aimed mainly at smartphones, tablets, and virtual reality headsets.

Sony Issues Bizzare "Do Not Update" Edict to VAIO PC Owners

From DailyTech: Sony Corp.'s (TYO:6758) VAIO line was an interesting proposition. At times it flirted with brilliance in design, hardware, and packaging -- strengths that some believe Apple, Inc. (AAPL) modeled the MacBook family and iPhone after. But the brand was also known to invoke sticker shock with its high prices. And Sony's customer service could be remarkably mercurial at times.

Samsung looks to get a head start on Apple with its next jumbo smartphone

From CNET: Samsung hopes to get the jump on Apple. But will it be enough?

On Thursday, Samsung will host its second Unpacked event of the year to introduce its newest phablets, the jumbo-sized hybrids between smartphones and tablets. The company is expected to release the Galaxy Note 5, which will include a metal back instead of plastic and an improved stylus, as well as the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, which is believed to have a 5.7-inch screen that curves over the sides of the device.

Samsung mass-produces 256Gb 3D vertical NAND chips

From ComputerWorld: Samsung Electronics has begun mass production of 256-gigabit 3D vertical NAND (V-NAND) flash memories, clearing the way for higher-capacity memory that doesn't take up more room.

The memory is built on 48 layers of three-bit multi-level-cell (MLC) arrays and offers 32 gigabytes of data storage on a single chip. It doubles the density of conventional 128Gb NAND flash chips and consumes at least 30% less power than the previous Samsung chip, the company said Tuesday.

OnePlus 2 smartphone arrival in US and Canada delayed

From PC World: OnePlus said buyers of its new smartphone in the U.S. and Canada will have to wait longer than originally thought to get their phones.

The new OnePlus 2 goes on sale Tuesday, but there seem to be hiccups around the shipping of the device.

The shipping of the smartphone in the U.S. and Canada is now scheduled to begin 2-3 weeks after shipments to Europe, OnePlus said in a forum post on Tuesday. The company isn’t, however, providing a firm arrival date.

Google, HTC vets prep 'friggin' awesome' smartphone for Sept. 1 launch

From CNET: You would normally laugh off any no-name company's attempt to jump into the brutally competitive smartphone business. But given the pedigree of the members at startup Nextbit, you have to at least be curious.

Google Names Sundar Pichai CEO, Reorganizes Under Alphabet Umbrella

From DailyTech: Sundar Pichai is the new CEO of Google Inc. (GOOG). The maker of the world's most used consumer email webclient, the most used internet search engine, and the world's most used mobile operating system (Android) announced on Monday that CEO Larry Page would be changing roles (more on that later) after serving just four years in his second stint as CEO of Google.


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