Report: Microsoft Acquires N-Trig, Maker of Surface Pro 3 Pen for ~$200M

From DailyTech: Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) has reportedly taken a bold step in building its in-house Surface hardware team, buying the Surface 3 Pro's stylus maker, N-Trig, for approximately $200M USD.

The input startup was founded in 1999 and is based in Kfar Saba, Israel. To date the company had held 10 venture capital rounds and raised $160M USD in seed money from investors, according to CrunchBase. Microsoft was among these early VC backers, owning 6.1 percent of the company already, according to CrunchBase.

Facebook builds platform for companies to share cybersecurity threat data

From InfoWorld: Facebook has built a platform where organizations can share information about the security threats they face in order to better fend off cyber attacks.

The need for increased sharing of threat data between companies or between the private sector and government has been a hot topic at cyber security conferences in recent years.

Amazon offers troubleshooting tool to Web services users

From PC World: Amazon Web Services’ management tool, Config, provides troubleshooting and security analysis features designed to give IT staff more control over cloud resources.

The commercial launch of Config is part of a bigger push by Amazon to make it easier to manage its services. As enterprises have moved more systems to the cloud, administrating them all has become difficult.

Samsung to pour $3.6B into OLED display tech

From CNET: Samsung is planning to invest $3.6 billion in the manufacturing of organic light-emitting diode (OLED) panels.

The South Korean electronics giant will make mainly medium and small OLED displays, a Samsung spokesman told Reuters on Tuesday.

The $3.6 billion investment in the new product line will be made this year through 2017.

In addition, Samsung is expected to begin building a $15 billion chip plant in South Korea over the coming year.

Microsoft's Hipsters Hawk Colorful Low-End Lumia 435 and 532

From DailyTech: Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) is rolling out its latest Windows smartphone devices, the Lumia 435 and Lumia 532. The new models are expected to fill in the low-end as ostensibly the cheapest Windows-powered smartphones (barring special deals). Both are powered by the same low-end chip, and neither has LTE. Both do have support for dual-SIM technology, which is coveted in many budget markets like Europe and the Middle East, where users often switch between countries and carriers.

China fines Qualcomm $975 million for monopolistic business practices

From InfoWorld: China has fined Qualcomm about US$975 million for engaging in monopolistic business practices, and the chipmaker has agreed to modify some of its business practices in the country as part of the settlement.

Qualcomm said it is disappointed by the results of the investigation, but will not contest the findings and will pay the fine.

Motorola's upgraded Moto E gets LTE and more storage, but little else

From PC World: The upgraded $99 Motorola Moto E will get LTE and twice the onboard storage as the previous version, but users will also have to make do with a low-resolution screen and front camera, at least if Best Buy is to be believed.

The retailer has posted a product page for the smartphone, saying that it will start shipping soon in the U.S. on Sprint’s network. Motorola hasn’t yet officially announced the smartphone.

Bitcoin trader MyCoin shutters, taking $387M in investor funds

From CNET: As Bitcoin experiences global growth and more widespread adoption in peer-to-peer payment circles, one Asian Bitcoin trading company has swiftly closed its doors, leaving investors facing massive losses.

South China Morning Post reported the closure of Hong Kong-based MyCoin, which is believed to have left as many as 3,000 investors facing a total of HK$3 billion ($387 million) in losses.

Windows 365, Cloud-Hosted Smartphone OS, Leaked in Microsoft Filing

From DailyTech: Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) on Jan. 29 submitted a pretty intriguing trademark finding to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). In the filing it applies for a trademark on the term "Windows 365." The filing was first spotted by a reader of Neowin.

What at first looks like a ho-hum filing really hints at a potentially market-changing upcoming product. Imagine, for a second a Lumia 635 budget smartphone that could destroy the most powerful iPhone in gaming graphics at a tenth the cost That's the radical promise of Windows 365.

Twitter reports huge increase in government data requests

From InfoWorld: Governments are becoming hungrier for Twitter data, increasing the number of requests for user information by 40 percent between the first half and the second half of 2014.

"Providing this level of transparency is not without its complications and sometimes means we get tough questions and criticism about our decisions," wrote Jeremy Kessel, Twitter's senior manager for global legal policy, in a blog post Monday.


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