Moto G Play phone lands as Amazon Exclusive

From CNET: If you're in the market for a new phone, here's an offer to consider. Amazon has just added the Moto G Play to its collection of Prime Exclusive handsets. Available now for the discounted price of $100, down from $150, the Android powered smartphone has modest specs but is unlocked and supports various flavors of 4G LTE.

Box unveils new Relay workflow tool in partnership with IBM

From PC World: Companies that want to try simplifying the tangled mess of their internal workflows will be able to use a new tool from Box to help.

Box Relay is a new product the enterprise storage company announced on Tuesday that's aimed at giving employees a way to manage and track the process of doing repetitive work, like submitting expense reports and getting agreements approved.

Huawei, Google teaming up for new 7-inch tablet, says leaker

From CNET: Google's Pixel C tablet from last year was one of the best Android tablets ever. It looks like it could be Huawei's job to follow those footsteps.

If reputable tipster Evan Blass, aka @evleaks, is to be believed, Google's next tablet will be made by the Chinese tech giant. Blass said the device will have a 7-inch screen and 4GB of RAM.

Perhaps adding credence to rumour is the fact that Huawei recently trademarked the "Huawei 7P" name. According to Blass, the device is "on track for release before the end of the year."

Google patches critical bug on Android Nexus 5X devices

From InfoWorld: Google's Android security team patched a critical vulnerability in the company's Nexus 5X devices which would have let attackers bypass the lockscreen. An attacker who successfully triggered the vulnerability would be able to obtain data stored on the device via a forced memory dump, according to researchers from the IBM's X-Force team.

How good is the cabling inside your PC?

I organize everything perfectly
53% (72 votes)
Good enough for a side window
33% (45 votes)
What cable management?
7% (9 votes)
I did not build my PC
7% (10 votes)
Total votes: 136

Tesoro Gram Spectrum Review

With the Olympics over, I have to say Team Canada was quite impressive. I have always been more interested in the winter games overall, but the summer ones have their cool events to watch too. However, Canadian swimmer, Penny Oleksiak, was a major wow on her own. In her competitions, she won four medals in the games, including one gold, one silver, and two bronzes, while capturing the hearts of Canadian viewers. Even more surprising to me is how young she is at sixteen years of age. However, what had me cheering for her was the way she won her gold. If you watch her victory, you would have seen she did not go out all the way right from the gate, but rather she paced herself. In the second half, it was like Editor-in-Chief Jonathan Kwan's favorite line "VTAK JUST KICKED IN YO!" came to life, as she redlined it for the finish. I think this exemplifies the fact it does not matter how you start things, but rather how you finish. Do not get me wrong, it definitely helps when you have a great start and finish, but people can recover from an average beginning. In addition, if you lose momentum halfway through and lack the endurance to keep going, it really makes for a sad end. I think a similar story can also be drawn out with technology. With all the glitz and glamour products get, the initial wow-factor is present from the start for many products. However, the real endurance is seen in the product's performance and quality. Today we have a different keyboard from a very familiar company in the form of the Tesoro Gram Spectrum. It certainly caught my attention in the beginning, but how does it actually fare in day-to-day situations or in performance? Read on to find out!

Kingston SSDNow UV400 480GB Review (Page 1 of 11)

After six months of preparation, the United Way of Cleveland was about to embark on their most ambitious publicity stunt yet. Coordinated by Los Angeles based company Balloonart by Treb, the plan was to release two million balloons into the skies of Northern Ohio in September of 1986. And what could match the sheer ingenuity of breaking the world record for simultaneous release of balloons for a charity fundraiser? It is unique and interesting; not to mention the marvelous sight of seeing so many balloons in the air at once -- in real life -- twenty-three years before Up even hit the silver screens. Unfortunately, the outcome was not quite as expected. It wreaked havoc for traffic all around the city, Burke Lakefront Airport had to shut down a runway for half an hour, and two missing boaters were found drowned because the US Coast Guard could not find them in the midst of all the balloons. As a result, the organizers and the city ended up facing multi-million dollar lawsuits, and the United Way actually money because of this stunt. Clearly, as much as releasing 1.4 million balloons (They came short of their two million balloon target) simultaneously sounded like a good idea at first, in reality, it was quite the opposite. Today, we will take a look at the Kingston SSDNow UV400 solid state drive. Using the same Marvell controller as the Crucial MX300 and the same TLC NAND flash chips as the OCZ Trion 150, this SSD promises to be significantly faster than hard drives for a relatively competitive price. This combination sounds like a winner to me. However, will it be a genuinely good idea in reality, or will it be an idea that seemed good at first, but fails to deliver in the end like Cleveland Balloonfest '86? We took one in to find out.

HPE said to plan sale of its software unit

From PC World: Hewlett Packard Enterprise is said to be looking to sell its software division, which would include the business from its disastrous acquisition of Autonomy in 2011, according to news reports.

Samsung recalls Note 7 on battery fire reports

From InfoWorld: Samsung is halting sales of its recently launched flagship Note 7 smartphone and recalling phones of this model sold worldwide after reports of several units catching fire due to battery problems.

The company examined a phone that had caught fire and confirmed a faulty battery was to blame, according to a Yonhap News report. Of the roughly 1 million Note 7 handsets already sold, only 24 contain the potential problem, Samsung said late Friday in Seoul.

Users will be offered a replacement phone.

Razer replaces Blade and Blade Stealth laptop innards with newer, faster hardware

From PC World: It’s been mere months since the last iterations of Razer’s Blade and Blade Stealth laptops, but we’re already getting a refresh of each. The revolving door of technology keeps swinging ‘round, eh?


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