Apple to pull the plug on Beats Music on Nov. 30

From CNET: The tech giant will shut down Beats Music on November 30, according to a support document published Thursday. All Beats subscriptions will be canceled on that day, but Apple is encouraging subscribers to migrate their user profiles to Apple Music, the music subscription service it launched in June.

Apple said to be planning person-to-person payments service

From ComputerWorld: Apple is in talks with major banks on an extension of its Apple Pay service that would allow person-to-person payments.

The discussions are continuing and it's unclear whether any banks have struck a deal with Apple, reported The Wall Street Journal on Wednesday, citing "people familiar with the talks."

The newspaper said the envisaged service would allow users to send payments from their checking accounts to others using their phone and isn't imminent. It said one person had told it the service could launch in 2016.

HP Inc. begins life with a new 4K laptop

From InfoWorld: It didn't take long for the newly formed HP Inc. to release its first product, the ZBook Studio, a feature-packed, 15.6-inch laptop with a 4K screen.

The laptop can be configured to be as speedy as a gaming laptop, but is targeted at mobile workers.

The laptop marks the first product launched by HP Inc., which officially commenced operations last week after Hewlett-Packard split into two: HP Inc. and Hewlett-Packard Enterprise. More laptops, hybrids, and tablets are expected to be released by HP Inc. in the coming months.

Microsoft releases a Windows 10 'November update' with a smarter Cortana and more

From PC World: Windows 10 is actually pretty great. But Microsoft hasn’t rested on its laurels: Better messaging, improved device activation, and media casting comprise several significant improvements within the first major patch to Windows 10 since its release in July.

Asus confirms it's bringing out a set of augmented reality glasses next year

From CNET: After previously revealing it was mulling over the idea, Asus has officially announced it's working on its own augmented reality headset, and that it plans on releasing it next year.

The Taiwanese PC maker declined to discuss details, but CEO Jerry Shen said on Wednesday during an earnings webcast that Asus plans on entering the market.

"It should be next year when we come out with a product," Shen said, adding "we think AR (augmented reality) will be very important for people's lives."

Google open-sources machine learning to smarten up our apps

From InfoWorld: One day in the not-so-distant future, an app might make a dinner reservation for you before you realize you even want to go out, or your smartphone might suggest tourist sights you'd enjoy when you land in a new city.

It's possible -- and it's really not so far away, say analysts, who were encouraged today by Google's announcement that it's open sourcing an enhanced machine learning system.

Nvidia packs machine learning for Web video in new GPUs

From PC World: Tagging online videos with information about colors, surroundings and even emotions in order to enhance search could soon become easier with Nvidia's new machine-learning graphics processors.

Nvidia's Tesla M40, and its little brother, the M4, both announced Tuesday, are server-based graphics processors designed to process and provide more context for videos, said Ian Buck, vice president of the accelerated computing at Nvidia.

China to scrub its Internet of songs deemed offensive

From CNET: China's Internet is one of the most censored in the world and faces even fiercer scrutiny thanks to regulations set to take effect in January.

Under the new rules, announced Monday, companies that provide or host music online must examine what's being made available before it's posted to ensure it's appropriate for public consumption, as per China's Ministry of Culture. This means companies like Baidu and Tencent will need to create teams tasked specifically with weeding offensive songs out of their catalogs, the ministry said.

Twitter Senior VP: "Diversity is Important, But We Can’t Lower the Bar"

From DailyTech: Leslie Miley has quit microblogging and social media powerhouse Twitter, Inc. (TWTR). Well, "quit" might be a bit of an understatement. Let's just say Miley went out with a bang.

On a guest blog post, published by the rabble-rousing social media news site Medium, he makes an incendiary claim that he was "the only African-American in [engineering] leadership". He writes:

Twitter no longer has any managers, directors, or VP’s of color in engineering or product management.

Dangerous bugs leave open doors to SAP HANA systems

From ComputerWorld: Serious software flaws have recently been reported for SAP's HANA, the in-memory database platform that underpins many of the German company's products used by large companies.

While some of the problems require SAP-issued patches that are available, other issues require configuration changes, according to Onapsis, a Boston-based security software vendor focused on the SAP platform and that reported the problems.


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