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As weird as it sounds, I know a guy who has an interesting tendency to look at other people's phone screen if it was within his visual range. Every time you get a notification, if he was sitting next to you, you know he would be reading it. However, this is not the worst thing he does. He would also read it out loud so everyone around you can hear it, followed by some awkward questions about the sender, as well as the context of your message. The first time this happened, I thought it was an isolated incident. However, after a while, I found out not only does he do this all the time, he would also do it to everyone else as well. Needless to say, I soon learned to keep my phone in my pocket if he was nearby. Now, that said, while I am slightly annoyed by what he does, I do have to clarify he does not have any bad intent. In fact, he does not even know he is annoying anybody. This brings about the question: Why are some people annoyed, or even offended, whenever he reads their text messages out loud? I think the reason is because not only is it an invasion of privacy that can often causes public embarrassment for the person receiving the message, even if they have nothing to hide, it is just not socially acceptable thing to do. There are cultural protocols in existence, and if you do something out of it, then what you are doing becomes inappropriate. When the Serial ATA protocol was first invented, it was made for mechanical hard drives that are nowhere near its bandwidth limit. However, when SSDs came along, even the third revision's 6Gb/s bandwidth was soon saturated, and became no longer appropriate in application. As such, a new protocol needs to be developed, and along came NVM Express in 2011. The NVMe protocol standardizes storage communication on PCI Express for high end SSDs, and today we have OCZ's latest RD400A in our labs today to see how it fares in the super speed realm. With groundbreaking performance promised in this new flagship, read on to see if a change in protocol along with a performance oriented hardware make it a worthy successor to the OCZ RevoDrive 350!

Apple previews MacOS Sierra to the public

From InfoWorld: Apple on Thursday released the first public preview of MacOS Sierra, this year's upgrade to the operating system formerly known as OS X.

The preview arrived a week earlier than Computerworld's forecast; that prediction was based on the span between the developer unveiling and public beta of last year's OS X El Capitan.

This was the third year straight that Apple has made previews available to the general public. The Cupertino, Calif. company restored the beta program in 2014 with OS X Yosemite after 14 years of shunning early code to non-developers.

Google Cloud acquires video software company Anvato

From PC World: Google has acquired Anvato, the developer of a video software platform, to shore up its cloud offering in the area of video delivery.

Anvato’s Media Content Platform, used by many large media and entertainment companies including NBCUniversal, Univision and Fox Sports, will complement the efforts of Google Cloud Platform to offer scalable media processing and workflows in the cloud, Belwadi Srikanth, senior product manager for Google Cloud Platform, wrote in a blog post.

Spotify is bringing music to your emails

From CNET: Spotify now lets you customize your out of office message with songs related to where you are heading. The company's new tool, Out of Office (OOO), is now available to anyone with a Spotify account. The process is rather simple.

OOO will ask you where you are going, whether you are traveling for work or pleasure and the mood of the trip. Spotify then creates a playlist of 25 songs that are popular in the area you are traveling to. If you are not feeling the songs provided, you can get other music by simply changing the mood (relaxed, adventure, or party).

Avast to buy AVG in $1.3B antivirus acquisition

From CNET: Avast has announced plans to acquire AVG in a $1.3 billion deal that will combine the antivirus products of both companies.

On Thursday, the Prague, Czech Republic-based company said an agreement has been reached that will see AVG bought out in an all-cash deal, made possible through cash on hand and debt financing.

Avast will offer $25 per share to AVG investors, a premium of over 30 percent on current trading prices.

Google fixes over 100 flaws in Android, many in chipset drivers

From InfoWorld: Google released a new batch of Android patches on Wednesday, fixing over 100 flaws in Android's own components and in chipset-specific drivers from different manufacturers.

Android's mediaserver component, which handles the processing of video and audio streams and has been a source of many vulnerabilities in the past, is at the forefront of this security update. It accounts for 16 Android vulnerabilities, including 7 critical flaws that can allow an attacker to execute code with higher privileges.

Nvidia's GeForce GTX 1060 is a $250 GTX 980 killer

From PC World: Nvidia’s more modestly priced graphics cards often roll out months after the more luxurious GeForce models. Look at the last generation: The GeForce GTX 960 debuted four months after the GTX 980 and GTX 970 exploded onto the scene. A few generations before that, the GTX 660 launched a full half-year after the GTX 680.

But not the GeForce GTX 1060.

Pokemon Go launches on iOS and Android

From CNET: Want to catch Pokemon in the real world? Well, the wait is over. The augmented reality mobile game Pokemon Go has now launched in a limited number of countries around the world.

The free-to-play game uses your phone's camera and GPS to populate the world around you with Pokemon. As you walk around, you can discover more of the creatures, battle other Pokemon trainers, fight for control of Pokemon Gym locations and, of course, catch 'em all.

Amazon to offer speedy delivery service on some Prime Day deals

From CNET: As part of Amazon's second annual Prime Day sales event coming up next week, customers will have the option of receiving their purchases within an hour through the company's Prime Now delivery service.

Amazon said Tuesday that customers in more than 25 US metropolitan areas will be able to get near-immediate delivery of more than 500 items during the e-commerce giant's annual sales event. The Cyber-Monday-in-July, which promises extra savings over and above the company's usual discount prices, begins on July 12.

Microsoft gives businesses a free tool for online meetings

From InfoWorld: Microsoft is giving small businesses a new way to hold meetings online with the launch of a free Skype Meetings product that's aimed at providing professional communication tools for free.

Skype Meetings is free to use, and people can launch meetings for up to 10 people during their first 60 days of using it. After that, they're limited to only hosting meetings for three or fewer people. Those meetings can take advantage of a bunch of features, including the option to bring in participants using a hyperlink and present a PowerPoint slide deck live.


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