Google squashes Android 5.0 Lollipop battery-drain bug

From CNET: A bug in Android 5.0 Lollipop was draining Nexus 5 smartphone batteries at a fast clip, but the Wi-Fi-related glitch was fixed by early Thursday.

Nexus 5 users who had received the Android 5.0 update had been complaining that their phone battery would drain much faster than expected when Wi-Fi was enabled. Users piping in on the Android Developer Preview site noted that an entry on their device's battery stats screen called "Miscellaneous" was sucking up a lot of juice.

OnePlus: 500K Smartphones Sold So Far, 1M by Year’s End

From DailyTech: OnePlus may not be a name known to a mainstream audience, but tech enthusiasts should be familiar with the company by now. The company has been selling its “One” smartphone for the past six months via an invite-only system (which has sparked the ire of many people) at a bargain price of $349 (for the 64GB model).

Microsoft to marry Office with Dropbox for cloud productivity

From InfoWorld: In the latest example of Microsoft partnering with a major competitor, the company has struck a deal with Dropbox to improve interoperability between Office and Dropbox's cloud storage and file sharing services for consumers and businesses.

The partnership, announced Tuesday, creates a "coopetition" relationship, since Microsoft's OneDrive and OneDrive for Business compete against Dropbox's namesake consumer service and against Dropbox for Business.

Google and LG strike broad, decade-long patent licensing deal

From PC World: Google and LG have entered into a patent cross-licensing deal, the latest partnership seeking to reduce the threat of lawsuits between major tech companies.

The agreement, announced on Tuesday, covers “a broad range of products and technologies” built on the two companies’ existing patents as well as those they file over the next 10 years, they said. Financial details of the deal were not disclosed.

“We’re pleased to enter into this agreement with a leading global technology like LG,” said Allen Lo, Google’s deputy general counsel, in a statement.

Apple delivers bug-fixing iOS 8.1.1 beta to developers

From CNET: iOS 8.1 is only a couple of weeks old, but Apple has already seeded a beta of iOS 8.1.1 to developers.

Launched on Monday, the new beta carries with it various bug fixes and performance improvements, according to the release notes. No specific details have been revealed. And since it's a minor update, we probably won't see anything earthshaking added to Apple's mobile OS.

Android 5.0 Lollipop Coming to NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet Later this Month

From DailyTech: It was announced this week that NVIDIA will be delivering the Android 5.0 Lollipop update for its SHIELD Tablet later this month. The company announced the news in an official YouTube video, and provides a quick overview of some of the new features in Lollipop along with Material Design changes to core NVIDIA apps (including Dabbler and the SHIELD Hub) included on the SHIELD Tablet.

Intel will pay you $15 to settle claims it fudged Pentium 4 benchmarks

From InfoWorld: If you actually remember that you bought a new Pentium 4 computer to celebrate the new millennium, great news! A settlement by Intel and HP will pay you $15.

A class-action suit filed in California alleges that "Intel manipulated the performance benchmark scores for its first-generation Pentium 4 processors and that HP aided and abetted Intel's allegedly unlawful conduct," according to a class-action suit wending its way through a California court. Both Intel and HP deny the claims, but they're willing to settle anyway.

Acer's new shape-shifting PC hybrid assumes 5 different forms

From PC World: Wanting to spice up its PC convertibles, Acer has come out with a device that can take on five different shapes with the help of a flexible kickstand and a detachable wireless keyboard.

Like other convertible PCs, the Acer Aspire Switch 12 can be used as a traditional clamshell laptop or a tablet, but its 360-degree hinge and kickstand allow it to take on three other shapes with different viewing angles: display, tent and desktop.

The Aspire Switch 12 has a 12.5-inch display with a 1920-by-1080-pixel screen covered with Corning’s Gorilla Glass.

Amazon extends unlimited photo storage to Prime members

From CNET: Amazon is providing unlimited photo storage for its Prime program members, the company announced Tuesday, adding another carrot to lure consumers into its ever-expanding premium service.

Mozilla Announces "FX10" Browser Built From Ground up For Web Developers

From DailyTech: For web developers, page basic layout work is typically done in development environments provided by companies Adobes Systems Inc. (ADBE) or Microsoft Corp. (MSFT). But actual testing of sites and your scripts for them is often done in browsers. Microsoft, the Mozilla Foundation, and Google Inc. (GOOG) (among others) have long offered developers tools of varying complexities to analyze websites, allowing debugging and tuning. But such tools had always been cobbled onto the underlying consumer-aimed web-browsing product.


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