To relieve 'password fatigue,' Intel buys identity management company

From PC World: Intel is strengthening its effort to reduce what it calls the “pain of passwords” by acquiring PasswordBox, a Canadian company that offers an online identity manager designed to let users log on to a range of websites and services with just one click.

PasswordBox lets users store login credentials in what the company calls a virtual safety deposit box. When surfing the Web, users can click on the sites they want to login to and PasswordBox handles the login.

Windows 8.1 continues upward trek as XP edges down

From CNET: Microsoft's Windows 8.1 continues to win over more desktop users.

For the month of November, Windows 8.1 scored 12.1 percent of all Web traffic as seen by Net Applications, up from 10.9 percent in October and just 6.67 percent in September.

Microsoft Prototype, Lumia 1020 Look-Alike, Leaks in Pictures From China

From DailyTech: Is it a new flagship device -- perhaps the long-awaited Lumia 1030, even? Is it a prototype Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) is playing with? Is it the cancelled McLaren device with hands free controls?

Nobody seems quite sure, but the pictures leaking out of China of an unreleased Windows Phone variant seem to suggest the presence of a high end model, if not a flagship device. The pictures come courtesy of a user on Chinese auction site Taobao. They were subsequently reposted by a user of, Inc.'s (BIDU) microblogging service.

Did you buy anything on Black Friday?

78% (114 votes)
22% (32 votes)
Total votes: 146

Silicon Power Jewel J80 32GB Review (Page 1 of 8)

I was recently talking within my group of friends about my sister's favorite topic: Shoes. In my opinion, shoes are more about getting the wearer from one place to another. Personally, I only have two pairs of shoes: One formal pair for all the fancier events I attend, and a pair of runners. I would possibly add one or two more pairs, which would consist of a pair of boots for the deep winter snows we get in Calgary, and another casual pair of shoes for variety's sake, but that would be it. On the other hand, I am pretty sure I am the odd one out, as there are many people with a lot more shoes than me. For example, I have a friend who owns fifty pairs of shoes, and is still in the hunt to get more. (Editor's note: The reason why she "only" has fifty pairs? "Poor student.") Another one of my friends - who owns a much more conservative number of shoes at eleven -- told me about her pair of "boots" she bought that went only as high as her ankles. The first question in response was, "Why?". I have always imagined boots to be worn in rougher weather, but with these shoes, snow or rain can easily get in, which would make for an uncomfortable experience. While I was reassured these boots could somehow still function well, I could tell she mainly purchased it for the looks. One thing I can agree on is I would never buy ugly shoes, even if they are to function better than anything else available. The fact of the matter is there needs to be a balance between form and function. These two go hand in hand when it comes to product design. When I received the Silicon Power Jewel J80 32GB, this was the first thing I wondered. It is clear to say the Jewel J80 brings the form, but does it play functionally too? And will it blend? Hopefully, this review will clear these issues and more things up.

China to open up Internet broadband market with upcoming trials

From PC World: With China’s Internet growth slowing, the country is opening up the broadband provider market to private enterprises as part of government sponsored trial.

The country on Wednesday released a draft of the upcoming trial rules, which will let private enterprises sell broadband services in 16 cities across the country. China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology didn’t mention when the project would begin, but is proposing it last for three years.

Twitter is now tracking the apps you download

From CNET: Twitter will begin collecting data on which apps its users are downloading in order to build a "more personal" experience, Recode reported.

In the Security and Privacy section of its support site, the company says that it will be "collecting and occasionally updating the list of apps installed on your mobile device so we can deliver tailored content that you might be interested in".

China Fines Microsoft $140 Million for Tax Evasion

From DailyTech: Fallout and repercussions over the Obama administrations bickering with China's ruling party continues to reverberate in the world's largest electronics market, producing painful consequences for American tech companies.

Sony to offer refunds over misleading PS Vita ads

From InfoWorld: Sony will offer partial refunds to customers to settle U.S. Federal Trade Commission charges that its ads in 2011 and 2012 for the PlayStation Vita console's cross-platform sharing and other features were deceiving.

Sony Computer Entertainment America will provide people who bought the handheld console before June 1, 2012, either a $25 cash or credit refund or a $50 voucher for video games or services, the FTC said in a release Tuesday.

Amazon Fire Phone price plunges to $199 unsubsidized after smoldering start

From PC World: Amazon is dropping the price of the Fire Phone again, at least for a limited time. The online retailer is now selling its debut smartphone for just $199, unlocked and contract free. As before, Amazon also includes a free, one-year Prime membership with every purchase. The latest sale follows a price drop in September when Amazon sold the device for $0.99 on a two-year contract, or $449 unlocked.


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