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About a year ago, I wrote a review on the ZealSound HDE-300 earphones, which sported a wood housing. In the introduction for that review, I talked a little bit about nature and what it might have to offer for acoustics and sound, especially with wood and its history in many different stringed instruments. I think it is unnecessary to continue to explain why wood is good to use for sound. However, this week we have the Tesoro A3 Tuned In-Ear Pro earphones, which does not attempt to harness all the acoustic properties of wood. Instead, it goes down a more futuristic route compared to wood with a metal housing for durability. Many different instruments are also designed with different types of metal, such as brass and some woodwind instruments, although I think the Tesoro A3 Tuned In-Ear Pro headphones are probably not made out of the same metal. Acoustic properties of metal can be good, but just like wood, it depends on more factors than just the material. For example, these smaller sized earphones do not necessarily house a whole lot of space for sound to bounce around. As well, the sound is directly aimed into your ear instead of allowing the sound waves to bounce around beforehand. Both of these factors play a bigger role than the use of material for acoustics. Regardless, the metal does offer a sense of quality as well as durability. Let us read on to find out what the Tesoro A3 Tuned In-Ear Pro has to offer.

Microsoft's Office sales soar and Windows Phone fades in cloud-happy earnings call

From PC World: Remember when Microsoft touted Windows Mobile during earnings calls? Now, Microsoft's Windows Phone business is "immaterial," while Office, Azure, and other cloud and services products continue to propel the company to profitability.

Intel accuses Qualcomm of trying to kill mobile chip competition

From CNET: Intel has jumped into the fray surrounding the Apple-Qualcomm patent spat by accusing the world's biggest maker of mobile phone chips of trying to use the courts to snuff out competition.

The chip giant made the allegation late Thursday in a public statement (PDF) to US International Trade Commission. The commission had requested the statement as part of its investigation into Qualcomm's accusation that Apple's iPhones of infringe six of Qualcomm's mobile patents.

Samsung's next Galaxy Note will be announced on August 23rd

From The Verrge: Samsung has officially sent out invitations for an Unpacked event on August 23rd in New York City, where it will presumably reveal the next Galaxy Note device. While Samsung hasn’t quite outright confirmed the Note 8 will make an appearance, the invitation pretty blatantly confirms it between the “Do bigger things” slogan and the image of an S Pen.

The OnePlus 5 gets a software update fixing the 911 reboot bug

From The Verge: OnePlus has issued a software update that fixes the 911 issue that some OnePlus 5 users were reportedly experiencing earlier this week.

"We have begun rolling out the software update. Timing may vary by region,” a OnePlus representative said in a statement to The Verge. “We encourage OnePlus 5 users to download the update. If users haven't received a notification, check for the update by going to “Settings” > “System Updates.”

US fully lifts ban on laptops on airplanes from Middle East

From CNET: The US has officially lifted a ban which forbade laptops or other large electrical items to be carried on flights arriving from ten destinations in the middle east across nine different airlines.

The Department of Homeland Security stated in a Tweet that "enhanced security measures" have been deployed in place of the ban, although specific details of what these measures involve are unknown.

Confirmed: Windows 10 will cut off devices with older CPUs

From PC World: No Windows 10 Creators Update for you, Microsoft says—at least, not if you happen to be the unlucky owner of certain older Atom-based Windows devices, and other aging models in the future. After stories arose of failed attempts to upgrade such hardware to the Creators Update, Microsoft confirmed late Wednesday that any hardware device that falls out of the manufacturer’s support cycle may be ineligible for future Windows 10 updates.

iPhone manufacturers join hands with Apple in Qualcomm spat

From CNET: More are joining Apple's court battle against Qualcomm.

Four iPhone manufacturers have filed a suit against the US chipmaker, alleging it used its market position to charge excessive royalties, Reuters reported Wednesday. They are Foxconn's parent company Hon Hai Precision Industry, Wistron Corp, Compal Electronics and Pegatron Corp.

Nintendo Switch Online App Launches

From PC Mag: Nintendo is taking its time rolling out a full online service for the Switch$299.99 at Amazon. What we have now is a free, but limited service, with the promise of the paid-subscription version appearing in 2018. There's also the Nintendo Switch Online App, which Nintendo quietly rolled out a few days early this week.

Samsung's Bixby voice app finally hits Galaxy S8 devices

From CNET: Hey Bixby, nice to finally talk to you.

Samsung on Tuesday officially launched voice capabilities for its Bixby smart sidekick in the US, about three months after the artificial intelligence technology first became available on its new Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus phones. The company had delayed the launch and missed its own promised "later this spring" deadline, at least in the US.


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