IBM, Intel, Google, Microsoft prep next-gen hardware for AI

From InfoWorld: Machine learning, artificial intelligence—whatever the label, it’s fast becoming a way to reinvent enterprise IT mainstays and for the companies on top to stay on top.

Consider four of the most familiar names in technology: Intel, Google, IBM, and Microsoft are investing heavily in ML/AI with hardware designs intended to greatly accelerate the next generation of applications. Here’s how each of their plans stacks up.

New Google search tool helps you avoid crowds in real time

From CNET: Just in time for the holiday shopping frenzy, Google is rolling out a tool to let you know how crowded a business is in real-time -- so you know exactly where to avoid.

Think of it like Waze, but for pedestrians. Waze, a Google-owned crowd-sourced traffic app, warns users when there's traffic on certain roads or things to watch out for such as a crashed car or speed radars. But instead of saving you from traffic jams, Google's live-crowd feature helps you dodge packed places, like the swarm that'll surround your mall on Black Friday.

Apple offers new battery for iPhone 6s phones that suddenly shut down

From PC World: Apple has said that a few iPhone 6s smartphones are unexpectedly shutting down, confirming a problem reported last week by a Chinese consumer protection group.

The company said the problem is restricted to a small number of phones within a limited serial number range that were manufactured between September and October last year.

Facebook's Zuckerberg speaks up about fake-news fixes

From CNET: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg took to the social network Friday night to further address the outcry over bogus news stories appearing on the site.

In a post to his Facebook page, Zuckerberg said his company is committed to fixing the problem and outlined several possible solutions the social network is exploring.

"Normally we wouldn't share specifics about our work in progress," he wrote, "but given the importance of these issues and the amount of interest in this topic, I want to outline some of the projects we already have under way."

Are performance hard drives necessary nowadays?

43% (52 votes)
57% (68 votes)
Total votes: 120

LG Music Flow P5 Review (Page 1 of 4)

Whenever you buy something, there are usually several options in differing price tiers targeting different audiences. For example, you might say you are looking to buy a compact car, but this could be met by anything from a Toyota Corolla or a Honda Civic all the way to a BMW 3-series or a Mercedes-Benz C-Class. Even though they are all compact cars, with room for five passengers at most, they are obviously targeting different people with different price points. You would not go to a poor student and tell them they need to buy a C-Class, unless you are Editor-in-Chief Jonathan Kwan. On the other hand, you probably will not be telling a CEO of a successful company that the 3-series is out of their league. The price point difference is also more than just about the brand name, as features, build quality, and performance all play a role into how these different products are priced. You really would never expect a Corolla to be similar to a 340i, and this is completely understandable. Today, we have yet another Bluetooth speaker in the form of the LG Music Flow P5. We have seen compact Bluetooth speakers in the past, but considering this one is approximately double the suggested retail price of other ones, it is only fair to ask where the price difference comes into play. Whether it is build or sound quality, I can only expect this speaker to be better overall. Is this truly the case? Read on to find out!

Apple offers to repair iPhone 6 Plus devices with 'touch disease'

From InfoWorld: Apple is offering to repair at a reduced price iPhone 6 Plus smartphones with display flickering or multitouch issues.

The problem, described in August as “touch disease” by repair guide website iFixit, is characterized by a gray, flickering bar at the top of the display and an unresponsive touchscreen. The issue affects both the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus, according to iFixit.

Amazon offering deep discounts to Alexa shoppers

From CNET: Amazon on Friday announced its first-ever voice shopping weekend. The online retailer is offering discounts to Prime customers who order through Alexa on Amazon's Echo, Echo Dot, Amazon Tap, Fire HD tablet and Fire TV. The event starts today and runs through November 21.

Amazon will continue to offer daily Alexa-exclusive deals to Prime customers throughout November and December, and on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The company will also throw in a bonus $5 Amazon gift card if you purchase a deal through Alexa that is worth $10 or more.

Intel chases AI with new chips, but still lacks a potent graphics processor

From InfoWorld: Intel is taking a new direction in chip development as it looks to the future of artificial intelligence, with the company betting the technology will pervade applications and web services.

The company on Thursday said it is developing new chips that will handle AI workloads, which will increasingly be a part of its chip future. For now, the AI chips will be released as specialized primary chips or co-processors in computers and separate from the major product lines.

PlayStation Vue comes to Apple TV

From CNET: Following the addition of Android TV last month, Sony has announced that its PlayStation Vue service is now available on the fourth generation Apple TV.

People will be able to use Apple TV's Siri Remote to search and the touch-pad to navigate. Programming now available via Vue includes ESPN, NFL, AMC and CNN.

PlayStation Vue is a web TV subscription service that offers over 55 channels and is also available on PS4 and Roku, as well as iOS and Android mobile devices.


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