Symantec to acquire Blue Coat for $4.65 billion

From PC World: Security company Symantec is to acquire Web security provider Blue Coat for US$4.65 billion in cash in a deal that will broaden the portfolio of security technologies the combined company can offer customers as they move to the cloud.

AT&T, Dan Gilbert each bid $5 billion for Yahoo, report says

From CNET: Yahoo may have lost some of its shine over the years, but it's still luring in big name bidders.

Dan Gilbert, the founder and chairman of Quicken Loans, and AT&T each bid about $5 billion for Yahoo's core business, patents and real estate assets, Bloomberg reported Friday.

Verizon is also reportedly in the game and made a bid between $3.5 billion to $4 billion for just Yahoo's core business, said Bloomberg.

Reports: Apple will move to Intel for some iPhone chips

From InfoWorld: Apple is diversifying its chip supply for the iPhone 7, tapping both Intel and Qualcomm to provide chips. According to Bloomberg, the Cupertino company will use Intel's modem chips for the AT&T version of the iPhone sold in the U.S., while Verizon iPhones sold in the U.S. will still use Qualcomm chips.

Has the smartphone killed the compact camera?

86% (120 votes)
14% (20 votes)
Total votes: 140

Kingston HyperX Savage Black HX426C15SBK4/64 4x16GB Review (Page 1 of 10)

What a golden age of performance we live in. In the beginning of my OCZ Vertex 2 60GB review in November 2010, I told of a story of how in the early 2000s, I said, "60GB? What can I do with that!?" I then said the exact same thing nearly ten years later, albeit in a completely different context. In the age of 4K videos and massive 8TB hard drives, the truth is, if there really is not a whole lot of things you can do with 60GB in 2010, how much less so is it in 2016? You can store maybe a dozen of home videos shot on your iPhone 6S at best. Now, with all things comes a full cycle, and I think today, I will have to, ironically, repeat the same line with the same meaning as I did in the early 2000s, "60GB? What can I do with that!?" Make no mistakes, my friend. 60GB is actually quite massive, because I am not even talking about non-volatile storage. With the advent of high density 1GB ICs found in the G.Skill Ripjaws V F4-2400C15D-32GVR 2x16GB and Patriot Viper Elite PC4-24000 2x8GB (The latter is only single sided, hence its smaller capacity), manufacturers are now free to create memory kits with sizes in speeds that were once unfathomable. So instead of using 60GB to store data perpetually, what we have here on hand is the Kingston HyperX Savage Black HX426C15SBK4/64 4x16GB DDR4 memory kit. Operating at a relatively moderate DDR4-2666 frequency, but equipped with seriously overpowering 64GB in total capacity, I just have to repeat this question one more time before I crack into the modern wonder of overkilling for the common man: "60GB? What can I do with that!?"

Fractal Design Define Nano S Review (Page 1 of 4)

One thing I have found sometimes hard to do is to maintain a conversation with a person for an extended period. For example, whenever I meet someone new, it usually starts with common questions asking about their name, current vocation, and sometimes about their day. Then you could move into other topics like hobbies, current events, or news, depending on how much you want to talk. However, you know you are out of ideas when you start talking about the weather, or repeat items you have already mentioned previously. Unfortunately, this can also happen to people you talk to almost daily. For example, I once told Editor-in-Chief Jonathan Kwan how the only things we primarily talk about are cars, politics, and APH Networks related items. There are also the infrequent times he gives me girl advice, or relates the girl advice to either cars, politics, or APH Networks, but it mostly falls in the former three specific topics of conversation. Thankfully, we generally have quite a bit to talk about and bringing up new things, even if they are within the same topics, and that refreshes the conversation. Thus today we have a somewhat copied and pasted chassis in the form of the Fractal Design Define Nano S. It has been two months short of a year since we reviewed the Fractal Design Define S, an ATX-sized computer case, perfect for allowing airflow and water cooling options. Now today we have its smaller version in the ITX form factor. So I have to ask, other than the size, what is new? Is this literally a "Honey, I shrunk the kids" moment, or will I have more to speak about in this review? Read on to find out!

​Bluetooth 5 will double the range and quadruple the speed of wireless links

From CNET: Bluetooth, the wireless standard that's widely used to link fitness trackers to mobile phones and wireless keyboards to computers, will become more powerful in its next incarnation, the industry group developing the technology plans to announce Wednesday.

Google patches high-severity flaw in Chrome's PDF reader

From InfoWorld: Chrome users who haven't restarted their browser recently should do so immediately to receive a patch for a high-severity flaw in the browser's built-in PDF reader. Attackers could execute arbitrary code on the user's system by tricking them into opening a PDF document containing a malicious image, according to researchers at Cisco Talos.

Moto Mod snap-on modules turn the Moto Z into a convertible smartphone

From PC World: At Lenovo’s Tech World conference on Thursday, Motorola debuted a new take on the modular phone, launching the Moto Z and Moto Z Force with a trio of modular add-ons, dubbed Moto Mods. Thanks to these magnetic, snap-on modules, the Moto Z phones can be upgraded with extra battery life, better sound, and even a 50-lumen projector.

Google reportedly plans to shake up Play Store subscriptions

From CNET: Apple isn't the only one making big changes to how it does business on its app store.

Google is testing a tweak to its Play Store, where people can find apps to download onto phones that run Google's Android mobile software. The change gives app makers a bigger cut of subscription sales, according to a report Wednesday by Recode.


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