Every PlayStation 4 gets HDR this week with System Update 4.00

From CNET: The PS4's next big system update, version 4.00, arrives tomorrow, September 13, Sony announced today. In addition to the features that beta testers have been checking out for weeks, it also includes some other new things.

Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine gets a tuneup

From InfoWorld: V8, the JavaScript engine featured in Google's Chrome browser, is getting improvements in performance and code optimization courtesy of both the V8 team and the Russia Academy of Sciences.

For its part, the V8 team has released version 5.4, a new branch of the engine. "V8 5.4 delivers a number of key improvements in memory footprint and startup speed," the team said in a bulletin. "These primarily help accelerate initial script execution and reduce page load in Chrome."

Feds will formally recall Samsung Galaxy Note 7

From CNET: Samsung has agreed to replace every single Galaxy Note 7 smartphone, after at least 35 reports that the phone's batteries could overheat and explode. But some argued the voluntary recall wasn't enough, since the phones were still on sale. Consumer Reports called for the US Consumer Product Safety Commission to step in and do more.

In a emailed statement Friday, the CPSC now says it's officially working with Samsung on a recall -- as well as evaluating whether a simple phone exchange is enough of a solution.

Faster, longer-range Bluetooth 5 to reach devices soon

From PC World: A new version of the Bluetooth wireless spec will be coming to devices soon, giving users faster connectivity among devices over longer distances.

The new version, Bluetooth 5, is a big upgrade over Bluetooth 4.2, the current specification. In a clear line of sight, the range of Bluetooth 5 could stretch to 400 meters, said analysts at The Linley Group in a research note this week. That means users could connect a smartphone to a Bluetooth speaker that may not even be visible.

GM recalls 3.6 million cars for non-Takata airbag issue

From CNET: Are airbags more trouble than they're worth? No. Oh, goodness, no. The latest airbag recalls aren't the fault of the parts themselves. They represent a failure of the human element of automotive manufacturing, whether it's cost cutting at Takata or, in the case of GM's massive new recall, some buggy software code.

General Motors has issued a recall for 3.64 million vehicles in the United States for an airbag issue. The recall affects a whole boatload of vehicles, from police cars to electric vehicles to full-size trucks and SUVs.

How impressed are you with the iPhone 7?

Pre-ordered already!
11% (15 votes)
I am quite neutral
48% (65 votes)
What the heck were they thinking?
41% (56 votes)
Total votes: 136

Should I buy an older flagship or a new midrange phone? ft. LG X power | Reports

When I was in the process of buying my own phone last year, I was faced with a dilemma. As I was still a poor student, at my price point I could have either picked a current midrange phone, or a last generation flagship. I knew the older phone would be able to still perform, but on the other hand, a newer phone could possibly have more efficient technology underneath. With the way mobile technology as a whole has been slowing down in terms of noticeable enhancements, I knew either choice could get me similar performance. As you might know, I ended up going with the old flagship, picking up the LG G3. My decision was based on my belief flagship phones will hold its value for other reasons. In addition, it was also helped by the fact there was a nice large gift card for me if I chose the LG G3. However, this question has still not left my mind. When LG contacted us to take a look at their new low to midrange smartphone, the LG X power, I realized this was a great opportunity to explore the question, seeing where the advantages and disadvantages lay. In this report, I will be looking at the LG X power in general usage, comparing it with the LG G3, and looking at the pros and cons of choosing one over the other. This might not be as extensive of a look at the LG X power, and it will be more based on my personal use case, but hopefully it will help when you make your cellphone decisions too.

SilverStone Primera PM01 Review (Page 1 of 4)

Summer is coming to an end, and for quite a few people, it means returning to another semester at university or grade school. Many of us would have finished working for the summer, or some will continue to work throughout the school year. However, in both cases, we all have preparations to be made for the upcoming year. After I finished work, I had about one and a half weeks to prepare for university, which was plenty of time, at least so I thought when work ended. I am sure everyone returning to university knows there are quite a few things to get done before school properly starts. As with anything big we do or money we spend, there is always research or preparations to be made. For example, with buying a new computer, or even specific components to go with it, comes research on systems or the parts to ensure the money being spent is for good reasons. When I was buying and building my computer, I did not put a lot of emphasis on the case, because I thought it would be an area where I could save some money. After reviewing several chassis here at APH Networks, I have since realized how nice it is to have a better one, and the extra money spent on this component, within reason, is worth it. Features like good airflow and cabling spaces may cost more, but will help in different areas in the long run. Today, we have the SilverStone Primera PM01, which is a really big tower with a higher-midrange price tag to match. Read on to find out if the features within match the asking price!

Box's developer platform revamped with new content types, UI tools

From InfoWorld: While Box is probably best known for its user-facing storage and content services, the company is also operating a separate platform for developers, and it received a handful of updates Thursday.

The platform, which lets developers integrate Box's tools for managing content into the apps they're building, now supports new content types, annotations, and watermarking. In addition, the company launched a new set of tools for building web user interfaces and a revamped developer console.

iPhone 7 preorders kick off without much of a hitch

From CNET: Apple's phone was supposed to go on sale at 12:01 a.m. PT Friday, with the first buyers slated to get their devices September 16. This year, consumers had to wait an extra 10 minutes before Apple's online store allowed them to begin ordering. Even then, the most popular models were going fast. Just 10 minutes later, the expected shipping time for the jet black iPhone 7 Plus with 256GB of storage was already up to four to six weeks.


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