Mozilla CEO says new Firefox browser delivers 'a big bang'

From CNET: Chris Beard grabbed hold of Mozilla's reins during a rough time.

In the spring of 2014, Mozilla was trying to take on the two mobile software superpowers, Google's Android and Apple's iOS, with its own Firefox OS. At the same time, its Firefox browser for PCs was losing users to Google's Chrome browser. If that wasn't hard enough, the nonprofit organization was rocked to its roots when co-founder Brendan Eich quit the CEO job after a highly visible gay-marriage controversy.

LG confirms switch to OLED for upcoming V30 phone

From The Verge: LG has announced that its “next flagship smartphone,” widely reported to be the V30, will feature a six-inch OLED panel as rumored. LG is describing the screen as a FullVision display, meaning it'll have a taller 18:9 aspect ratio and thinner surrounding bezels like a G6. The display is said to cover 109 percent of the DCI-P3 color space and support HDR10, as well as having been chosen with VR performance in mind. It'll be LG's first OLED phone since the G Flex 2, which was announced two and a half years ago.

Intel's upcoming Coffee Lake CPUs won't work with today's motherboards

From PC World: Get ready to facepalm, Intel fans. The company's upcoming Coffee Lake CPUs apparently won't work with existing stocks of motherboards, a manufacturer confirmed on Wednesday.

In a Twitter post by Asrock last Saturday, the company flat-out said the new CPU won't work with today's motherboards.

When asked by Evan Jensen "...will the Z270 Supercarrier get support for the upcoming @intel Coffee Lake CPU's?" Asrock's official twitter account, @ASRockInfo replied: "No, Coffee Lake CPU is not compatible with 200-series motherboards."

Universal Music Sued for Piracy

From PC Mag: In news that's sure to make a few people smile, Universal Music Group is being sued for piracy. The music publisher is quite experienced with piracy lawsuits, but typically they are the ones doing the suing, not being sued.

iPhone Sales Pass 1.2B, Apple Watch Sales Up 50 Percent

From PC Mag: Apple is having a very good 2017 so far, with Tim Cook explaining why yesterday during Apple's Q3 2017 earnings call.

According to TechCrunch, Wall Street forecast that Apple's revenue would reach $44.89 billion and analysts predicted a $1.57 bump per share. Apple actually achieved $45.4 billion and $1.67 respectively. The knock on effect of the good news being a five percent increase in share price in after-hours trading.

You can now use Skype to send PayPal money to a friend

From The Verge: Skype is adding PayPal integration to its Android and iOS mobile apps today. The partnership will work in 22 countries, including the US, UK, Canada, and a number of European markets. PayPal’s integration into Skype will work just like it does in Slack and iMessage, with the ability to send peer-to-peer payments with PayPal to friends and family on Microsoft’s messaging platform.

Windows 10 S laptops will be tardy for the first weeks of school, Microsoft says

From PC World: Windows 10 S laptops by companies like Asus, Dell, and HP will apparently miss the back-to-school sales season—a serious blow for Microsoft’s new OS for the education market.

Microsoft said Tuesday that universities can begin to order Windows 10 S devices, including its own Surface Laptop. That's the only Windows 10 S device already shipping, but with a starting price of $999 ($899.10 with student discount) it's not attainable for many budget-strapped schools, let alone individual students.

Uber, Lyft dealt setback in fight over Seattle driver union

From CNET: Ride-hailing companies Uber and Lyft have been dealt a setback in their efforts to prevent their drivers in Seattle from unionizing.

Microsoft’s new Surface Plus program lets you upgrade devices after 18 months

From The Verge: Microsoft is launching a new Surface Plus program in the US today, helping spread the cost of a new devices over two years. Surface Plus acts like a cellphone contract, with a 24-month payment plan at zero percent APR for the first two years and 19.99 percent APR thereafter. Microsoft is also allowing Surface Plus customers to upgrade their devices after 18 months, providing the existing device is returned and in “good condition.”

Amazon suspends sales of Blu phones due to privacy concerns

From CNET: Amazon just put budget phone maker Blu in the penalty box.

The online retailing giant told CNET that it was suspending sales of phones from Blu, known for making ultra-cheap Android handsets, due to a "potential security issue."


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