Core ML brings machine learning to Apple developers

From InfoWorld: Earlier this week Apple unveiled Core ML, a software framework for letting developers deploy and work with trained machine learning models in apps on all of Apple’s platforms—iOS, MacOS, TvOS, and WatchOS.

Core ML is intended to spare developers from having to build all the platform-level plumbing themselves for deploying a model, serving predictions from it, and handling any extraordinary conditions that might arise. But it’s also currently a beta product, and one with a highly constrained feature set.

Microsoft's Xbox One X is the most powerful console ever, backed by an army of games

From PC World: Xbox One X. That’s the official name Microsoft’s given to Project Scorpio, the upcoming 4K-ready Xbox One successor, which took center stage at Microsoft’s E3 2017 press conference on Sunday. It’s arriving on November 7, 2017 for $500 and will, in Microsoft’s words, be “the most powerful console ever.” That was Microsoft’s main message for the show, repeatedly emphasizing its advantages over the competing PlayStation 4 Pro without ever mentioning its fellow console by name.

Do you still buy physical books?

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SteelSeries QcK Prism Review (Page 1 of 4)

As I mentioned in a previous review, my trip with my friend to San Francisco was a pretty fun experience, but there were also learning experiences along the way. When we arrived at San Francisco International Airport, we took the Bay Area Rapid Transit directly from the airport to a station in downtown San Francisco. The idea was for us to get off there and walk to our accommodation. We stayed at a place called Nob Hill, so by the name we knew we would probably have to walk up a hill to get there. Using our lack of data and navigation skills, we headed to California and Hyde by going up the steep incline and decline of California Street. Since we were new to the area and did not want to get lost, we continued using this path for the next day. However, by our third time of toiling up and down the slopes of California, my friend suggested we take a parallel street named Pine Street and then walk up Hyde. It turns out this path was quite a bit better, as Pine Street was only a slight incline throughout. We laughed at our ignorance, but it does speak to a point that we can sometimes be unwilling to change to an alternative when we already have a solution that works. However, by doing this, we can miss out on something better. Today, we have the SteelSeries QcK Prism, which is a new RGB mouse pad. I already reviewed the Corsair MM800 RGB Polaris, which despite some of its shortcomings, was a very pretty mousing surface. However, with this new kid on the street, is there something I am missing out on, or is the MM800 RGB Polaris the option to stick to? Today's review will answer this question, and more, so read on to find out!

Acronis True Image 2017 | Reports

A couple of months ago, I was finishing up an assignment for one of my classes the night before it was due. Everything was going swimmingly, until my computer, for no apparent reason, shut down. I freaked out a bit. It was not a big assignment, but it was long enough that I would have had to spend a couple more hours trying to finish it. With my heart thumping, I attempted to turn my computer back on. Nothing. I opened it up and prodded around, but still I could not figure out what had happened to cause it to break. The file was saved, but I had to upload the assignment online, and the only copy I had was on the computer. What followed was me attempting a couple of different solutions, all of which failed. I took out the hard drive thinking nothing was wrong with it, and used some parts I had lying around to try and connect it to my laptop, which did not work either. With most of my solutions exhausted, I had to go to the nearest store to buy something to connect the hard drive through some other connection, which was not SATA, to my laptop and grab the file from there. This ended up costing me more money than I would have liked, and I definitely learned my lesson: Back up your files as you go. From then on, I would email half completed and completed assignments to myself, but luckily I have not run into the same problem since. However, we can all agree the importance of backing up your files and even your entire system. Today, we will be looking at Acronis True Image 2017, one of the most well-known and popular back up software promising more than just back up. Read on to find out what they are!

SoftBank to acquire Boston Dynamics from Alphabet

From CNET: Japan-based tech giant SoftBank has agreed to acquire robots pioneer Boston Dynamics from Google parent company Alphabet, the companies said in a joint statement Thursday.

Terms of the deal weren't revealed.

As part of the deal, SoftBank has also agreed to acquire Schaft, a Japan-based bipedal robotics company founded in 2012 and acquired by Google in 2013.

Apple TV gets cozy with Amazon Prime, so where does that leave Netflix?

From Tech Hive: Apple CEO Tim Cook spent less than two minutes talking about Apple TV during the company’s WWDC keynote this week, but that was enough time for two revelations: First, Apple’s TV guide app now pulls in movies and shows from more than 50 streaming video sources. Second, Amazon Prime will become one of those sources when Amazon launches an Apple TV app later this year.

Google bestows Android O with the 8.0 version number

From CNET: We may not know what delicious dessert the next version of Android will be named after, but the mystery of what its official version number will be has been solved.

Android O, the next version of Google's mobile operating system, will be (drumroll, please) Android 8.0, according to information tucked into the third developer preview, released Thursday. It was really only a contest between a 7.2 designation and the 8.0 designation, says Android Police, which first reported the development.

Google confirmed the new designation.

No, AMD didn't slash Ryzen prices ahead of Threadripper launch

From PC World: Sorry, Internet: AMD didn't officially "slash," "cut," or even nick prices of its Ryzen CPUs in anticipation of the company's Threadripper CPU, the company said.

AMD sought to squash several news stories that have circulated over the last few days, saying AMD trimmed prices of its Ryzen chips. The company denied there were any across-the-board price cuts. "We have noted some speculative articles appearing commenting on AMD's pricing following Computex and would like to reiterate that Ryzen 7 and Ryzen 5 pricing remains unchanged," the company told PCWorld.

Apple’s Xcode 9 beta previews blockbuster improvements

From InfoWorld: With Xcode 9, a forthcoming upgrade to Apple’s integrated development environment for building apps for MacOS, iOS, tvOS, and watchOS, Apple is introducing a new source editor, a new build system, and compatibility with the Swift 4 language. A beta version of Xcode 9 was made available earlier this week.


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