Netgear announces its first supercharged 'wave-2' router: The $280 Nighthawk X4

From PC World: Asus is no longer the only router manufacturer offering a wave-2 model. Netgear today announced its Nighthawk X4 (aka the R7500), a 4x4 802.11ac router based on Quantenna’s 500MHz chipset. But the Nighthawk X4 could end up being a very different product than Asus’s RT-AC87U, because Netgear has paired Quantenna’s silicon with a 1.4GHz, dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.

Windows 8.1 continues to inch along

From CNET: Windows 8.1 carved out more of the desktop OS market last month, though its progress remains slow.

For the month of August, Windows 8.1 eked out a 7.09 percent market share based on all the desktop OS traffic seen by Web tracker Net Applications. That number was up slightly from 6.56 percent in July, 6.61 percent in June, and 6.35 percent in May. Still in use among many people, Windows 8 scored 6.28 percent of the market last month.

ASUS' ZenWatch to Arrive Wednesday, Feature Sub-$200 MSRP

From DailyTech: When the Android Wear operating system was first unveiled in March, the clear [hardware] star of the show was the Motorola Moto 360 smartwatch with its classic, round face. Since that time, some rather forgettable designs have hit the market in the form of the LG G Watch and the Samsung Gear Live.

Have you done the ALS ice bucket challenge?

57% (77 votes)
43% (57 votes)
Total votes: 134

SteelSeries Sensei Wireless Review (Page 1 of 4)

Some questions have obvious answers. For example, what is the difference between a dress and a skirt? Uhh... actually, I am a guy, so I really did not know the difference until someone told me three months ago. As it turned out, my colleague Aaron was no exception; he actually found out just last week. If you have not searched up the difference yet, basically, a dress is full body, whereas a skirt only covers up to the waist. Therefore, to make reword this into a question with an obvious answer those of the male gender will understand, what is the difference between a wired network and a wireless network? If you answered one has wires and one does not, congratulations, this is not a trick question -- my Electrical Engineering professor who taught a third year course in communication systems will have to agree with you (This was actually a real question that appeared on a quiz and the midterm when I took it a few years ago). Judging by the same logic, as we come together today to review the SteelSeries Sensei Wireless, one could say this is just the wireless version of the APH Recommended SteelSeries Sensei reviewed by Devin Chollak in December 2011. I mean, they called it the Sensei Wireless for a reason. Apparently, unlike the obvious-question-has-obvious-answer I proposed earlier, the SteelSeries Sensei Wireless is not just a wireless version of the SteelSeries Sensei, even though it is, indeed, wireless. Instead, it is the wireless version of a modified and upgraded SteelSeries Sensei. Featuring an improved sensor and more durable switches in addition to cutting the cord, is this the mouse to rule them all? You have questions, we got answers.

Tesoro Tizona G2N Elite and G2N-P Elite Review

This is an excerpt from a poem in Cantar de Mio Cid or The Poem of the Cid, and it describes the great power of the Tizona. Even before Ferrán González was struck by the Tizona, he knew immediately that he was finished, just by the sight of this mighty sword. Now you may be wondering, what is the Tizona? You might think of the game Terraria, where the Tizona was one of the strongest swords in the console version of this game. But the Tizona is more famous for being one of the swords carried by Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar, also known as El Cid. The name Tizón translates to burning stick, or firebrand, despite the fact it can neither burn anything nor start fires. Today, the Tizona can be found in the Museum of Burgos, and weighs in at 1.1 kg or 2.4 lbs, measuring at 103 cm or 41 inches. The museum obtained the sword from the Army Museum in Toledo in 1999, when the Autonomous Community of Castile and Leon purchased the sword for 1.6 million Euros. Now prior to this review, I have never heard of the Tizona, even with its importance and worth, and likewise before today, I have not heard of Tesoro Technologies Inc. This company is a relatively new company, starting only in 2008, but now making gaming mice, keyboards, and mousing surfaces. Tesoro also only recently started selling their gaming peripherals to the North American audience. Here at APH Networks, we are definitely more than excited to see what Tesoro can bring to the table, as competition really will only bring improvements to all keyboards from different companies. Is the Tesoro Tizona really a mighty keyboard to be had? Does it render the rest of the keyboards defeated? These and other questions will be answered in today’s review!

Controversial ads slip into Firefox nightly test builds

From PC World: Mozilla's advertising experiment for the new tab page in Firefox is popping up in the nightly test builds of the browser. Called Directory Tiles, the new program mixes website suggestions from sponsors and sites based on your browsing history in the new tab page for Firefox, and the mere hint of advertising in Firefox has created a fierce backlash from many of the browser's devotees.

Sponsored Tiles are only meant to appear if you don't have a browsing history, as typically the new tab page shows the sites you visit most often.

Intel gives gaming desktops a boost with Haswell-E

From CNET: Much of the talk about upcoming PCs revolves around the next generation of processors from Intel. Codenamed Broadwell, those chips include the next generation of Core i-series CPUs, expected in products next year, and a new line for slim, low-power devices, called Core M, expected in late-2014 products.

Microsoft's Standalone Kinect 2 Goes On Sale Oct. 7 for $150

From DailyTech: Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) recently launched an Xbox One SKU that ditched the console's embattled "killer app" -- the voice and movement Kinect 2 sensor. The new standalone SKU trimmed $100 off the price of the original Xbox One and Kinect sensor bundle, selling for $399.

Amazon's file sharing service Zocalo now generally available

From InfoWorld: Enterprises that want to share and store files online have yet another option now that Amazon Web Services has opened its Zocalo service to general availability.

This year has seen Amazon focus more on services aimed directly at end users; besides Zocalo it has also come out with hosted WorkSpaces virtual desktops. There is already heavy competition in this arena from Dropbox, Google, Microsoft, and VMware, among others.


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