Acer's new computer range keeps it thin

From CNET: We first got a glimpse of the Nitro 5 at the Acer press conference last month, and Acer is leaning heavy on "modern titles at a mainstream price." Designed in different configurations to hit a variety of needs for casual gamers, the Nitro 5 will start at $799 in July (converting to around AU$1,075 or £615).

Working to give you gaming performance, the Nitro 5 will come with a dual-fan setup, fast-booting solid state drives and either GeForce 1050 Ti graphics with an Intel i7 processor or AMD Radeon RX550 graphics with a seventh-generation AMD A-series processor.

FSP's wild new power supply is liquid-cooled and built for silence

From PC World: Computex kicks off in Taipei next week, and it’s there that we’ll see the first liquid-cooled power supply for PCs in a long time: FSP’s wild Hydro PTM+.

This power supply sounds like an impressive little unit. Not only is the Hydro PTM+ compatible with custom liquid-cooling setups, but if you’re under 50 percent load, the fan will stay idle until the PC asks for more than 600 watts of power. That’s a recipe for quiet computing during everyday tasks.

Nvidia reportedly snags $4 billion investment from SoftBank

From CNET: Japanese tech giant SoftBank has reportedly taken a big stake in one of the hottest US tech stocks.

SoftBank bought $4 billion worth of shares in Santa Clara, California-based chipmaker Nvidia, Bloomberg reported Tuesday, citing people familiar with the situation. That amount would make the company Nvidia's fourth largest shareholder, with a 4.9 percent stake in the company.

AMD's game plan to become a machine-learning giant

From InfoWorld: Right now, the market for GPUs for use in machine learning is essentially a market of one: Nvidia.

AMD, the only other major discrete GPU vendor of consequence, holds around 30 percent of the market for total GPU sales compared to Nvidia’s 70 percent. For machine-learning work, though, Nvidia’s lead is near-total. Not just because all the major clouds with GPU support are overwhelmingly Nvidia-powered, but because the GPU middleware used in machine learning is by and large Nvidia’s own CUDA.

Samsung's latest Gear 360 is cheaper, more powerful than before

From CNET: If you're ready to dive into creating 360-degree photos and video, Samsung has a new camera to sell you and you don't even have to have one of its phones this time around.

Available starting Thursday, May 25, the 2017 Gear 360 will sell for $230 -- more than $100 less than the bigger, but less powerful original. You'll be able to find it in-store and online at Best Buy, through, from major carriers including AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon and US Cellular as well as and through the ShopSamsung app.

Dish Network is quietly putting Android TV in hotel rooms

From PC World: Late last week, TechHive received a tip about a mysterious streaming device called the Evolve, built by LG and bearing a Dish Network trademark.

GitHub sets up a developer tools store, releases GraphQL API

From InfoWorld: GitHub today unveiled its GitHub Marketplace, a store for developers to purchase development tools. The goal is to help developers find integrations and quickly use them.

For example, GitHub Marketplace supports more than a dozen integrators via a single account and payment method, so developers can worry less about managing accounts. Development apps range from continuous integration to project management and code review, including Travis CI, Appveyor, Waffle, ZenHub, Sentry, and Codacy.

Surface Pro is Microsoft's long-awaited Surface Pro 4 upgrade, restyled as a laptop

From PC World: Microsoft’s Surface Pro lineup has remained largely unchanged for the last two generations. Now you can make that three: The new Surface Pro (2017)—no, not the Surface Pro 5—features substantial internal improvements, but otherwise refuses to mess with a good thing.

Apple and Nokia settle patent dispute and forge new partnership

From CNET: In a joint statement, the two companies announced they have settled all patent disputes and agreed new terms that should see them work together harmoniously for many years to come.

Under the new agreement, Nokia will provide network infrastructure products and services to Apple. Apple, for its part, will resume selling Nokia Health products, formerly sold under the Withings brand, in its stores around the world. Better still, the two are set to work together on new digital health initiatives.

Amazon Web Services sets a lure for Java programmers

From PC World: Amazon Web Services has long offered an SDK to make it easier to access its web services from Java. Now it has another lure for Java programmers: James Gosling, the father of Java.

Gosling revealed his new employer on his Facebook page with the words: "It's time for a change. I'm leaving Boeing Defense (nee Liquid Robotics), with many fond memories. Today I start a new Adventure at Amazon Web Services."


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