Intel Delays "Tukwila" for Enhancements

From DailyTech: Intel is the biggest CPU maker in the world with AMD taking a distant second place. Intel is most known for its x86 CPUs, but the chipmaker also produces CPUs that are RISC-based. The company has announced delays in its next RISC-based processors.

Samsung Claims First 40nm DRAM, GDDR5 Possible

From DailyTech: Previously, DailyTech reported on how DDR3 DRAM produced on 50nm production lines would be much cheaper and faster than those being produced on current production lines.

Elpida, Samsung, and even beleaguered Qimonda are either in the process of or planning to transition to these new geometries in order to lower costs and increase profits. DDR2 DRAM is currently selling at below the breakeven point for most DRAM manufacturers.

Intel Now Shipping Atom N280 Processor

From PC World: Intel confirmed on Thursday that it's shipping the Atom N280 processor to PC makers, which should bring more performance and improved graphics capabilities to netbooks.

The new single-core Atom processor is paired with a chipset that allows users to watch high-definition content on netbooks while drawing less power. The new GN40 chipset includes a hardware-based high-definition video decoder that allows users to watch 720p HD video content.

Nvidia-based Microsoft smartphone coming?

From CNET Nvidia's Tegra chip will be used in an upcoming Microsoft smartphone, according to an analyst at Broadpoint AmTech.

The San Francisco-based research firm also is speculating that Apple will eventually use the Nvidia ARM-based chip in a future iPhone.

Chrome takes new tack for faster JavaScript

From CNET Chrome programmers have switched out a third-party software package in favor of their own as part of Google's attempt to speed its open-source browser up more.

Facebook steps into OpenID Foundation

From CNET Facebook has joined the board of the OpenID Foundation and will host an OpenID Design Summit later this month, according to a post on the social network's developer blog.

Microsoft to tweak Windows 7 settings

From CNET In a reversal, Microsoft said on Thursday that it will make changes to the way a controversial security feature works in Windows 7.

After getting lots of feedback that Windows Vista too often prompted users to approve changes, Microsoft had decided in Windows 7 to prompt users less frequently. However, in recent days, some enthusiasts and security experts warned that the specific changes Microsoft planned to make with Windows 7 could put users at risk.

Asus Teams Up With Garmin for Smartphone

From Tom's Hardware: We didn’t get anything out of anyone and now we now why. The two companies are combining their efforts and releasing one smartphone that they hope will be the one to be them all or should we say, the one to beat the one as Apple's iPhone continues to dominate the market.

Microprocessor Market Plummets in Q4 as AMD Loses Further Chunk of the Market to Intel

From X-bit Labs: The global economic crisis has not only slowed sales growth of microprocessors, but actually decreased sales of central processing units (CPUs) in the fourth quarter of 2008, according to the most recent data from Mercury Research. More alarming, average selling prices (ASPs) of processors started to get down in Q4 2008, which puts both leading chip suppliers into danger.

Intel eight-core server chip is Nehalem EX

From InfoWorld: Intel confirmed that the upcoming eight-core, 2.3 billion transistor processor it plans to detail next week is the Nehalem EX chip, but the company declined to offer details of the chip ahead of the International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC) in San Francisco.

"We can't present all the details today that will be presented at the conference next Monday," said Mark Bohr, a senior fellow at Intel, during a conference call with reporters.

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