AMD deal triggers Intel license warning

From CNET After AMD announced on Tuesday that it would spin off its manufacturing assets to a new company partially owned by the Abu Dhabi government, Intel was quick to warn AMD about patent and cross-licensing concerns.

Google Finally Jumps into Video Game Advertising

From DailyTech: Google is the undisputed king of internet advertising and it is always looking for the next big advertising market to jump into. Expanding its advertising market is one of the main reasons Google introduced the open source Android OS for mobile phones.

ATI: Expect DirectX 11 and 40 nm GPUs in 2009

AMD Plans to Produce ATI Graphics Processor at The Foundry Company

From X-bit Labs: The Foundry Company, a contract semiconductor manufacturer controlled by Advanced Micro Devices and Advanced Technology Investment Company (ATIC), plans to manufacture both AMD microprocessors using silicon-on-insulator (SOI) process technology as well as other chips, including ATI Radeon graphics processing units, using bulk fabrication processes.

MySQL cofounder David Axmark leaving Sun

From InfoWorld: David Axmark, a cofounder and former lead engineer for MySQL, has resigned from Sun Microsystems a few weeks after another cofounder said he may also leave the company.

"I have thought about my role at Sun and decided that I am better off in smaller organisations," Axmark wrote in his resignation letter, according to a blog post Tuesday from Kaj Arno, head of MySQL community relations.

Firefox Extension Blocks Dangerous Web Attack

From PC World: A popular free security tool for the Firefox browser has been upgraded to block one of the most dangerous and troubling security problems facing the Web today.

NoScript is a small application that integrates into Firefox. It blocks scripts in programming languages such as JavaScript and Java from executing on untrusted Web pages. The scripts could be used to launch an attack on a PC.

Articles Roundup October 7, 2008

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Start Saving: Core i7 PCs Will Be Expensive

From Tom's Hardware: According to Geizhals, the MSI X58 Platinum motherboard was listed online for just over €227 ($306) and the premium MSI Eclipse motherboard was listed for just over €306 ($413). The third MSI X58 motherboard is expected to be released at a later date, although its pricing is expected to be even higher as it seems to have been designed for extreme overclocking.

Intel: Core i7 to Be Up to 52% Faster Compared to Core 2 Quad

From X-bit Labs: Intel Corp. expects its forthcoming Intel Core i7 processors to be much more powerful compared to existing central processing units, according to documents reportedly seen by the media. If the information turns to be precise enough, then Intel has all chances to keep processor performance crown even after smaller rival Advanced Micro Devices launches its new chips.

Nvidia Plans Another Re-Branding of Graphics Cards

From X-bit Labs: Nvidia Corp. plans to re-name its graphics cards once again in a bid to spur interest towards its products and try to simplify its product lineup. However, graphics cards that are hardly different from those available a year ago, but which carry new names, will cause a mess on the market.

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