Court sides with Microsoft in Alcatel-Lucent case

From CNET A federal appeals court has upheld a lower court ruling that Microsoft need not pay damages to Alcatel-Lucent in a long-running patent dispute in a case that could have opened up a broad range of litigation over the MP3 music format.

The appeals court, in its ruling published Thursday, agreed with a lower court that Microsoft didn't infringe on one patent in question and that Alcatel-Lucent didn't have standing to sue over the other patent.

Diamond Multimedia Radeon 3800 Woes

From Tom's Hardware: If you can read this text your card has not failed. On a serious note – AMD partner Diamond Multimedia is reporting that it has shipped 15,000 up to potentially 20,000 Radeon 3800 series cards that suffer from an apparent ‘design / manufacture’ defects. These cards were reportedly shipped between January and July of this year.

Yahoo Launches Long-awaited Display Ad Platform

From PC World: Yahoo rolled out part of a new advertising platform on Wednesday that's intended to streamline how digital ads are bought and placed across the Web.

The platform, APT, has been under development for at least two years. APT has been one of Yahoo's big projects undertaken to improve its mediocre financial performance and grab a larger slice of rising Internet advertising revenue.

EA hit with class action suit over 'Spore'

From CNET Electronic Arts may have attempted to appease angry customers by amending its digital rights management policy on Spore, but the company's DRM troubles aren't over yet.

Sony Implements Restrictive DRM for PlayStation Network Video Service

From DailyTech: According to an Ars Technica article, PlayStation 3 owners who download video through the PlayStation Network Video Store are allowed one official download, and if necessary, one additional download after contacting customer service. The files cannot be backed up and moved to another hard drive or copied onto a CD or DVD.

Thermaltake's Combines PC Case With Fridge

Toshiba Still Has No Intention of Adopting Blu-Ray

From X-bit Labs: Even though Holiday sales season is near and it is highly likely that without ongoing format war the survived Blu-ray disc format is likely to enjoy relative success, Toshiba Corp., which used to back competing HD DVD format, has no plans to offer Bu-ray disc (BD) player despite of the fact that it has all the technologies at hand.

New Android Phone May Take Six Months to Translate

From PC World: The Android handset unveiled by T-Mobile, Google and High Tech Computer (HTC) in New York on Tuesday is only available in English, but will be available in most other languages within the next six months, an indication of how long it will take to reach new markets.

The device, called the G1 by T-Mobile but named the "Dream" by HTC, will first be available in the U.S. on Oct. 22 for US$179. The U.K. launch will follow in early November.

Sony Ericsson announces PlayNow music service

From CNET Mobile phone company Sony Ericsson announced Tuesday that it will launch a new music service called PlayNow Plus, which will feature unlimited music downloads.

As first reported by CNET News, the new service will be powered by British music-download firm Omnifone, and will feature music from all four of the largest recording labels, the company said in a press release.

Photoshop CS4 Will Use GPU Power

From DailyTech: GPU makers have been busy convincing consumers that the GPU is able to do more than just visually enhance video games. NVIDIA announced its CUDA architecture that allows all sorts of applications to run on the GPU rather than the CPU. Performance for things like video rendering and computation are much faster when using the GPU.

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