ASUS ROG Phone II Will Use Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus Mobile Platform

From ASUS Press Release: ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) today announced that the next-generation ROG Phone II will be the world's first gaming phone to be powered by the new Snapdragon 855 Plus Mobile Platform.

Microsoft Internet Games Will Be Unplayable Soon

From PC Mag: If a reminder were needed of how much Microsoft wants us all to buy a new PC and upgrade to Windows 10 in the process, a set of classic Windows games are set to become unplayable. Support for Microsoft Internet Games comes to an end within a few weeks depending on your OS.

Huawei will reportedly lay off hundreds of US workers

From The Verge: Chinese telecommunications firm Huawei is reportedly preparing to lay off hundreds of workers in the United States, reports The Wall Street Journal. The company has struggled in recent months after the Trump administration placed a de facto ban on US sales to the company, citing potential security threats and amidst the ongoing US-Chinese trade war.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 gets speed boost for gaming phones, with Asus ROG Phone II up first

From CNET: Gamers, rejoice. Qualcomm's newest mobile processor has been built for speed -- just in time for the rollout of ultra-fast 5G cellular networks. And Asus will be the first to use the chip, in its upcoming ROG Phone II.

Qualcomm on Monday introduced the Snapdragon 855 Plus, a souped-up version of its high-end chip that powers many of the latest and greatest Android smartphones on the market. The Plus features 15% faster graphics and a CPU clock speed of up to 2.96GHz. The regular Snapdragon 855 maxes out at 2.84GHz.

Do you use third-party antivirus software?

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Seagate FireCuda 510 1TB Review (Page 1 of 11)

How do you know when something has moved from a niche market to the mainstream? When someone mentions "electric car", I am confident Tesla is the first brand that comes to mind for many people. But this was not always the case. I remember about ten years ago, someone mentioned they saw a car with a "T" on the road and could not figure out which brand it was. When I told them it was Tesla, I only got blank stares. In the last few years, this relatively unknown brand has risen to an electric car powerhouse that has received a cult following akin to Apple that is unrivaled in innovation, performance, and status. But Tesla is no longer the lone serious advocate of electric cars as it was in 2008. Now, traditional car brands like Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Jaguar, Chevrolet, and Ford has committed to an electric future -- cementing the status of electric vehicles to a feasible eventuality for the mainstream car buyer within the next few decades. In roughly the same time as the ongoing electric car revolution, we have witnessed the SSD revolution. From non-traditional storage makers like OCZ, Kingston, and Patriot in the earlier years to now, a lot of things have changed. Traditional manufacturers like Western Digital bought SanDisk and is now a major supplier of SSDs, while Seagate slowly but steadily is making inroads into this market. Early renditions of Seagate's SSDs were not big in performance nor targeted towards the enthusiast, but all of this is about to change. The Seagate FireCuda 510 1TB is a flagship NVMe SSD that wants to run against the best of the best. Will it deliver as promised? Read on to find out!

Gigabyte AORUS M2 Review (Page 1 of 4)

A couple of months ago, I started getting into the bouldering craze alongside many of my friends. As I continued to climb, I began to realize that using my left hand has become incredibly abnormal to me. The tasks I would use my left hand for was very minuscule. As a right-handed student, it was only natural to use it for taking notes, eating food, general everyday tasks, and now bouldering. This form of rock climbing really opened my eyes to how dependent I was on my right hand. This is further evidenced in the game I play to relax, which is League of Legends. After playing for several years, I have become used to moving my mouse back and forth across my mouse pad to kite my opponents quite smoothly. For some background on kiting, it is simply the idea of keeping yourself at a safe distance away from your enemy while continuously attacking so that you are not targetable, but your enemies are. Kiting is a super useful skill to know in League of Legends and is essential for the role of a marksman. Another essential thing for marksman players is a proper and reliable mouse to make precise movements. The Gigabyte AORUS M2 could be the reliable mouse that you need to climb the ranks. We will be testing this mouse to see if it has what it takes to play at a competitive level. Gigabyte claims that the lightweight design is for professional gamers so that they can sustain long gaming sessions. We are going to test this mouse to see what its true potential really is.

Thermaltake Gaming Announce New X-FIT & X-COMFORT Real Leather Edition Professional Gaming Chair in Burgundy Red

From Thermaltake Press Release: Thermaltake Gaming today announced a new color addition to the X FIT & X COMFORT Real Leather Edition Professional Gaming Chair series, the X FIT & X COMFORT Burgundy Red Real Leather Edition. The X FIT & X COMFORT Real Leather gaming chair comes in a stunning burgundy red genuine leather covering found in top-level sport vehicles, coupled with elegant upholstery, the latest in ergonomic design, and use of top-notch materials for maximum durability, optimal form-fit and ultimate comfort.

Huawei’s first 5G phone is launching this month

From The Verge: Huawei’s debut 5G phone, the Huawei Mate 20 X 5G, will launch in select markets before the end of July, despite continued uncertainty around Huawei’s future as a manufacturer of Android devices. China’s state-run Global Times reports that the phone will go on sale in China on July 26th, while VentureBeat notes that the phone is currently available to preorder from Amazon’s Italian site with a release date of July 22nd, and will be available in the UAE on July 12th.

YouTube is giving creators more ways to make money

From TechCrunch: YouTube is rolling out more ways for its creators to engage fans and generate revenue, the company announced today at the VidCon event in Anaheim, Calif. Last year, YouTube used the event to launch new products like channel memberships, merchandise shelves, premieres and more. This time around, it’s expanding several of those existing options with new features, while also introducing new products like Super Stickers and Learning Playlists — the latter which aims to promote the educational use of YouTube.


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