Shareholders demand Amazon end facial recognition sales to government

From CNET: Concerns over Amazon's facial recognition program have now reached the company's shareholders.

Along with civil liberties groups, members of Congress and Amazon's own employees, a group of shareholders is now also calling on the retail giant to stop selling Rekognition to government agencies.

BIOSTAR Introduces The S100 Plus series SSDs for Gamers and Content Creators’ Computer Upgrades

From Biostar Press Release: BIOSTAR announced the S100 Plus series SSD, an affordable solid state drive (SSD) with outstanding performance for laptop and desktop computer upgrades. Built in a beautifully designed 2.5-inch unibody with ultra-slim 7.0mm casing, featuring an ultra-stable shock-proof design. The S100 Plus Series SSDs are available in 240GB and 480GB, making upgrading or replacing previous generation storage more accessible than ever.

Oppo confirms 10x zoom camera for smartphones

From The Verge: Oppo has confirmed that it’s developing a smartphone camera system with a 10x zoom lens, as rumored. The tech is similar to the 5x zoom prototype the company showed off a couple of years ago, making use of the phone’s lateral width to enable the necessary physical depth through the use of a periscope-style prism.

Verizon Makes Free Apple Music Offer Permanent on Unlimited Plans

From PC Mag: Signing up for an Apple Music account requires paying the $9.99 monthly subscription cost. However, Verizon just increased the value of its unlimited plans by including free access to Apple Music for the length of your contract. It's an offer that's sure to tempt some into purchasing a new phone on Verizon this year.

Twitter lets Android users switch to chronological timeline

From CNET: Nearly a month after doing so for iOS users, Twitter is letting Android users switch to a chronological timeline.

The company tweeted Tuesday to let people using Android devices know they could change from tweets picked by an algorithm to the most recent tweets from the accounts they're following.

"Android, we got you. Starting today, tap [the sparkle icon] to switch between latest and top Tweets," it wrote.

Sennheiser Debuts AMBEO Soundbar

From Sennheiser Press Release: Immersive 5.1.4 sound and deep bass that has to be heard to be believed: Sennheiser’s new AMBEO Soundbar will be available from May. Created by the audio specialist to be one of the world’s best soundbars, the AMBEO Soundbar places the listener inside the sound experience with incredible realism, delivering 3D sound that blurs the line between playback and reality from a single all-inone device.

ViewSonic Launches its New Elite Sub-Brand of Monitors

From ViewSonic Press Release: ViewSonic Corp. announces a new sub-brand of professional gaming monitors. ViewSonic Elite gaming products are specifically engineered with a sleek and minimalist aesthetic, while boasting practical gamer-centric designs. With decades of display technology experience and heritage, ViewSonic Elite will deliver next-level gaming products that fit the needs of today’s multifaceted gaming community.

Cooler Master Introduces Its First MMO Mouse: MM830

From Cooler Master Press Release: Cooler Master today announces the launch of its new gaming mouse, the MM830, making it the second product within the M800 series to hit the market following the MP860 dual sided RGB mousepad.

You can now control Pandora with voice commands

From The Verge: US-based internet radio company Pandora has announced that it is introducing Voice Mode for mobile, a smart assistant feature similar to Amazon’s Alexa that will allow you to navigate around the app. Using the wake phrase “Hey Pandora” triggers Pandora to listen for a command, so you can use the app hands-free.

HDHomeRun teases simpler hardware and (maybe) a Roku app

From TechHive: SiliconDust’s HDHomeRun tuners have been great building blocks for over-the-air DVR, allowing users to watch and record free antenna channels at full broadcast quality. Setting things up, however, has always required extra hardware, such as a PC or a NAS box with ample storage space to handle the recordings. Now, HDHomeRun is consolidating with a couple of new products.


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