Intel's 10nm Chips to Arrive During 2019 Holiday Season

From PC Mag: Intel has previously said its 10nm chips will arrive in 2019. But on Thursday, the company got more specific: the upcoming processors will land on store shelves at the end of 2019, during the holiday season.

The first 10nm chips to launch will be for consumer PCs, with server-based chips to shortly follow, Intel executives said during an earnings call.

Why the continued delays? That's been an ongoing question facing the chipmaker's plans for the processors, which were originally slated to arrive in 2016.

Google touts G Suite momentum in office productivity battle

From ComputerWorld: Google may not usurp Microsoft’s office productivity dominance anytime soon, but the raft of updates to its G Suite portfolio rolled out at its Cloud Next event this week aim to build momentum as it woos business users with artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud capabilities.

“One of the biggest themes of Google Next this year is the use of machine learning for better customer experience,” said Wayne Kurtzman, a research director at IDC.

Google bans cryptocurrency mining from Android Play Store

From CNET: Google banned cryptocurrency mining Android apps from the Android Play Store, following in Apple's footsteps.

The company continues to allow mining as long as the processing takes place in the cloud, but on-device mining on Android hardware is no longer allowed, CNET sister site ZDNet reports.

"We don't allow apps that mine cryptocurrency on devices. We permit apps that remotely manage the mining of cryptocurrency," it wrote in the updated Google Play developer program policies.

Patriot launches EP and LX series A1-rated microSD cards

Patriot Memory today announced their new lineup of EP and LX series A1-rated microSD cards.

From their press release:

Dropbox Now Fully Integrates With Gmail

From PC Mag: If you're a Gmail and Dropbox user, keeping all your files in one place is about to get a lot easier thanks to a new Dropbox add-on for Gmail.

In March, Dropbox announced a new partnership with Google Cloud in a bid to centralize content, secure collaboration, and make for more effective communication. In other words, allow Google services users to seamlessly store and share content using their Dropbox accounts. A key part of making that happen was Dropbox integration with Gmail, which happened today through the launch of a Dropbox add-on for Gmail.

Microsoft releases previews of Exchange 2019, other Office 2019 servers

From Computer World: Microsoft has released a public preview of Exchange 2019, the on-premises email server software the company will start selling later this year.

First promised in September 2017, when Microsoft announced that sneak peeks of perpetual versions of the Office applications - Word, Excel, Outlook and the like - and Office-centric servers would land in the middle of the following year, Exchange 2019 is set to launch sometime this fall.

Spotify hits 83 million subscribers

From CNET: Spotify hit 83 million subscribers at the end of the last month, the streaming-music company said Thursday.

That remains bigger than its closest competitor, Apple Music, which had 40 million as of April. Spotify's growth also came in at the high end of a range Spotify predicted in its May outlook.

Nikon announces full-frame mirrorless camera system under development

From The Verge: After years of rumors, Nikon has finally confirmed that it’s working on an all-new mirrorless camera system based around a full-frame image sensor. The company has given very few details, but we know the system will use a new lens mount and thus require new lenses, though an adapter for F-mount SLR lenses will also be available. (It’s unclear whether this will offer features like autofocus.)

All-New Steam Chat Goes Live

From PC Mag: As all the social networks know, keeping users within a network for as long as possible increases the revenue generated. The same is true of Steam. Valve wants you to visit and buy games, but then to hang around and use its community features because, chances are, it will probably lead to more game purchases. The problem is, Discord is drawing Steam users away, but Valve is attempting to fix that this week with an all-new Steam Chat experience.

Mozilla exec says Google slowed YouTube down on non-Chrome browsers

From CNET: A Mozilla executive says Google's redesign has made YouTube slower on Firefox and Edge.

Chris Peterson, the software community's technical program manager, tweeted on Tuesday that the video sharing site loads at a fifth of the speed on non-Chrome browsers due to its architecture, as first reported by Sofpedia.

"YouTube's Polymer redesign relies on the deprecated Shadow DOM v0 API only implemented in Chrome," he wrote.


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