The Apple Card is Apple’s thinnest and lightest status symbol ever

From The Verge: The most iconic scene of American Psycho features the lead character Patrick Bateman investigating the business card of rival investment banker Paul Allen and boiling in barely contained envy and rage. “Look at that subtle off-white coloring. The tasteful thickness of it.” In Bateman’s world of tailored suits, brand-name eyeglasses, and meticulously trimmed haircuts, the infinitesimally small differences in design between his business card and Allen’s are crushingly decisive.

UPS partners with drone startup Matternet for medical sample deliveries

From TechCrunch: Unmanned drone deliveries are making their way inside the UPS network. Thanks to a partnership with drone startup Matternet, UPS will start delivering medical samples via unmanned drones at WakeMed’s hospital in Raleigh, North Carolina.

With the approval of the Federal Aviation Administration and North Carolina’s department of transportation, UPS and Matternet will conduct routine daily flights that transport medical samples. Previously, WakeMed relied on courier cars, which were subject to road delays.

Apple surely must be trolling us with this new AirPower silhouette

From The Verge: If you thought it was a little weird that Apple would ship its first wirelessly-chargeable AirPods headphones without Apple’s wireless charging pad — the long-delayed AirPower mat — we’ve got some brand new ammo for the conspiracy theories swirling in your brain. MacRumors is receiving reader tips that the new AirPods wireless charging case comes with a picture of AirPower right on the back of the box.

I am pretty sure “Yes” is the only appropriate thing to say in this particular situation.

Huawei Tips P30, P30 Pro With Camera Lens Prism

From PC Mag: Huawei announced its two latest flagship phones, the P30 and P30 Pro, at a press event in Paris on Tuesday. Both handsets include a new SuperSpectrum lens for better low-light photos, and the P30 Pro features a periscope lens that uses a prism for near-lossless images at up to 10X zoom. We got a chance to see the phones ahead of time at an event in New York City.

Europe’s controversial overhaul of online copyright receives final approval

From The Verge: The European Parliament has given final approval to the Copyright Directive, a controversial package of legislation designed to update copyright law in Europe for the internet age.

Members of parliament voted 348 in favor of the law and 274 against. A last-minute proposal to remove the law’s most controversial clause — Article 13 or the ‘upload filter’ — was narrowly rejected by just five votes. The directive will now be passed on to EU member states, who will have two years to translate it into national law.

Sony to Stop Retailers Selling PS4 Game Codes on April 1

From PC Mag: Sony has decided retailers can no longer sell PS4 full game digital download codes, with the codes disappearing from sale on April 1.

The decision impacts all retailers, not just GameStop, and will mean you can no longer walk into a store and purchase a full PS4 game in digital form. Doing so was a nice and simple way to buy someone a game as a gift you could stick inside a card. However, DLC packs, add-ons, season passes, and virtual currency will still be available to purchase.

Firefox Lockbox comes to Android to ease password pain

From CNET: If you're a Firefox true believer, or even just a Firefox user, your password pains just got a little easier with the release of Firefox Lockbox for Android devices.

The password manager, based on login information already in Firefox, makes it easier to sign into apps as well. It integrates with login autocomplete systems in both Apple's iOS and Google's Android software, Mozilla said.

Almost all of IFTTT’s Gmail functionality is disappearing this week

From The Verge: Almost all of IFTTT’s Gmail integrations are set to disappear this Sunday, following Google’s announcement that it would make sweeping changes to the way its email service handles APIs last October. Android Police notes that from next week IFTTT will still be able to send emails using the “Send an email” and “Send yourself an email” actions, but that it will no longer be able to trigger actions based on emails you receive.

Intel To End Compute Cards, A Modular Computing Idea

From PC Mag: Intel is giving up on Compute Cards. The credit card-sized, near complete PCs are getting phased out for other plans, the chipmaker said.

"We continue to believe modular computing is a market where there are many opportunities for innovation," Intel said in a statement on Friday. "However, as we look at the best way to address this opportunity, we've made the decision that we will not develop new Compute Card products moving forward."

Nintendo Switch might get two new models this summer

From CNET: Nintendo may be Switch-ing up its console options as soon as this summer, a report said Monday.

The Japanese gaming company will launch two new versions of the Nintendo Switch, according to the Wall Street Journal, which cited anonymous sources within the supply chain and game developers with access to a prototype.


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