Apple let a fake $5 Cuphead game into the App Store

From The Verge: A version of run-and-gun game Cuphead unexpectedly showed up on iOS — but it’s a scam.

TouchArcade reported that an iOS version had been published today, linking to what seems like a legitimate App Store app. It’s got real game screenshots, and it lists the seller as Cuphead developer StudioMDHR. But the support page links to “,” instead of StudioMDHR’s actual site, “” If you buy the game, you’ll see an incorrect name as well: “StudioMDHR Entertainment Inc.”

Seagate To Double HDD Speed With Multi-Actuator Technology

From Tom's Hardware: We already know that HDDs suddenly have a new lease on life with new recording technologies, but now your next hard drive may be twice as fast as any drive on the market. Seagate announced that it plans to double the performance of its future HDDs with its multi-actuator technology.

Toshiba Samples eUFS Devices for Vehicles: Extended Temps and Reliabilty Features

From AnandTech: Toshiba this month announced that it had started sample shipments of the industry’s first automotive grade embedded UFS storage devices for ADAS and infotainment systems. The new eUFS chips offer capacities from 16 GB to 128 GB (with a 256 GB option coming in Q2 2018), can handle extreme temperatures and support numerous features designed to improve their reliability and ensure consistent performance.

Facebook is clamping down on posts that ask people for ‘Likes’ or shares

From Recode: Facebook is cracking down on a new type of clickbait: Posts that ask people to “Like” or share or comment to goose engagement numbers, what Facebook is calling “engagement bait.”

You’ve probably seen posts like this in your feed. Like if you think cats are best. Share if you think dogs are best. It’s a tactic that publishers use to game Facebook’s algorithm, which rewards posts that get better engagement and shows them to more people.

Is FM radio dead?

Yes, I never use it
34% (46 votes)
No, I still use it
66% (91 votes)
Total votes: 137

Seagate BarraCuda Pro ST12000DM0007 12TB Review (Page 1 of 10)

It spins up fast
And big in storage size
It's called Seagate BarraCuda
For all this data I will plan on storing
Twelve thousand GBs and we go beyond

Store my things, oh hard drive
Oh hard drive
Upgrade this computer
Store like never before
Oh hard drive
I'll upgrade this computer.

SilverStone SFX SX650-G 650W (Page 1 of 4) | Reports

Over the past summer, I had been playing a video game called Overcooked. This local co-op game takes place in a kitchen as you and up to three other friends run around in a kitchen trying to make dishes as fast as you can. Tasks can vary from chopping, cooking, dish placement, and delivering them to the window. If the plates come back, you will then need to take and wash them before reusing them. While it is a pretty straightforward concept, the crazy part is when they throw you into unrealistic stages. You first start off in a standard kitchen, but soon things start evolving you have to maneuver between separate moving food trucks, sliding around icebergs, running over lava pits, and floating through outer space. Scoring comes from the number of dishes you produce within a time limit. The best scores come when you have a good plan and teamwork, as you will need all your teammates doing their tasks to finish as many dishes as possible. This is a similar idea when it comes to parts in a computer. Everything has to work well together to actually have a good computer. On the other hand, there are obviously crucial parts like the processor or the video card, which will handle the brunt of the processing load. Fast storage and ample memory also helps. As for the power supply, I would argue that it actually ranks highly in terms of importance. It is synonymous to the heart of a person, as it pumps electricity around the whole computer to ensure everything has power to function. Today's review is of yet another small but mighty SilverStone SFX SX650-G 650W power supply. We have seen quite a few mini power supplies recently, and this one is no different. However, is it capable of pulling with the punches to deliver stable and reliable power? Hopefully today's report will shed some light into this topic, so read on to find out!

Western Digital to Use RISC-V for Controllers, Processors, Purpose-Built Platforms

From AnandTech: Western Digital recently announced plans to use the RISC-V ISA across its existing product stack as well as for future products that will combine processing and storage. The company plans to develop RISC-V cores internally and license them from third parties to use in its own controllers and SoCs, along with using third-party RISC-V based controllers. To develop the RISC-V ecosystem, Western Digital has already engaged in partnerships and investments in various companies working on RISC-V projects.

Norway becomes the first country to end nationwide FM radio

From CNET: Norway completed its transition to digital radio this week, making it the first country to shut down national FM radio broadcasts. The move began in January to allow for better sound quality and more channels. The digital system known as digital audio broadcasting (DAB) also reportedly functions at an eighth of the cost of traditional FM radio. The transition only involves national radio channels, and most local stations will still broadcast on FM.

MediaTek Claims First Health Biosensor for Smartphones

From EETimes: Claiming an industry first, MediaTek announced a biosensor that monitors six types of health functions — including tracking heart-rate information, blood-pressure trends, peripheral oxygen-saturation levels and more — from a smartphone.

The MediaTek Sensio MT6381 is a software and module package designed to deliver health data via optical, electrical and processing components. The customizable device will allow smartphone manufacturers to make handsets with health-monitoring functions while eliminating the need for multiple sensors, according to MediaTek.


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