Western Digital Reveals SweRV RISC-V Core, Cache Coherency over Ethernet Initiative

From AnandTech: Western Digital this week made three important announcements concerning its RISC-V-based processor initiative launched last year. The company introduced its own SweRV general-purpose core, its OmniXtend cache coherency over Ethernet technology, and the open-sourced SweRV Instruction Set Simulator (ISS). Western Digital expects that the hardware and software will be used for various solutions aimed at Big Data and Fast Data applications, including flash controllers and SSDs.

Apple Fixes Passcode, Remote Code Execution Flaws in iOS and macOS

From eWeek: Apple released a series of updates on Dec. 5 to its desktop and mobile operating systems, patching serious vulnerabilities that could have exposed users to risk.

Among the updates released by Apple are iOS 12.1.1, macOS Mojave 10.14.2 and Safari 12.0.2. The bugs fixed across the updates include privilege escalation, arbitrary code execution, memory corruption and denial-of-service flaws. In iOS 12.1.1, one of the most impactful issues patched is a passcode bypass one with the FaceTime conferencing application.

TSMC’s 7nm Node Supposedly Running Below Capacity

From ExtremeTech: When GlobalFoundries canceled its 7nm ramp this year, it did so because it claimed it hadn’t found enough customers to justify the investment. The overall impact on AMD, GF’s major customer, was apparently negligible — plans were already in the works to bring Epyc and Ryzen up on 7nm. But GlobalFoundries major justification for canceling 7nm was that there simply weren’t enough customers to go around. At the time, we asked whether we might see companies like AMD being squeezed into smaller ramps than they might like due to these issues.

AT&T announces a better 5G Samsung phone, less than 24 hours after the first one

From The Verge: AT&T will launch a second Samsung phone on its 5G network in 2019 in addition to the one it announced less than 24 hours ago, the company has confirmed. However, unlike the Samsung phone due in the first half of the year, this second 5G handset, due in the second half of the year, will be able to access sub-6GHz spectrum in addition to mmWave, according to an AT&T representative. It will be the third 5G device from AT&T overall if you count Netgear’s 5G mobile hotspot.

Bose Frames Are Augmented Reality Audio Sunglasses

From PC Mag: We're still a way off from augmented reality devices being an every day part of our lives, but Bose's new sunglasses are a subtle step towards that reality.

Bose Frames are sunglasses, but they're also a wearable audio device. Embedded in each arm of the glasses is a Bose speaker, and near the temple on the right arm is a microphone and multi-function button. The speakers are pointed backwards allowing them to fire audio into your ears without the need for earbuds.

Sensitive internal Facebook documents published by UK Parliament

From CNET: UK Parliament published excerpts from sensitive internal Facebook documents on Wednesday as part of its investigation into fake news and the fallout from the Cambridge Analytica data-sharing scandal.

NZXT Announces Limited Edition NZXT Pan Puck

From NZXT Press Release: NZXT and PUBG Corporation today announced that two icons of PC gaming, the NZXT Puck and the Pan from PUBG, are together at last. The perfect addition to any gaming battlestation, the NZXT Pan Puck will bash your cable management woes while securely storing any audio headset. With the NZXT Pan Puck your headset is always ready for when you drop into the heat of battle.

Xiaomi-backed Amazfit Verge fitness tracker is now available in the US

From The Verge: The Amazfit Verge fitness tracker, which was released in China this past September, is now available in the US. This is a good time for us to say that this watch isn’t affiliated with Amazon nor The Verge, as far as we know. Instead, the watch is made by Huami, a Xiaomi-backed Chinese wearables company that’s previously released its Amazfit Bip watch in the US.

YouTube Mobile Videos Will Now Play Automatically

From PC Mag: Love them or hate them, autoplay videos are coming to YouTube's mobile apps on Android and iOS. Google sees this as the perfect way to make previewing videos easier for viewers, but it's sure to divide opinion.

The feature Google is enabling in its YouTube mobile apps is called "Autoplay on Home," which has been available to YouTube Premium subscribers for over half a year. It will be switched on "over the next few weeks" and triggers videos to start playing automatically without audio and captions turned on in the YouTube Home tab.

Samsung will make a 5G smartphone for AT&T too

From CNET: Verizon Wireless isn't the only one jumping on the Samsung 5G bandwagon. AT&T wants in too.

AT&T, the nation's second-largest wireless carrier, announced Tuesday that, starting in the spring, it will carry a 5G Samsung smartphone. In addition, the Dallas-based carrier said it would work with Samsung to create a 5G "innovation zone" focused on manufacturing technology. The company has been deploying such 5G zones around the country to focus on different applications of the next-generation cellular technology.


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