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When I am not studying at university during the year, I work at a summer camp. Before the kids arrive in July, we have to facilitate different groups who use the camp as a retreat center. One thing this includes is a snack around nine o'clock at night, which is usually cookies. The last time I was working to help a group on the weekend, we had far less people who came than was reported to us. The kitchen made so many cookies for snack that night, it was wonderful. My eyes widened just like a kid in a candy store, and I had to exercise plenty of self-control to not just eat cookies until I felt sick. Even though I did not eat cookies until I felt sick, I still remember how easy it was as a kid to eat way too much candy or cookies. My eyes were much bigger than my stomach and so it was quite easy to overdo something. Thinking back to all those times when the sugar rush hits only to crash a while later is not something I want to experience again. There are other things that we so easily overdo as well, but I am sure tempered glass on a computer was not your first thought. Today, we have the FSP CMT510 computer chassis, which has not one, not two, but three tempered glass panels. It promises a stylish enthusiast grade look with all those panels. It even includes four RGB fans that you can control at the touch of a button. Three of those fans are at the front of the case, and one sits comfortably at the back. This case is definitely the conglomeration of all the recent trends in cases. But did it overdo tempered glass and RGB LEDs? Read on to find out!

SilverStone Essential Gold ET750-HG 750W (Page 1 of 4) | Reports

Recently, I have been thinking about how to avoid wasting money on unnecessary computer hardware. For computers, I think we should have one laptop and one desktop. The laptop is mostly for mobile productivity work, such as writing reports in the library or making a presentation of your project. Ideally, the laptop we have should be lightweight and low profile. However, it is very expensive to own a performance gaming laptop that is easy to carry. As for desktops, it is easier to achieve high gaming performance with lower cost. Therefore, if you really want to enjoy some PC games after productivity work, owning a gaming desktop computer is great. However, here comes the problem: If we have both laptop and desktop computers, there will be redundancy in certain components. For example, for most of the mainstream laptops, the CPU, memory, and SSD are not significantly different from their corresponding desktop components. What makes the desktop computer the de facto gaming option is the capability of using graphic cards. Therefore, in order to not to waste money on buying two computers, one could just buy a laptop computer and a console. If you do not think buying a gaming console is a good idea, then you can just build you own external GPU. The materials you will need to buy include the Thunderbolt to standard PCI Express adapter, a desktop PSU, and a desktop grade graphic card. Yes, you still have to get a desktop PSU to power your external GPU, and you definitely prefer to buy a budget one to save some bucks. For today’s review unit, the SilverStone Essential Gold ET750-HG 750W, it is not a costly PSU. Will it be a good choice for either traditional desktop computer build or a do-it-yourself gaming box build? Let us read on and find out.

Apple rejects Valve’s Steam Link game streaming app over ‘business conflicts’

From The Verge: Valve’s game streaming service Steam Link won’t be coming to iOS today, despite a successful Android beta launch earlier this month. According to the official Steam Database Twitter account, Apple rejected the Steam Link app over apparent “business conflicts with app guidelines.” Steam Link was first announced for mobile back in March, and the app functions as a remote desktop so users can access their Steam library of PC games from a mobile device and stream them directly for touchscreen play or for use with a Bluetooth controller.

PayPal Now Fully Integrates With Google Accounts

From PC Mag: Some would argue making payments even more seamless online is a bad thing because it's just so easy to buy all the things. But having to login to a payment service every time you click the purchase button is a hassle, so PayPal is making it easier for anyone who has a Google account.

PayPal already enjoys a relationship with Google, allowing users to pay using their PayPal account through Google Pay in stores, in apps, and online. But that partnership is now being extended to cover the entire Google ecosystem for anyone in the US.

HTC Vive Focus VR headset now connects with the U12 Plus phone

From CNET: HTC's newest phone, the HTC U12 Plus, was just revealed. And its newest mobile standalone VR headset, the Vive Focus, hasn't come to the US yet. But these two gadgets now intertwine just a bit thanks to HTC's newest software updates to Vive Focus. The news was announced Thursday at a Vive Ecosystem Conference in Shenzhen, China.

Amazon Rolls Out Live Tracking for All US Deliveries

From PC Mag: In November last year, Amazon started experimenting with a new delivery feature called Amazon Map Tracking. It allowed select customers to access live tracking information about the package they had ordered. It was possible to see the route your delivery driver was taking and how many stops there were before your package arrives.

This week, Amazon Map Tracking got rolled out for all Amazon deliveries within the US, giving customers considerably more information about what's happening to their order and when exactly it's going to arrive on their doorstep.

The new Gmail steals some great ideas and invents some fresh ones

From PC World: In April, Google launched its first major Gmail redesign since 2013, and in a sense it was an acknowledgement of all the ways Google had fallen behind.

Nvidia Shield updates to Android TV Oreo 8.0 with custom menus

From CNET: The expensive, geek-friendly Nvidia Shield TV streamer can pretty much do it all, but until now its menu system hasn't been as customizable as those of competitors Apple TV and Roku.

That changes with the latest software update, which brings the new version of Google's Android TV operating system, 8.0 aka Oreo, and with it a revamped home page.

EA Acquires GameFly's Cloud Gaming Tech

From PC Mag: This week, Electronic Arts announced the acquisition of GameFly's cloud gaming technology assets and personnel in what looks like a bid to take a more active role in offering access to games in the cloud.

For many, GameFly is remembered as a service offering game rentals by mail for a whole range of consoles and handheld hardware. More recently, the company targeted cloud gaming, offering a growing range of games playable through a set top box, streaming stick, or smart TV. The only other piece of kit required was a controller.

No, Asus didn't cancel Radeon-exclusive Arez GPUs

From PC World: On Monday, a slew of websites published news stories about the death of the Radeon-exclusive Arez GPU brand, which the @Asus_Arez Twitter account heralded in the wake of Nvidia ending the GeForce Partner Program. One problem: That account wasn’t run by Asus, as you could tell if you paid attention to the logo and actual words of the poorly faked Arez handle.


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