Facebook hit with housing discrimination charges by US government

From CNET: The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) on Thursday hit Facebook with charges that it violated the Fair Housing Act through targeted ads.

The charges follow an August 2018 complaint that alleged the social network lets landlords and home sellers engage in housing discrimination by excluding based on gender, enthicity, personal circumstances or where they live.

VIPER GAMING launches Viper VPN100 PCIe M.2 SSD for the extreme gameplay experience

From Patriot Press Release: VIPER GAMING, a trademarked brand of PATRIOT, today announced the release of its ultra-performance Viper VPN100 PCIe m.2 SSD (Solid State Drive) and has available capacities up to 2TB. The VPN100 is built using the latest Phison E12 PCIe Gen 3 x 4 NVMe controller to generate super-fast sequential Read and Write speeds. The VPN100 has been developed with a built-in aluminum heatshield with 6 single thermal fins to provide splendid heat dissipation under fierce PC workload.

EA is laying off 350 employees and ramping down operations in Japan and Russia

From The Verge: EA has confirmed that it’s laying off 350 of its 9,000 employees globally in a round of redundancies focused mainly on its marketing and publishing departments. The layoffs were announced in an email obtained by Kotaku from the company’s CEO Andrew Wilson. In a statement, the company later confirmed the layoffs, adding that it would be “ramping down our current presence in Japan and Russia.”

US Trade Judge Calls For Import Ban on Certain iPhones

From PC Mag: A US trade judge is recommending an import ban on certain iPhones for infringing a Qualcomm patent.

On Tuesday, judge MaryJoan McNamara of the US International Trade Commission issued the ruling, which found that Apple had infringed on a Qualcomm patent, No. 8,063,674, which involves a power-saving feature for mobile devices.

Qualcomm claims the import ban will forbid imports of iPhone 7 models up to the current iPhone XS products. That's because the devices' A10, A11, and A12 processors all infringe on the Qualcomm patent.

Uber expands cheap Ride Pass service to more cities

From CNET: Uber's subscription service is coming to more US cities.

The ride-sharing company is expanding Ride Pass, which starts at $15 and limits the cost of fares, it said in a blog post Tuesday.

The new locations include New York City, Dallas, San Diego, Seattle, San Antonio, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Orange County, Baltimore-Maryland, New Orleans, Nashville, Portland, Raleigh-Durham, St. Louis, Jacksonville and Memphis.

Intel Launching Updated 9th Gen CPUs With New Stepping, According to Asus

From Tom's Hardware: According to a statement from Asus, Intel will be launching refined variants of its 9th Gen Core processors for the 300 series platform very soon. The company stated that “Asus has released BIOS updates for all 300 series motherboards, adding support for the forthcoming 9th Generation Intel Core processors based on new stepping”. You can read the full release here.

Asus Acknowledges, Responds to Attack but Disputes Kaspersky Numbers

From ExtremeTech: Yesterday, Kaspersky Labs broke news that Asus has been infected by malware that it unwittingly pushed out to its own customers. Asus has responded to the news and acknowledged that it was affected, but it also disputes the number of customers that actually installed infected software.

Apple TV+ makes Facebook Watch look like a joke

From TechCrunch: Apple flexed its wallet today in a way Facebook has been scared to do. Tech giants make money by the billions, not the millions, which should give them an easy way to break into premium video distribution: buy some must-see content. That’s the strategy I’ve been advocating for Facebook but that Apple actually took to heart. Tim Cook wrote lines of zeros on some checks, and suddenly Steven Spielberg, JJ Abrams, Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston and Oprah became the well-known faces of Apple TV+.

Apple Arcade is a game subscription service for iPhones, Mac and Apple TV

From CNET: Apple is moving deeper into online gaming. The tech giant announced Monday that it'll offer a gaming subscription service through its App Store called Apple Arcade.

"With a single subscription you'll get access to over 100 new and exclusive games," Ann Thai, senior product manager for the App Store, said during an event at Apple's Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino, California. "You won't find these games on any other mobile platform or any other subscription service."

Apple News Plus isn’t a good deal for publishers, but it could have been worse

From The Verge: Last month, when terms of Apple’s new deal for journalism were announced, I warned that it looked like a bad deal for publishers. The company was asking for 50 percent of all revenue, and planned to pay on the basis of how frequently readers consumed a publisher’s articles. And just as on Facebook and Google News before it, publishers would get no control over the placement of their stories, or direct relationship with their subscribers.


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