T-Mobile's Pre-Launch 5G Network Results Are Encouraging

From PC Mag: T-Mobile is dense in the best way. Its upcoming 5G network in New York will take advantage of its unusually dense, existing network in Midtown to boost speeds over continuous stretches in a way Verizon hasn't been able to do yet in Chicago. That doesn't mean you should sign up now, though.

Huawei ban revoked by science publisher IEEE

From CNET: The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers on Sunday reversed restrictions it had slapped on Huawei last week, letting the Chinese company's scientists review its papers once again.

"Our initial, more restrictive approach was motivated solely by our desire to protect our volunteers and our members from legal risk," the US publisher wrote in its statement.

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Patriot Viper VPN100 512GB Review (Page 1 of 11)

If anyone were to name the fiercest format war in the history of consumer electronics, little will stray from the infamous VHS versus Betamax showdown in the 1970s. Although Betamax was a technically superior format with better audio and video quality, consumers generally valued long recording time, cheaper machines, and wide compatibility instead, resulting in VHS dominance for over 40 years. Many decades later in 2006, we saw a parallel in the rise of the second major format war between HD DVD and Bluray. By all means, Bluray was the decisive winner, but this was a hollow victory for Sony. This is because, although history books say Bluray won the war by 2008, the real winner was really internet streaming. I think the moral to the story is winning one niche is one thing, but the real disruptor could be something completely different. Back in the days, if you were to buy an SSD, it would be a 2.5" unit that connects to your motherboard via SATA. But it seems SATA's tradition of doubling its bandwidth every new revision was quickly overcome as manufacturers began to look for something way faster than anything it currently has or projected to offer. What did we end up with? How about connecting your SSD directly to the PCI Express interface with a logical interface? With NVMe SSDs in the last few years, we have witnessed performance like never before. Today, Patriot has their latest in the game with the Viper VPN100 512GB. With Phison's latest E12 controller for up to 3300MB/s read, a whopping 800TBW endurance rating, and a cool looking heatsink on top, is this the SSD for the enthusiast? Read on to find out!

FSP CMT340 Review (Page 1 of 4)

For many of us, doing things require purpose. We cannot start to do things without knowing what the goals are. In terms of traveling, I believe no one would start their journey without knowing the destination. At least for me, I would always start a road trip by setting up Google Maps. At church, the pastor teaches us our ultimate purpose in life should be serving God. Purpose is everywhere in our lives and some should never be changed. However, we have to admit we often fall short. Take me, for example. About two years ago, I got myself a gym membership. My original purpose was to go and shake some weight out. After a few times, I thought I could get some chicken wings since I had already burned lots of calories. This is because, according to my calculations, the calories I can possibly gain from a meal of chicken wings are always less than the number showing on the cardio treadmill after I finish my training routine. In theory, I should not gain any more weight. Eventually, going to gym became my excuse of eating chicken wings, as opposed to my original losing weight purpose. In fact, my weight was quite stable over the years, thanks to both the gym membership and the chicken wings. As for today's review unit, the FSP CMT340, the purpose of owning one is pretty simple and obvious: To build a computer with stunning RGB lighting effects without buying additional RGB fans and their corresponding RGB controller. This is because this computer case has both RGB fans and the RGB controller included. Want to find out how cool the FSP CMT340 will turn out after pushing the start button? Let us read on and find out!

Dropbox ups the storage of its paid plans, gets smarter about cleaning up old files

From The Verge: Dropbox is increasing the amount of storage you get with its paid tiers, and it’s adding a trio of new features to its service. Plus users will now get 2TB of storage compared to the 1TB they had previously, while subscribers to the Professional and Business plans will see their storage increase to 3TB and 5TB, up from 2TB and 3TB, respectively. Plus users will see a small price hike with the change: their rates will increase by $2 a month to $11.99. Pricing for Dropbox’s other plans is unchanged.

Google to Limit Chrome Feature Used by Ad Blockers

From PC Mag: Google is sticking with a plan that critics fear will cripple ad-blocking extensions on Chrome.

The company is set on limiting a key Chrome feature called the webRequest API, which is used by ad-blocking extensions to filter out content. Google is only making an exception for Chrome "enterprise deployments," which will retain full access to the API, the tech giant disclosed in developer forum last week.

BlackBerry Messenger shuts down: What you need to know

From CNET: The consumer version of Blackberry Messenger is shutting down today.

Friday is the last day for users to download photos, videos and files so they're not lost. Contacts, Stickers and Feeds can't be exported. BBM is offering refunds for Stickers but not for BBMojis. Reward balances had to be collected by May 20.

BBM tweeted a goodbye Friday morning to remind users of the shutdown and to suggest that they check out BBM Enterprise as a replacement on iOS and Android. The app will be free the first year. Then a six-month subscription will cost $2.49.

Thermaltake Announces New PSU, Gaming Gears, and Updated DPS G APP

From Thermaltake Press Release: Thermaltake introduces the New Toughpower PF1 ARGB Platinum Series and Toughpower GF1 ARGB Gold Series Fully Modular with 80 PLUS Certified (Platinum and Gold efficiency) Power Supply Units. The new lineup highlights premium components, coming with patented 16.8-million-color Riing Duo 14 RGB fan to give seven lighting modes (Wave, Spiral, Flow, Heartbeats Ripple, Full lighted, Spectrum and a LED Off mode) by pressing the RGB Lighting button and built-in memory function.

Microsoft will distribute more Xbox titles through Steam and finally support Win32 games

From The Verge: Microsoft says it’s committed to supporting competing PC game stores and it’s announcing today that it will distribute more Xbox Game Studios titles through Valve’s Steam marketplace. Typically, Microsoft has distributed its games through only Xbox Live on its game console platform and through its own Windows storefront on PC. Now, Microsoft says it wants to better support player choice and let customers buy games in more than one destination on PC.


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