Honeywell's Smart Home Security system and Alexa speaker hits stores

From CNET: Honeywell's $450 Smart Home Security Starter Kit is now on sale, the company announced Wednesday. You can get the DIY home security system at Lowe's, Best Buy and Home Depot, as well as on Amazon and on Honeywell's online store.

We first heard about Honeywell's vaguely named Indiegogo-funded "Smart Home Security system" last November. The security camera "Base Station" is the core of the system. It features a 1080p HD live streaming camera with geofencing, facial recognition -- and a built-in Amazon Alexa speaker.

iPhone dual-SIM references discovered in latest iOS 12 beta

From The Verge: Rumors of a dual-SIM iPhone first emerged earlier this year, and now Apple’s own iOS 12 is backing up the reports. A new “iPhone X Plus” is rumored to include a 6.5-inch OLED display and dual-SIM support in certain regions. 9to5Mac reports that iOS 12 developer beta 5, released yesterday, includes references to dual-SIM support. The operating system even mentions a second physical SIM tray, meaning an iPhone with dual-SIM support might not be restricted to a single SIM tray and eSIM support.

Logitech Buys Blue Microphones

From PC Mag: Logitech is a company all about peripherals and accessories for your computer, and this week the range of product categories it covers expanded through the acquisition of Blue Microphones.

If you haven't heard of Blue, chances are you've heard audio recorded through the company's microphones in YouTube videos or podcasts. It's also impossible not to notice Blue's products due to the very eye-pleasing design of the microphones, which cater to your typical desktop users right through to profesisonal studio setups.

Nintendo Switch sales nearly hit 20 million as software boosts profits

From CNET: The Nintendo Switch has sold 19.67 million units and strong software has boosted the company's profits, its quarterly earnings report revealed Tuesday.

The Switch, which launched in March 2017, sold 1.88 million units between April and the end of June. Its software sold 17.96 million units in the same period. This represents a 4.4 percent drop for the console and a 120.8 percent increase for software on a year-on-year basis.

Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition Now Ships With Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

From PC Mag: The sales figures for laptops would have you believe there's only really two operating systems available: laptops running Windows 10 and Apple's MacBook range running macOS. But there's a third option in the form of Linux, and one of the most well-known computer companies ships a premium laptop running a version of it.

YouTube dark mode rolls out for Android devices

From CNET: YouTube for Android finally rolled out a dark mode over the weekend, months after it came to iOS.

The dimmer display option -- which offers an easier viewing experience in low-light conditions -- is being automatically applied as it arrives on Android devices, according to 9to5google.

It can be turned on and off manually through a toggle in the Settings menu, under General. For more details on dark mode, check out our guide.

The Android rollout is still happening, but is spreading widely enough that it's unlikely to be a test.

Amazon is working on a new Prime Video interface

From The Verge: Amazon is planning a redesign of its mobile Prime Video interface. During the company’s presentation yesterday at the Television Critics Association press tour — in which Amazon released a slew of updates regarding some of its upcoming television projects — Amazon Studio head Jen Salke was asked if the company was working on a new phone, according to The Wrap. She indicated that she’s not only seen a prototype with a new interface, but that she has one in her office.

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D-Link DIR-867 Review (Page 1 of 5)

I was driving home one night with my friend when I noticed flashing red and blue in my rear-view mirror. "Crap," I told my friend. "Guess I got caught red handed." A police officer walks up to my car after I pulled over. "Do you know how fast you are going?" Being careful in what I say, I politely asked her to tell me what she got. "I caught you going at least 115 to 120km/h. License and registration please." After handing over my documents, she went back to her police cruiser. A minute or so passed by and she came back with my documents. "I am going to let you off with a warning," she said. "Please slow down and drive safely." Back on the road, my friend was rather surprised at how I just got off with a warning while driving a rather significant amount over the speed limit. "She does not have my speed," I explained. "Her radar is not on and she did not have enough time to pace me. Also, their impression of you will determine whether you get a ticket or not." While I will admit I was incredibly lucky I got off with a warning regardless of the circumstances surrounding it, here is my main takeaway from this story: Numbers tell a part of the story, but real life determines the outcome in rather unpredictable ways. Recently, D-Link send us a new product from their budget line, the DIR-867 AC1750 MU-MIMO wireless router, for review. AC1750 may be the lowest rated 802.11ac specification we have ever looked at here at APH Networks, but how will it perform in real life? Will it give us any surprises, like how I unexpectedly got off speeding with a warning? Read on to find out!

Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML120R RGB Review (Page 1 of 4)

I recently purchased a Santoku knife to use as a daily general purpose knife. If you know who I am, I often take a lot of time to research purchases like this, especially as I do want these things to last a long time. Originally, my plan was to get a chef's knife. The main difference between the two is the motion of the chopping. A chef's knife is best used in a rocking motion due to its curved cutting edge, while a Santoku has a flatter edge and should be used with a chop-chop, up-down motion. I realized I could not be entirely sure of what I wanted between the two until I had them in my hands, so I went into a local knife store to try them out. I asked many questions, including information about storing them and how the knives compared across the brands. I finally decided on a cheaper Victorinox Santoku because it was a knife from a solid company and with good reviews for this particular knife. After paying, the person helping me asked, "Are you in the industry?" I laughed, as it seemed my research into knives made me look more seasoned than I actually am. If she saw me actually work in the kitchen, she probably would take that question back. Clearly, anyone can look really good with research and informed questions, but what makes it stand out as actually professional is their performance. When it comes to products, this is a very similar story, as specifications on sheets can only speak so much in comparison to their actual functionality. How does the Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML120R RGB perform today, and is it a capable cooler? Let us read on to find out!


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