Firefox browser helps make Qualcomm-powered PCs more useful

From CNET: If you have that rarity in the PC market, a laptop powered by a Qualcomm processor and not the more common Intel chip, you can now use the Firefox web browser on it.

Mozilla on Thursday released a beta version of Firefox for computers based on Qualcomm's Snapdragon chips for laptops. The nonprofit hopes its browser will graduate from beta test to release quality in the next two months.

LG patents a transparent foldable phone

From The Verge: LG has been granted US patent 10,254,863, as noted by Let’s Go Digital, which sets out one potential vision for foldable phones — and it involves a mostly transparent display. Filed in 2015, this patent is just a hint at how long tech companies have been mulling foldables, as well as how weird and outlandish their concepts have been. The idea with this one is that you’d have one half of the device with an adjustable transparency, with the other half having some transparent portion and an opaque section to accommodate its battery.

Apple Quietly Drops $99 Mac Data Migration Fee

From PC Mag: Visiting an Apple Store to purchase a new Mac got $99 cheaper this month if part of that purchase required store staff perform a data migration for you. That's because Apple has quietly dropped the charge.

As TidBits reports, it used to be the case that if you took an old Mac in for repair, or purchased a new Mac and wanted the files from your old one transferring over, Apple would charge $99 to do it for you. However, tech consultant David Price discovered this month that the charge he expected to pay had been removed.

USB 4 will resurrect those ever-so-useful USB hubs

From CNET: The upcoming USB 4 will restore a useful feature we lost with the technology's modernization: USB hubs that let you multiply the utility of a single port on your PC.

Firefox expands anti-tracking features with browser fingerprint blocking

From The Verge: Firefox is testing a new anti-tracking feature that will prevent sites from being able to “fingerprint” your browser and track you, even after you’ve cleared your cookies. In addition, the browser will now explicitly block cryptocurrency mining scripts that attempt to hijack your computer’s resources in order to mine digital currency. Both features will initially be available in the browser’s nightly and beta builds for testing.

Netflix Drops Apple AirPlay Support

From PC Mag: Apple's effort to bring AirPlay support to third-party TVs is a nice perk for consumers—unless you're trying to stream Netflix from your iPhone to the TV.

Last week, Netflix's iOS app mysteriously dropped support for Apple AirPlay, citing "technical limitations." However, the company didn't elaborate at all, prompting many to wonder if Netflix had (another) beef with Apple. It was only last month when Apple announced its own ambitious plan to enter the streaming wars with Apple TV+, which will arrive via an iOS update in May.

Motorola's 5G phone may be a first, but a foldable Razr is a more important win

From CNET: Motorola can boast about making the first commercial phone running on a live 5G network, but I'd bet money that its rumored foldable update to the iconic Razr phone will be leave the most lasting mark. Both are key devices in 2019's mobile story, a landscape that's in the midst of tremendous evolution.

FSP Announces new Hydro PTM+ 850W 80 Plus Platinum liquid cooled PSU

From FSP Press Release: FSP, one of the leading manufacturers of power supplies in the world is pleased to announce its second liquid-cooled power supply, the Hydro PTM+ 850W. With the success of the Hydro PTM+ 1200W, the Hydro PTM+ 850W gives enthusiast gamers the ability to unleash the complete performance of their PC while remaining both a cool and silent PSU. During normal desktop use, watching movies, and light gaming, the Hydro PTM+ 850W remains completely silent as it can be passively cooled until 425W.

iPhone rumors now claim two OLED models with triple-camera arrays for 2019

From The Verge: This year’s successor to the 5.8-inch iPhone XS could have a 6.1-inch screen and three cameras on its rear, a new report from Macotakara claims (via 9to5Mac). The increase would bring the size of the phone’s OLED screen in line with this year’s cheaper iPhone XR, which has an LCD display. The report also claims that the phones will continue to use a Lightning connector, but they will include a USB-C to Lightning cable and 18W fast charger in the box for the first time.

AMD to Power Business Laptops With New Ryzen, Athlon Pro Chips

From PC Mag: AMD's newest chip lineup promises to give business laptops up to 12 hours of battery life and a boost in graphics processing power.

The company's second-generation Ryzen Pro and Athlon Pro mobile processors, announced today, are built with Radeon Vega graphics technology. The four chips are slated to arrive in commercial notebooks starting this quarter from vendors including HP and Lenovo.


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