Phanteks introduces the new PH-TC12LS RGB CPU Cooler

From Phanteks Press Release: Phanteks today announced the new PH-TC12LS RGB CPU Cooler. The already popular CPU cooler now gets a new illumination upgrade from the award-winning Halos RGB fan frame.

Intel's 3D Chip Stacking Tech Aims For Smaller, Power-Efficient PCs

From PC Mag: Intel's latest advancement in chip-making is focused on packing the silicon together to create a lean, power-efficient PC.

On Wednesday, the company debuted a new manufacturing technology called "Foveros" that overhauls a PC's internal guts by fabricating the microprocessors on top of each other.

No longer does all the silicon need to be laid out on a flat board; space can be saved by bringing the chip manufacturing to the third-dimension and laying out one processor on another in stacks.

Epic Is Already Announcing Exclusives for Its Game Store

From ExtremeTech: Epic Games is riding high on the success of Fortnite, which is currently the most popular title in the world by most measures. The company decided recently that gave it enough clout to take on Steam, the largest and best-supported source for PC games. Epic’s storefront launched recently with just a handful of games, but it’s already announcing some exclusive titles that could lure players away from Steam.

Amazon warehouse workers push to unionize in NYC

From The Verge: Employees working in Amazon’s new Staten Island fulfillment center have announced their intention to unionize, reports Bloomberg. Through a partnership with the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union (RWDSU), the employees said that they’re aiming to address numerous issues, including safety concerns, lengthy unpaid security checks, unreasonable hourly quotas, and insufficient breaks.

Report: Marriott Data Breach Part of Chinese Spy Campaign

From PC Mag: Chinese state hackers may have been responsible for the massive Marriott data breach, which exposed the personal information of up to 500 million guests, according to a new report from The New York Times.

Apple may be working on cellular modem chips in-house

From CNET: Your future iPhone might have a home-grown cell modem in it.

Apple's looking to hire a lead designer for a cell modem platform, according to a job listing it recently posted. A story in The Information (subscription required) brought attention to the job posting and also said a source with knowledge about Apple's plans affirmed there's an internal project for developing its own communications hardware.

Apple didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

Intel's New 10nm Sunny Cove Architecture Announced: Trouble For AMD Ryzen In 2019?

From Forbes: Intel has announced a new 10nm microarchitecture, codenamed Sunny Cove, which will launch in 2019 and finally allow the company to deliver a smaller manufacturing process to desktop and laptop CPUs on a big scale, potentially putting it on a collision course with AMD's Ryzen 3000-series CPUs next year.

Lyft has eaten into Uber’s U.S. market share, new data suggests

From Recode: Last Thursday, it looked as though Lyft would be the first ride-hailing unicorn to go public, after it confidentially filed a draft form for an IPO. But its bigger competitor, Uber, eliminated Lyft’s lead the following day when its own plans to go public were reported. Both are expected to hit the public markets as soon as the first quarter of 2019.

So where do they stand?

ARCTIC releases new P-Fan Series

From ARCTIC Press Release: ARCTIC has expanded its range of case fans with the new P Series. The high-static pressure fan line consists of six models, each available in 120mm and 140mm versions. The P-Fans are engineered to maximize the cooling potential of radiators. Their newly designed fan blades enable a focused airflow, which makes them an ideal choice on heatsinks and radiators with higher air resistance.

Dell Going Public On Dec. 28 Following Shareholder Approval Vote

From CRN: It’s the dawn of a new day at Dell Technologies. The infrastructure giant is set to become a public company on Dec. 28, 2018, after more than 61 percent of shareholders approved the company’s bid to become public through a VMware stock swap.


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