AT&T Celebrates 50 Days of Its Mysterious Mobile 5G

From PC Mag: AT&T supposedly launched its millimeter-wave, 5G network with a Netgear 5G hotspot in December 2018. But any independent confirmation that real people are using that network has been hard to come by. Now the company has identified one customer and says it's doing better on speeds than before.

AT&T now claims that its 5G hotspots "have experienced speeds in the range of 200-300 megabits per second—and even as high as 400 megabits per second ... [but that] does not represent average speeds. Speeds vary and may be lower."

Instagram direct messaging could be coming to browsers, desktop

From CNET: Instagram's apparently working on making its direct messaging available on desktop apps and web browsers.

Tipster Jane Manchun Wong tweeted screenshots of browser-based and desktop versions of Instagram Direct on Tuesday, before noting that the Facebook-owned social media service had disabled access to the prototype she'd found.

Instagram has traditionally been mobile-focused, but last month Facebook said it plans to merge the backends of its messaging services, letting Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram users message each other without switching apps.

NZXT HUE 2: New Sizes of LED Strips for the Ultimate Customization

From NZXT Press Release: NZXT today announces two new sizes of RGB LED strips for the HUE 2 RGB lighting kit, powered by CAM. Available now in 200mm and 250mm, the new sizes expand the HUE 2 ecosystem to over 10 different RGB products, giving PC builders even more ways to mix-and-match their RGB accessories for a better fit, no matter the case size!

Hue 2 Ecosystem:

Apple Patent Describes Unlocking a Vehicle With Face ID

From PC Mag: A patent filed by Apple back in 2017 has recently been made public. The contents suggests that Apple is, or at least was, thinking about using its Face ID biometric security system to control entry to vehicles, and in the process removing the need for a key or fob.

As 9To5Mac reports, the patent in question is entitled "System and method for vehicle authorization." It describes a system where by, just like with an iPhone, a vehicle could be unlocked simply by walking up and looking at it. The car would recognize the owner's face and unlock the doors.

Amazon is buying mesh router company Eero

From The Verge: Amazon has announced that it’s acquiring Eero, the maker of mesh home routers. Amazon says buying Eero will allow the company to “help customers better connect smart home devices.” It will certainly make Alexa-compatible gadgets easier to set up if Amazon also controls the router technology. Financial terms of the deal are not being disclosed.

Google Fi SIM cards now available at Best Buy stores

From CNET: SIM cards for Google Fi, Google's own Wi-Fi-first phone network, will now be available in over 500 Best Buy locations, Google announced Monday. Launched to the public in 2016, Google Fi has mostly operated online, sending its SIM cards through the mail. The fact that users can now purchase its SIM cards at another major retailer in brick-and-mortar stores is a notable change that will broaden the reach and accessibility of the network.

New iPhones to stick with Lightning over USB-C, claims report

From The Verge: Apple’s 2019 iPhone models will be equipped with a Lightning connector rather than a USB-C port, according to a report from Macotakara (via 9to5Mac). Previous reports had claimed that Apple was testing “some versions” of this year’s phone with a USB-C connector. Last year, Macotakara, which has connections to both the Asian supply chain and Asian accessory manufacturers, successfully predicted that the 2018 iPad Pro would drop Lightning in favor of USB-C.

Twitter's Trails Snapchat, Dwarfed by Facebook In Daily Active Users

From PC Mag: Twitter has long relied on monthly active user (MAU) metrics in earnings reports to talk about its platform growth, or lack thereof. But as user growth has flattened and begun to decline, the social media company finally disclosed its daily active user numbers.

OnePlus to show off 5G phone prototype at MWC 2019

From CNET: This year and 2020 promise to be big years for 5G. Not only do we expect carriers to roll out the next generation of high-speed mobile networks, we also anticipate a crop of new 5G phones that will work on said networks. One in particular is a prototype 5G phone from OnePlus, which the company plans to showcase at this year's Mobile World Congress.

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