Android P will reportedly have a new look and embrace the notch

From The Verge: Google still has some serious work to do to get its most recent Android version to users — only 1.1 percent of Android users are using Oreo — but the company is already hard at work on Android P, which we’re starting to hear the first rumors about in a new report from Bloomberg.

Amazon reportedly paid $90M for security camera company Blink

From CNET: At the end of 2017, Amazon bought security startup Blink, which makes cameras and doorbells.

The acquisition reportedly cost Amazon about $90 million, Reuters said on Monday, citing people familiar with the matter.

The tech giant hopes to do more with the company than simply sell smart home cameras, under its brand, the site reported. Instead, it wants to use the chips exclusive to Blink to lower production costs and lengthen the battery life of other gadgets. This will start with the Amazon Cloud Cam, and eventually extend to its Echo speaker line.

Mario Kart Tour Is 'Free to Start'

From PC Mag: Nintendo decided to finally embrace smartphone gaming back in 2016 when it released Super Mario Run. That game was free to download and play, but unlocking all the content required a payment. Then, more recently, we got Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp which was also free, but generates revenue from players buying Leaf Tickets through microtransactions.

The next game Nintendo is set to release for smartphones is Mario Kart Tour, and it looks as though the free-to-play with microtransactions model is set to continue.

Do you use sleep-assistant gadgets?

Yes, they're awesome
4% (5 votes)
No, it makes matters worse
25% (31 votes)
What the heck is that?
71% (87 votes)
Total votes: 123

Tesoro Gram SE Spectrum Review

After writing gaming keyboard reviews for a while, I cannot help to ask myself: What is the most important metric we can use to evaluate a gaming keyboard design? To answer this question, a lot of things come to my mind. For example, we often start with the outside look of the keyboard, then we move on to the key caps and switches. Finally, there has to be a part about the actual user experience. However, in the real world, there is only one thing that matters at the end of the day instead of how I, as a reviewer, think of the product: The market response. A well-designed gaming keyboard should make as many people as satisfied as possible. If that sounds vague, let me put in this way. In order to allow more people to enjoy the keyboard, there must be some options people can choose from. For instance, if we have options in terms of the color, switches, and RGB lighting effects of the keyboard, then it will be easier for the customers to find their preferences, and consequently more keyboards can be sold. For today’s review unit, the Tesoro Gram SE Spectrum, it allows the customers to choose either white or black for color and either blue or red for switches. The RGB on the keyboard is fully adjustable as well. More importantly, the keyboard also comes with four switches of the other type. That is, if you buy a blue switch keyboard, there will be four red switches included in the package, and vice versa. It surely provides lots of options to customers. The only question is, how does this product feel when we actually start to use it? Let us read on and find out.

CRYORIG H7 Quad Lumi Review (Page 1 of 4)

A month ago, we looked at the word "extra". To me, I would define it as over the top or excessive. However, today we look at a word at another word: Basic. What does a basic person look like? To me, a basic person is someone who is only interested with mainstream or popular trends. For example, a basic girl could be qualified as a female in Lululemon yoga pants, drinking a pumpkin spice latte, while posting a picture of her time to Instagram with a "#fallweather #starbucks #PSLife #drinksonme #<3" caption below. Basic boys would probably be doing something similar too. This is not to say these aforementioned things are bad, as I like a pumpkin spice latte once in a while. However, following in these trends can cause you to blend into the crowd with many other people rather than standing out. It is no reason why today when we received the CRYORIG H7 Quad Lumi, the first thing I thought was, "Man, this cooler is so basic". While you could say it actually looks basic in the sense it looks like every other cooler, I think it also follows the trend of having RGB lighting. This cooler takes the original CRYORIG H7 and adds two areas of rainbow lights in addition to a notable design change in the cooling department. On an aside, since not many other heatsinks have colorful lights directly on it, you could say this thing is also very extra. So, how do all these changes affect the core purpose of a CPU cooler, which is to keep the processor cool? And is its implementation of rainbow lighting basic or extra? Let us read on to find out!

Report: Alphabet Is Buying Chelsea Market for Over $2B

From PC Mag: Back in late 2010, Google acquired 111 Eighth Avenue to act as the company's New York headquarters. The building is huge, with some 2.9 million square feet of usable space making it bigger even than Apple's new spaceship office construction. However, Google wants more space, and it settled on leasing from the Chelsea Market across the street.

Now, as The Real Deal reports, Google is about to go a step further and acquire the entire Chelsea Market building for a price north of $2 billion.

Apple rolls out live news in TV app for iOS and Apple TV

From The Verge: Apple’s TV app now supports live news, a feature first shown off on stage at the September event that saw the announcement of the Apple TV 4K. US viewers should now see live news sources appear in the TV app for iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. 9to5Mac spotted the update.

Initial news sources include CNN, CBS, Fox News, Bloomberg, CNBC, and Cheddar, all appearing in the primary Watch Now section of the app on iOS and tvOS 11.2.5. The TV app also got support for live sports programming with an update back in December.

VLC 3.0 launches for all platforms, gets Chromecast support

From CNET: If there's one video player to rule them all, it's the VLC media player with its familiar traffic cone icon, and the media player is back with a massive update.

The new version of the media player, VLC 3.0, will be available on all platforms at the same time: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux and even Apple TV and Android TV.

Google to 'Supercharge' Nest by Absorbing It

From PC Mag: Nest Labs will no longer develop smart home products as a mere subsidiary of Alphabet. It's joining Google, which intends to integrate its technology into Nest products.

"The goal is to supercharge Nest's mission," Google said in a Wednesday blog post.

Both Alphabet subsidiaries have already been integrating their hardware and software products together. But moving forward, Google's AI and voice assistant technology will be "at the core" of new products developed under the Nest line.


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