US reportedly no longer demands Huawei ban from Germany

From CNET: The US reportedly changed its tune in the weeks since it threatened to limit intelligence sharing with Germany if the country failed to drop Huawei from its 5G rollout.

Senior US officials are "highly satisfied" with Germany's regulations setting strict 5G security standards, regardless of the provider, newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung reported Sunday, citing anonymous German government sources.

How much time per day do you spend on YouTube?

Less than 1 hour
57% (90 votes)
1 to 2 hours
28% (44 votes)
More than 2 hours
15% (24 votes)
Total votes: 158

V-MODA BassFit Wireless Review (Page 1 of 4)

As a citizen of a free and democratic society, I have voted in every single election I could since I turned 18. I used to enjoy watching political campaigns, but in the last little while, I have noticed a dramatic shift in the way people do politics. When I was a kid long before I could vote, I remember campaigns were a debate of policy. The underlying principle is while candidates differ on how to make society better, they had a common goal and a mutual respect for each other. Nowadays, things are different here in Canada. Instead of policy debates, some politicians and parties simply resort to digging up decades-old material, quoting others out of context, or a combination of both to slander their opponents to try to convince the public how terrible they are as a person when in fact they are not. In many ways, I find character assassinating others because they are competing with you for a job is sick. Maybe this is why politics and politicians, once something of admirable calling, have such a bad name in today's world. Another thing that has a bad name in today's world -- at least for audiophiles -- is any product with "bass" in its name. More often than not, they are low quality electronics that blasts muffled low frequency noise and nothing else for fake enthusiasts who know nothing about sound. When V-MODA announced their BassFit Wireless, I caught myself raising an eyebrow. On one hand, I have great respect for the company because I know they produce quality products; on the other hand, I still could not get away from the fact anything with "bass" in its name is probably a terrible product. Will the BassFit Wireless redeem the name? Read on to find out!

Seasonic S12III 500W (Page 1 of 4) | Reports

As I may have mentioned in a previous review, I used to help out in our church's junior high youth group. One recent Friday, I was asked to help out with driving a bunch of the senior high students to and from a bowling alley. Later in the evening, a group of them huddled by a claw game that guaranteed a prize with every attempt. Unfortunately, the operator of the claw missed their intended target and wound up grabbing some pitiful pink and purple plush. As I drove them back and we arrived at the church parking lot, one by one they left the car to their waiting parents. However, they all seemingly "forgot" the plush and left it in my backseat. I decided to return the favor by putting it in one of their mailboxes, expecting I would never see it again. Fast forward to the second last weekend in March and I was helping out with the youth group again. On the first night of the camp, one of the girls came up to me and ominously told me to watch out for my bag before running off. I had no idea what she was talking about until the next day during lunch. I had taken my camera for photos and was about to put it in my bag when I looked in and the plush castle was nestled at the bottom. As shocked as I was, I immediately recalled what the girl was talking about and laughed while the rest of the youth had no idea what was happening. When Seasonic decided to send us their S12III, there was some familiarity from the name. However, it has been ten years since we have seen this moniker in the S12D. Now we have it with us, what sort of surprises are there in this unit, or is it more of the same Seasonic we have seen for a while now? Let us read on to find out!

Google patches ads into Android TV home screens without warning

From The Verge: Users of multiple popular Android TV devices have discovered that ads are appearing on their home screens. XDA-Developers reports that the new “Sponsored” channel has been spotted on Sony smart TVs, Xiaomi’s Mi Box 3, and the Nvidia Shield TV.

The ads started appearing with a recent update to the Android TV operating system, and users have not reported being warned about them ahead of time. One Reddit thread noted that the ads had appeared on a Sony 900F, which has a starting price of $999.99.

Report: Amazon Alexa Earbuds to Compete With AirPods

From PC Mag: Apple's "courage" in removing the headphone jack from the iPhone happened too early for most wireless earbuds manufacturers, including Apple itself. Now we're enjoying the second generation of the AirPods, but Apple looks set to get some new competition from one of the biggest players in the smart device category: Amazon.

Panasonic G95 wants to be your camera for YouTube as well as Instagram

From CNET: Panasonic makes some great cameras, but they all tend to skew one way or the other: the Lumix G and GX series towards photo enthusiasts and the GH series towards prosumer videographers. Its new Lumix G95 brings some of the more important video features into the fold, in the hopes of luring vloggers who want a single camera to fill all their video and photo needs.

Panasonic intends to offer only kits in the US, at least initially, with the 12-60mm f3.5-5.6 lens. When it ships in May, the G95 kit will cost $1,199 (directly converted, about £917, AU$1,685).

WhatsApp Business app for iOS begins worldwide rollout

From The Verge: WhatsApp Business, a version of the messaging app that lets small businesses connect with their customers, is now rolling out worldwide on iOS. The free app launched on iOS last month but only in a limited number of countries. WhatsApp Business has been available on Android since last year.

Apple HomePod Now Costs $299

From PC Mag: If you're in the market for a new smart speaker, then Apple just made the HomePod a little more enticing by dropping the official price down to $299.

Apple launched the HomePod smart speaker back in Feb. 2018 with a retail price of $349, which makes it significantly more expensive than most other smart speakers. That includes Google Home and Amazon's Echo Plus or Echo Show. However, as 9To5Mac reports, today the HomePod price was reduced by 15 percent.

Xiaomi's phones had a security flaw preinstalled on millions of devices

From CNET: One of China's largest phone makers had a glaring security flaw for hackers to pounce on, researchers said.

On Thursday, security researchers from Check Point disclosed a vulnerability with Xiaomi's phones, stemming from its preinstalled Guard Provider app. The app is intended to be a security feature -- with three antivirus programs packed inside to detect malware. Those antivirus scanners included Avast, AVL and Tencent.

But the security feature introduced a vulnerability, Check Point researcher Slava Makkaveev said.


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