G.SKILL Demonstrates DDR4-4800 16GB(2x8GB) and DDR4-4500 32GB(4x8GB) Kits For Intel Z390 Motherboards

From G.Skill Press Release: G.SKILL International Enterprise Co., Ltd. demonstrates two extreme DDR4 RGB specifications on the latest Intel Z390 chipset, including DDR4-4800MHz CL19 16GB (2x8GB) and DDR4-4500MHz CL19 32GB (4x8GB). Both kits are built with high performance Samsung DDR4 B-die ICs and provide the fastest XMP speed of each capacity configuration.

Break Into New Dimensions with MSI Z390 Motherboards

From MSI Press Release: MSI is proud to announce the availability of new motherboards with the Intel Z390 chipset alongside the launch of 9th Generation Intel Core Processors. Beginning this generation, MSI motherboards will follow revamped naming rules that align products with feature segments. Overclockers, gamers, content creators, and professionals can now more easily make the perfect choice from the MEG, MPG or MAG series as well as the existing PRO Series.

GIGABYTE Launches Z390 AORUS Gaming Motherboards

From Gigabyte Press Release: GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co. Ltd has officially launched its Z390 AORUS Gaming motherboards, optimized for users to skyrocket the new 8-core Intel® Core™ i9-9900K processors to 5GHz+ across all cores via overclocking. With a true 12 phase digital VRM design and robust heat dissipation, the latest iteration of AORUS Gaming motherboards offer exceptional power and temperature management for maximizing the performance and overclocking potential of these new processors.

ASUS Launches Intel Z390 Series Motherboards

From ASUS Press Release: Almost exactly one year after introducing six-core Coffee Lake processors alongside Z370 motherboards, Intel® is back with more cores, higher clocks and the new Z390 chipset. The new 9th Generation Intel Core™ processor family offers up to eight cores and 16 threads of parallel processing horsepower that’s perfect for content creation, heavy multitasking, and other demanding workloads.

G.SKILL Announces Double Capacity DDR4 with Trident Z RGB DC Series 32GBx2 Memory Kits

From G.Skill Press Release: G.SKILL International Enterprise Co., Ltd is excited to announce Trident Z RGB DC series DDR4 64GB (32GBx2) memory kits. Utilizing the latest Double Capacity DIMM technology closely developed with ASUS, the Trident Z RGB DC series DDR4 memory is able to provide double the maximum capacity of DDR4 UDIMM modules on select ASUS Z390 chipset motherboards.

NZXT Announced the N7 Z390 ATX Motherboard

From NZXT Press Release: NZXT today announces the N7 Z390, its newest motherboard designed around Intel’s Z390 chipset and supporting the latest Intel 9th Gen CPUs. With the new N7 everything you need to build a stunning and powerful gaming PC is available right out-of-the-box.

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Ballistix Tactical Tracer RGB PC4-24000 4x8GB Review (Page 1 of 10)

A few months ago, I was at Home Depot to buy a new external vent cover to replace an old cracked unit on the side of my house. As I was walking by the store to look for a rather economical $5 part, I passed through the appliances section and could not help but to pay attention to the stainless steel French door GE fridge with a "clearance" tag on it. I have been unofficially looking for a new fridge in a while; not that there was anything wrong with my current one, I just wanted a stainless steel French door fridge that was 33 inches in width. The price was right, too: For $1300 Canadian dollars, it was not long before I found myself handing over my American Express to the friendly man at the counter. Did I just spend $1300 on a fridge when all I was planning to do was to spend the change I had in my pocket? As I reflect on this 26,000% over budget trip to Home Depot, I was also reminded of another scenario where we started with one thing and ended up with another. It all started with someone putting a side window in a computer case. Cold cathode lights soon came along. Before long, more and more parts became illuminated, and people began to think one color was not enough. It did not take long until RGB LEDs started appearing in everything from case fans to mousepads to RAM. Long gone were the days memory was on a plain green PCB as we hail the RGB LED equipped RAM. With more and more manufacturers jumping into the list, Crucial is not going to be left out. The Ballistix Tactical Tracer RGB PC4-24000 4x8GB promises advanced performance along with some eye candy. What is it like in real life? Read on to find out!

Cooler Master CK550 Review

When I was a little kid, I was a very picky eater. One of the foods I did not like at all was cheese. I would eat a pizza with cheese on it, but I would not eat other stuff with the yellow substance. One day, I remember someone was going to be bringing burgers from a fast food place and I just wanted a plain burger. However, when the meal arrived, they were all cheeseburgers. Now, to a little kid this is devastating, which was really stupid. I ended up eating the cheeseburger and it was great! I did not like the change at first, but I realized how silly it was. Change at first always seems much worse than it really is, but moving forward or changing to something new can be very good. When I first received the Cooler Master CK550, I was excited that the red switch version arrived, but disappointed that it was Gateron and not Cherry MX. This disappointment was ill-founded, since I have never used Gateron switches before. They can be good or bad, but they are a change nonetheless. Otherwise, I have been using the same keyboard for years, which has Cherry MX Reds, so I have become exceedingly comfortable on this keyboard. Trying out a new keyboard at first always has its apparent flaws, but after some use a more objective picture can be seen. Read on to see how the Cooler Master CK550 turned out!

Amazon’s Alexa companion app is getting a much-needed redesign

From The Verge: The Alexa app, which acts as a piece of setup and companion software for Amazon’s Echo devices, just got a major visual redesign. The new app has a much improved user interface with easier control over Alexa-enabled smart home devices.

The biggest improvements can be seen in the devices tab, which now allows you to control individual smart lights and power outlets from a single screen at the same time as seeing them grouped by room. Elsewhere the update has focused more on the look of the app rather than adding any new functionality.


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