NSA Warns Microsoft Windows Users: Update Now Or Face 'Devastating Damage'

From Forbes: I can't recall ever seeing the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) jumping in and warning users of Microsoft Windows to check if their systems are fully patched and, if not, to update now or risk a "devastating" and "wide-ranging impact." But that's what has just happened.

Snapchat is experimenting with an events feature of its own

From The Verge: Snapchat is working on integrating support for events into its service in an apparent attempt to compete with similar functionality offered by Facebook. The unannounced feature was spotted in Snapchat’s code by Jane Manchun Wong, an app researcher with a solid track record for uncovering new social media features before they’re officially announced.

Many Popular Android Apps Leak Sensitive Data, Leaving Millions Of Consumers At Risk

From Forbes: Most of us operate under the assumption that the apps on our phones are safe and that we can use them to do the tasks they were designed for without putting us at risk. New research conducted by mobile app security firm NowSecure suggests that isn't the case. The company tested 250 of the most popular Android apps available in the Google Play Store and found that 70 percent of them suffered from vulnerabilities that could leave sensitive user data exposed. The findings suggest that millions of Android users could be at risk.

Mozilla makes anti-tracking the Firefox default

From ComputerWorld: Mozilla this week began to switch on an aggressive anti-tracking technology in Firefox that it has touted since 2015.

With a June 4 update to Firefox 67, Mozilla turned on Enhanced Tracking Protection (ETP) by default for new users. Existing customers simply updating their browsers may enable ETP themselves. The default-of-on will be extended to those users "in the coming months," Mozilla said, apparently activating it in stages as a last-step quality control.

Google To Acquire Looker In $2.6B Blockbuster Business Analytics Deal

From CRN: Google has struck a deal to acquire business analytics software developer Looker for $2.6 billion in a blockbuster move to expand the business intelligence offerings of Google Cloud.

Looker, one of the more prominent startups in the business analytics space, develops a platform with business intelligence, data applications and embedded analytics capabilities. The company's platform runs purpose-built applications for marketing and web analytics and the company recently added a sales analytics application to its product portfolio.

YouTube to Delete Neo-Nazi, White Supremacist Videos

From PC Mag: YouTube is removing thousands of channels for promoting Neo-Nazism, white supremacy, and conspiracy theories that deny well-known historical events like the Holocaust and the Sandy Hook school shooting ever occurred.

On Wednesday, the Google-owned platform announced it was taking a stricter stance on hateful content by deleting the offending videos instead of just limiting their circulation.

Intel Charts A New Course With 10th Gen Core And Project Athena

From Forbes: Intel is in the midst of a reinvention process, marked by a few missteps from the company on the manufacturing side and a change of leadership at the top. The company recently exited the 5G smartphone modem business and attempting to get back on track with its 10nm manufacturing process node. Intel is also facing competitive pressure from multiple fronts, which it hasn’t experienced in quite some time. But as anyone in the industry will acknowledge, competition usually encourages companies to step up and let go of the old way of doing things.

Google Stadia: Buy games from Google and you can play through Stadia for free

From CNET: Google has an answer for any skeptics of its Stadia streaming game service: Buy the game from Google, and you can play through Stadia for free.

The internet giant laid out its launch plans Thursday, during a livestream in which it announced prices for its service, which includes an effectively free tier offering high-definition visuals for any game you buy from Google. The company declined to say how much games will cost but said it would be competitive with the industry.

Huawei will build 5G network for Russia’s biggest carrier

From The Verge: The gloom surrounding Huawei ever since its blacklisting by the US has been pierced by a ray of Russian sunshine this week, as the Chinese company announced it’s signed a 5G development deal with MTS, Russia’s biggest mobile operator. Timed to coincide with a three-day visit by Chinese president Xi Jinping to Moscow, the deal signals a desire for a closer relationship between the two Asian powers, and it unites the fates of two of their respective leading companies.

Google Maps can now tell you your speed in real time

From The Verge: Google has quietly added a live speedometer into Google Maps, allowing you to keep an eye on your speed alongside local speed limits. Android Police reports that the feature can be turned on and off from the app’s Navigation Settings menu in Settings, after which it will display in the bottom left corner of the app during a car journey.


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