Report: Xbox One to Support Alexa, Google Assistant

From PC Mag: It's already possible to use a digital assistant with the Xbox One games consoles, but your options are quite limited. Microsoft, as you'd expect, integrated Cortana functionality. However, using Cortana requires having the now defunct Kinect hooked up, or relying on the microphone in a headset. That could soon change, though, as there's evidence Microsoft is opening up Xbox to other assistants.

Nvidia CEO: No next-gen GeForce GPUs for a 'long time,' but G-Sync BFGDs are coming soon

From PC World: The gamers hoping, wishing, and praying for a new generation of GeForce cards to arrive this week got some bad news from the company’s CEO: They won’t show up for a “long time.”

When asked by Tom’s Hardware reporter Paul Acorn when the launch for the next GeForce will happen during a closed-door press briefing at Computex 2018, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang responded, “It’s a long time from now.”

Asus' new gaming monitor is bigger than my TV

From CNET: How big do you like your gaming monitors to be? No matter what size just popped into your head, Asus' new monitor is probably bigger.

Announced at Computex in Taipei on Monday, the Asus VG49V is a 49-inch, curved display. That may be average-sized in the world of TVs, but as a monitor for gaming rigs, it's huge.

With a 3,840x1,080-pixel resolution, Asus is calling it a Double Full HD model, being that it's twice as wide as the traditional 1,920x1,080-pixel Full HD setup.

How concerned would you be if you got banned by Amazon?

It would change the way I live
49% (61 votes)
I'll take my business elsewhere
40% (49 votes)
Doesn't really affect me
11% (14 votes)
Total votes: 124

Fractal Design Define R6 Blackout TG Review (Page 1 of 4)

What is the biggest sin you can commit against your friends in 2018? Go ask any teenage kid and they will tell you it goes something along the lines of breaking a Snapchat streak. The genesis of any friendship starts with that little flame icon with the number "3" on the side. This is the beginning of your commitment to sending each other at least one snap every day. If you break a single digit streak, no matter; you were not serious about the friendship to begin with anyway. As time progresses and your streak hits one hundred and above, you better do what it takes to keep it -- leaving a triple digit streak out to dry is a serious offense. Case in point: I got a friend who broke a 236 streak and another who broke a 133, and I do not care their reasons include their phone died and they did not have internet, respectively; our friendship simply was not the same afterwards. Beside Snapchat streaks, I also care about review streaks. Since 2011, I have reviewed every Fractal Design Define series mid-tower, including the R3, R4, and R5. When Fractal Design released the Define R6 late last year, I knew I had to get my hands on one. But due to inventory problems on the Blackout TG model I wanted, one did not appear on our doorsteps until a little over a month ago. But fear not, my friends. Fractal Design did not break any streaks in sending us their Define R-series mid-tower chassis, and neither will I break my streak in reviewing these cases. There is one more streak they need to keep, however. The Define R3, R4, and R5 all won our venerable APH Recommended award. Will the R6 keep this streak rolling into a four? There is only one way to find out. By the way, I was joking about my friends who broke our Snapchat streaks.

Antec P6 Review (Page 1 of 4)

If you read my last review on the 1MORE Quad Driver, you would know I ended by saying we were able to track down the phone. To continue the story, we called the cleaning company to ask if they knew anything and they mentioned the lady in charge brought some extra people to the office. They suspected a boyfriend of the cleaner's niece. Immediately, people started guessing this guy was a bratty adolescent who did not know any better. The next day, we called the police and they sent a cop to take our notes and the tracked location. It was not long until he was able to contact this person and they agreed to meet up at a mall. However, he was clearly scared and he dropped it off at the lost and found, claiming he had "found it in the mall". The policeman came back to our office and he handed me the iPhone. When I asked the officer who this person was, he replied by saying it was some old forty year old guy, which caught everyone off guard. This time, our impressions were not in line with reality and affected our expected suspect. With the review unit of the Antec P6, it has been a while since we have seen anything from Antec. Besides our recent review of the DF500, we had not received an Antec case or product in a while. In fact, the last chassis we received from this company was the P182 back in 2007. Back then, it was a pretty good case with a sleek exterior. The Antec P6 is a compact mATX case selling at a budget price. Does this case keep up with Antec's past case and the current trends from other case manufacturers? Let us read on to find out!

Mozilla Firefox tries closing another privacy hole with new network tech

From CNET: Browser makers are trying to thwart network snoopers by encrypting your connections to the web servers that host websites, but Mozilla on Friday began a project to go one step farther.

Microsoft’s Android launcher now lets you track your kid’s location and app usage

From The Verge: Microsoft is bringing a new location tracking feature to its Android launcher app. Available in preview, the new family tracking feature lets Microsoft Launcher users track the last known location of their family members. The launcher also includes an activity report of what apps are being used on a device and for how long, similar to Microsoft’s family account feature.

US Teens Leave Facebook for Instagram, Snapchat

From PC Mag: Facebook's popularity is dropping among US teenagers aged from 13 to 17. According to a new poll, a large majority are instead using YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat, and doing so more frequently.

Only about half, at 51 percent, say they use Facebook, according to the survey from the Pew Research Center, which was published on Thursday.

That's a drop from Pew's last survey, conducted in 2014 and 2015, which found that Facebook was the most popular social media platform among US teenagers. At the time, 71 percent were using the service.

Corsair Gaming HS70 Wireless Review (Page 1 of 4)

Our offices have been having several pizza lunches to get us to mingle with everyone in the office and not just the people in our department. Of course, our group of guys was really excited to be eating pizza, especially since it was not a norm. On the most recent pizza day, we were all really hungry and excited for the pizza delivery guy to arrive. I thought I heard the pizza guy and I ran out, while all my co-workers waited expectantly. However, it was just some other office people moving around and I came back empty handed. On a second time, I was sure it was the right person, but my coworker responded with a line from a former president. "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me... you won't get fooled again." Laughing, I did not know he was quoting former US President George W. Bush. After reading several quotes, I realized it was pretty funny to read them, especially when you see the incorrect words or just plain nonsense he said. When Corsair last sent us the HS60 Surround, I was quite happy with the result we had at its price range. For a gaming headset, it was a pretty good recommendation. However, it seemed to have been built off their previous HS50 Stereo headset with some extra features added. With the HS70 Wireless today, we have a similar situation with the headset seemingly being the same in terms of style, except now with wireless capabilities. Is this another same headset with new features, or is there more than meets the eye? Hopefully I will not get fooled again, so let us read on to find out!


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