QNAP Introduces New 10GbE and Thunderbolt 3 NAS TVS-x72XT Series

From QNAP Press Release: QNAP Systems, Inc. today released the new TVS-x72XT NAS series, powered by 8th Gen Intel Core processors with both 10GBASE-T and Thunderbolt 3 high-bandwidth connectivity for tackling heavy workloads and smoothly transferring, displaying and editing 4K videos in real-time. By supporting M.2 PCIe NVMe SSDs and graphics cards, the TVS-x72XT series provides the ability to boost performance and create a scalable working environment for high-speed file sharing and collaboration.

Chinese stocks plummet as Huawei CFO arrest raises trade fears

From Tech Crunch: A string of Chinese stocks fell hard on Thursday after the arrest of Huawei’s chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou in Vancouver deepened concerns over US-China trade tensions.

The Hang Seng China Enterprises Index of Chinese companies listed in Hong Kong was off 2.76 percent as of 12:40 p.m. On the Mainland side, the CSI 300 index of the top 300 stocks trading in Shanghai and Shenzhen fell 2.1 percent. The US stock market is closed Wednesday to honor former US President George H.W. Bush.

Seagate Starts to Test 16 TB HAMR Hard Drives

From AnandTech: Seagate on Monday disclosed that it had begun testing the industry’s first HAMR hard drive intended for evetualy commercial release. With a capacity of 16 TB, the HDD is being used primarily for internal tests to prepare for its high-volume launch and deployment in actual datacenters in the future. Separately, Seagate announced plans to introduce HAMR-based hard drives with a 20 TB capacity in 2020.

Meet Qualcomm's Snapdragon 855: AI boosts, a smarter camera, mobile gaming—and bye-bye, JPEG

From PC World: A year ago, Qualcomm unveiled the Snapdragon 845, the brains behind flagship smartphones like the Google Pixel 3, the U.S. version of the Samsung Galaxy S9, OnePlus phones, and others. Now, Qualcomm’s next-generation Snapdragon 855 promises those platforms even more enhancements: dedicated logic blocks for digital assistants, revamped camera logic for computer vision, specific gaming boosts. It also gives the traditional JPEG file format the boot.

Microsoft Breaks Its Flagship PC With New Windows 10 Update

From Forbes: Some Surface Book 2 owners may be a bit grumpy this week after a routine Windows 10 cumulative update left their shiny convertible laptops displaying nothing more than a BSOD.

It's yet another black eye on what has been a ceaseless string of problematic Windows 10 updates over the last several months. From the infamous file-deleting bug and breaking Windows Media Player and iCloud, to buggy default apps and broken audio, Microsoft has been proving its critics right: the process and speed of rolling out new Windows updates and features needs a deep overhaul.

Innodisk Launches Ultra-Slim M.2 Graphics Card

From Tom's Hardware: The M.2 form factor is widely employed in storage products like SSDs and wireless cards. However, Innodisk has discovered a new use for this form factor and built its own M.2 graphics card around it. We bet the Taiwanese manufacturer's new product will catch on in industrial operating environments where space is a luxury.

Western Digital Reveals SweRV RISC-V Core, Cache Coherency over Ethernet Initiative

From AnandTech: Western Digital this week made three important announcements concerning its RISC-V-based processor initiative launched last year. The company introduced its own SweRV general-purpose core, its OmniXtend cache coherency over Ethernet technology, and the open-sourced SweRV Instruction Set Simulator (ISS). Western Digital expects that the hardware and software will be used for various solutions aimed at Big Data and Fast Data applications, including flash controllers and SSDs.

Apple Fixes Passcode, Remote Code Execution Flaws in iOS and macOS

From eWeek: Apple released a series of updates on Dec. 5 to its desktop and mobile operating systems, patching serious vulnerabilities that could have exposed users to risk.

Among the updates released by Apple are iOS 12.1.1, macOS Mojave 10.14.2 and Safari 12.0.2. The bugs fixed across the updates include privilege escalation, arbitrary code execution, memory corruption and denial-of-service flaws. In iOS 12.1.1, one of the most impactful issues patched is a passcode bypass one with the FaceTime conferencing application.

TSMC’s 7nm Node Supposedly Running Below Capacity

From ExtremeTech: When GlobalFoundries canceled its 7nm ramp this year, it did so because it claimed it hadn’t found enough customers to justify the investment. The overall impact on AMD, GF’s major customer, was apparently negligible — plans were already in the works to bring Epyc and Ryzen up on 7nm. But GlobalFoundries major justification for canceling 7nm was that there simply weren’t enough customers to go around. At the time, we asked whether we might see companies like AMD being squeezed into smaller ramps than they might like due to these issues.

AT&T announces a better 5G Samsung phone, less than 24 hours after the first one

From The Verge: AT&T will launch a second Samsung phone on its 5G network in 2019 in addition to the one it announced less than 24 hours ago, the company has confirmed. However, unlike the Samsung phone due in the first half of the year, this second 5G handset, due in the second half of the year, will be able to access sub-6GHz spectrum in addition to mmWave, according to an AT&T representative. It will be the third 5G device from AT&T overall if you count Netgear’s 5G mobile hotspot.


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