WhatsApp now lets you control who can add you to groups

From The Verge: WhatsApp is introducing new controls that let you limit who can add you to group messages. VentureBeat notes that the app now lets you stop people from adding you to groups if they’re not a contact in your address book. Alternatively, you can prevent anyone at all from being able to add you, or else leave the option open to all.

Raspberry Pi Official Keyboard and Mouse Launch

From PC Mag: The Raspberry Pi Foundation has today expanded the range of Pi-focused products it offers carrying an "official" tag by launching a keyboard and mouse.

Unlike the Raspberry Pi itself, the keyboard and mouse are manufactured in China as attempts to make them in the UK were thwarted because, as Simon Martin, senior principal engineer, explains "we just couldn't get the logistics to work." However, the keyboard and mouse are designed by Raspberry Pi, and they've ensured the highest quality components are used.

Samsung throws its weight behind open video standard AV1

From CNET: Electronics giant Samsung just gave a little more clout to those who prefer openness in the constant struggle between open and proprietary technology.

Qnap To Leverage 2nd Generation Intel Xeon Scalable Processors

From QNAP Press Release: With the launch of 2nd GENERATION INTEL XEON SCALABLE PROCESSORS, QNAP will soon introduce new products that feature dual processors with higher performance and hardware-enhanced security in its future network and storage solutions to assure agile service delivery for the ever-demanding data-centric workloads.

Cooler Master Releases the new MasterBox Q500L

From Cooler Master Press Release: Cooler Master today announces the launch of the new MasterBox Q500L. Featuring the same external dimensions of the previously launched Q300L, the Q500L is capable of supporting a full ATX motherboard.

WhatsApp launches fact-checking service in India ahead of elections

From The Verge: WhatsApp is launching a new fact-checking service in India ahead of the country’s upcoming elections. Reuters reports that users can now forward messages to the Checkpoint Tipline, where a team lead by local startup Proto will asses and mark them as either “true,” “false,” “misleading,” or “disputed.” These messages will also be used to create a database to study and understand the spread of misinformation. India’s elections are due to start on April 11th, and final results are expected on May 23rd.

Details On Valve's Index VR Headset Leak, Will Ship In June

From PC Mag: Whoops. Valve may have accidentally leaked details about its upcoming VR headset by posting the Steam page for the product a bit too early.

Twitter user @Wario64 spotted the Steam page, which includes a clearer picture of the VR headset, and says the product will start shipping on June 15.

PlayStation Store's updated refund policy lets you change your mind within 14 days

From CNET: Sony on Monday updated its PlayStation Store refund policy: Now you can get your money back on games, add-ons or downloadable content within two weeks.

The tweaked policy allows you get the money back into your PlayStation Network wallet until you hit download or stream the content. After that, you're out of luck and have to prove that what you bought is faulty before you can get that refund.

If you're the type of person who might regularly make purchases you regret, disabling automatic downloads on your PS4 might be a good move.

Google ends sales of the Pixel 2 and 2 XL

From The Verge: Google has stopped selling its Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL smartphones. As noticed by Android Police, URLs for the Pixel 2 at the company’s store now simply take users to the newer Pixel 3 instead. Some stock remains available from other retailers: Best Buy is currently selling its remaining stock of the Pixel 2 XL (64GB in black) for $399.99. Sadly, the black-and-white “panda” model is a goner. Verizon, the Pixel 2’s exclusive US carrier, ended sales back in October upon the announcement of its successor.

Valve's Index VR Headset Launches in May

From PC Mag: Valve has finally decided to enter the virtual reality hardware market with its first VR headset, which will go by the name of Valve Index.

The new headset was revealed last week, but it was as minimal as they come. We got a single image of the headset with the name clearly visible on the casing and the message "Upgrade your experience." As for when the Index will launch, the dedicated Steam Page also states "May 2019."


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