Diablo III Switch Bundle Launches Nov. 2

From PC Mag: Any new Diablo game release is a big deal for Blizzard and whichever platform it is launching on, even if that release is an old game repackaged. We've known the Switch is getting Diablo III since August, but what we didn't know was Nintendo decided to support it with a Switch console bundle.

Facebook breach hit 3 million in EU, putting new privacy law to test

From CNET: Facebook may have a run-in with Europe's new privacy law.

The Irish Data Protection Commission said Tuesday that roughly 3 million Facebook users living in Europe were affected by a data breach at the social network in September, according to CNBC.

QNAP Completes its 3-bay NAS Lineup: Introducing the TS-351 Home NAS

From QNAP Press Release: Following the releases of the TS-328 (powered by a Realtek CPU) and the TS-332X (powered by an AnnapurnaLabs CPU), QNAP® Systems, Inc. today completes the 3-bay RAID 5 NAS lineup with the introduction of the high-end home NAS TS-351. The TS-351 is powered by an Intel® Celeron® J1800 processor, and includes a wide range of features for media streaming, instant sharing, HDMI-output, and auto-tiering for optimal storage efficiency. The TS-351 provides homes and home offices with an excellent file management and multimedia entertainment center.

Qualcomm’s new Wi-Fi chips are meant to rival 5G speeds

From The Verge: Qualcomm is launching a family of chips that can add incredibly high-speed Wi-Fi — at speeds up to 10 gigabits per second — to phones, laptops, routers, and so on. It’s the start of a new generation of this super-fast Wi-Fi standard, but it isn’t going to be used to speed up your typical web browsing. And whether it catches on at all remains an open question.

PS4 gamers say messaging bug bricks consoles; Sony says it's a 'crash loop'

From CNET: Some Sony PlayStation 4 players are reporting they're getting messages that are bricking their consoles, forcing them to factory reset.

Gamers set up several threads on the PS4 subreddit over the weekend outlining the glitch, which was linked to a specific string of characters -- like the text that once crashed people's iPhones.

Some reported that the messages caused their consoles to crash when opened, while others said the message notification popping up on the screen was enough to cause the problem.

Montblanc Launches First Snapdragon Wear 3100 Smartwatch

From PC Mag: The first smartwatch with Qualcomm's new Snapdragon Wear 3100 chip has arrived.

Montblanc's Summit 2 will start at $995. It features a 1.2-inch AMOLED display, 8GB of storage, and comes in a variety of different shades, including black, stainless steel, and titanium.

The Summit 2 was built with a "vintage" look to give you the feel of a mechanical watch, the company said. The product itself runs Google's Wear OS, but it can connect to either an Android smartphone or an iPhone.

Dell unveils the first 49-inch ultra-wide monitor with QHD resolution

From The Verge: The Dell UltraSharp U4919DW is the first QHD 49-inch ultra-wide monitor on the market, and it has me more excited about monitors than I’ve been in a while. Other ultra-wide displays with a 32:9 screen ratio only have a 1080p vertical resolution. The result is a wide, but short user interface. But in Dell’s case, the solution is more pixels and a better viewing angle.

Adobe Reveals 'Rush' for Quick Video Edits, iPad Photoshop Preview

From PC Mag: Adobe's annual MAX conference in Los Angeles serves as a venue for in-depth software training sessions for creatives and a platform for new product announcements. The big news from this year's show is the release of a new fast video-editing app called Premiere Rush CC.

Venmo's quick transfers will soon add 1% charge

From CNET: You might want to choose Venmo's slower transfer option from Nov. 6, because you'll be paying a 1 percent charge for its Instant Transfers from then on.

The payment service -- which is owned by PayPal -- emailed users about the change and noted that the original $0.25 fee will become the minimum charge, Bloomberg reported over the weekend.

Standard bank transfers will remain free, but those take two to three days rather than the approximately 30 minutes of Instant Transfers.

How much data do you use per month on your smartphone?

Less than 1GB
22% (34 votes)
1GB to 2GB
24% (37 votes)
2GB to 4GB
27% (41 votes)
4GB to 8GB
17% (26 votes)
8GB or more
10% (15 votes)
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