Huawei gets boost as China issues 5G licenses

From CNET: China approved 5G licenses for a quartet of state-owned bodies on Thursday, winning investment in vendors like Huawei, a report said.

Carriers China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom, as well as broadcaster China Broadcasting Network Corporation, got the licenses, according to Reuters.

The carriers were given trial licenses at the end of 2018, but Thursday's announcement lets them begin commercial deployment before the original 2020 timeline. It'll trigger early investment in Huawei and other vendors too, the news gathering service noted.

Qualcomm And Lenovo Announce The World's First Prototype 5G PC

From Forbes: Qualcomm is on a roll, its 5G modem leadership solidified by recent partner 5G announcements across carriers in the US, Europe, and Asia. While nearly all of these 5G devices have been smartphones, many have wondered when the first 5G PC would hit the scene. That question was answered at Computex 2019, with Qualcomm and Lenovo ’s joint announcement of the world’s first prototype 5G PC codenamed Project Limitless. Let’s take a closer look.

Project Limitless

Haunting black hole mystery solved with most detailed simulation ever

From CNET: Using a supercomputer and some custom-built code, an international team of researchers has created the "most detailed" simulation of a black hole proving a long-standing theory that has puzzled astrophysicists for 45 years.

The theory, first published in 1975, posited that the inner-most region of a spinning black hole would eventually align with the hole's equatorial plane. While that may seem somewhat confusing and inconsequential, how this region is warped by the black hole can have huge effects on entire galaxies.

Phanteks Glacier G2070 Strix Waterblock

From Phanteks Press Release: Phanteks today announces the new Glacier Series water-block designed specifically for ASUS RTX 2070/2060 cards. The new Glacier G2070 Strix is engineered to deliver high cooling performance for the Asus RTX 2070/2060 cards.

Noctua at Computex 2019

From Noctua Press Release: At this year’s Computex Taipei trade show, Noctua displayed a wide range of upcoming products and prototypes, including its next-generation 140mm dual tower CPU coolers, a fanless heatsink and all-black versions of the NH-D15, NH-U12S and NH-L9i models. The NF-A12x25 was awarded best case fan of the year by the European Hardware Association and shown in an upcoming black variant.

Spotify begins testing curated podcast playlists

From The Verge: Spotify is beginning a summer of podcast playlist tests today that’ll involve the creation of curated episode suggestions around specific genres, according to a source close to the company. Spotify doesn’t currently have a way for people to discover new shows, so this is a first step toward helping creators find a bigger audience.

Apple's Supercharged Mac Pro Arrives This Fall Starting at $5,999

From PC Mag: Apple has finally refreshed its Mac Pro with a huge overhaul that ditches the canister look for a ridiculously over-powered desktop tower.

The new model can be outfitted with up to a 28-core Intel Xeon processor running on 300 watts, and what Apple says is the world's most powerful graphics card from AMD, which can achieve a whooping 58 teraflops and 128GB of video memory using dual Radeon Pro Vega II chips.

On the memory front, it can also be configured with up to 1.5TB of DDR4 RAM through 12 dual in-line memory slots.

Mozilla Firefox now stops websites, advertisers from tracking you

From CNET: After more than a year ratcheting up its privacy protections, Firefox now blocks website cookies that can let advertisers and publishers track you on the web.

Cookies are small text files that websites can store in your browser -- either first-party cookies from the operator of the website or third-party cookies that can come along for the ride from advertising and analytics firms. Mozilla now blocks those third-party cookies under a Firefox feature called enhanced tracking protection it announced in 2018.

Apple iOS 13: the biggest new features coming to the iPhone

From The Verge: As expected, Apple has announced iOS 13 onstage at WWDC 2019, giving a first look at the company’s latest software for the iPhone. According to Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering, iOS 13 is the “next big release for iOS,” and will offer a variety of improvements to the operating system.

Chief among those is a new (and long-awaited) dark mode, improvements to performance, and more changes.
Improved performance

LG starts selling world’s first 8K OLED TV this week

From The Verge: 8K OLED TVs officially become a thing this week as LG starts taking orders in South Korea for arguably the most advanced consumer TV set ever created. The 88Z9 has an 88-inch OLED panel with 8K Ultra HD resolution (7680 x 4320) — that’s four times more pixels than 4K. The OLED panel itself is the largest that LG has ever shipped in a TV.


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