Alcatel’s 1X is the only Android Go phone you can buy in the US

From The Verge: Alcatel’s first phone running Android Go, the 1X, will go on sale in the US next week for $100. Not only is this Alcatel’s first device running Google’s optimized OS for cheaper phones, it’s also the one and only phone running it that’s currently for sale in the United States.

Intel Wants to Replace DDR4 With Optane DIMMs

From PC Mag: Intel is slowly rolling out different products using its 3D XPoint non-volatile Optane memory co-developed with Micron. Performance sits somewhere in between an SSD and RAM, which is why Intel initially focused on offering the very expensive Optane Memory for use as a hybrid drive, inside NUCs, and then as small SSDs. However, Intel also wants to compliment and even replace RAM with Optane, and so we're getting Optane DC Persistent Memory.

Nokia sells Withings health division in restructuring effort

From CNET: Withings has returned to the ownership of co-founder Eric Carreel following Nokia's decision to sell off the company.

The French health technology company, which Carreel co-founded with Cedric Hutchings in 2008, was purchased by Nokia for 170 million euros, about $204 million, in 2016 and re-branded as Nokia Health.

It will revert to its original name as part of the sale.

Nintendo Launches First Switch Pokemon Game

From PC Mag: The Switch already enjoys a healthy collection of Nintendo first-party games, but last night the first Pokemon game was announced for the system. What's more, it's already available to download and play!

The game is called Pokemon Quest, but it's very different from the core Pokemon games we are used to seeing on Nintendo's handhelds. This is Pokemon-lite, and it's a free-to-start game that's also heading to Android and iOS platforms.

Imgur adds 30-second video uploads for iOS

From CNET: Imgur has added 30-second video uploads via its iOS app and all users can see the results on a new channel.

The clips can be seen on the image hosting site's Unmuted channel, which is actually muted by default. It only lives up to its name when visitors play a video.

Imgur's blog post on the update also notes that iOS users have access to video editing tools.

"You can choose to include, or remove, sound from your post, have multiple videos in one post, or mix with images and GIFs," the company writes.

HP's self-cooling Mindframe headset leads a new pack of high-end gaming accessories

From PC World: HP's Mindframe headset will feature active cooling to keep your ears from sweating through gaming sessions. Repeat: This new HP headphone has active cooling. For your ears.

The Mindframe is just the most innovative of a host of gaming accessories HP announced Wednesday. The company is also introducing its Sequencer keyboard with optical mechanical switches, and the Reactor mouse with an aluminum cable designed to stay flat. The Reactor mouse will cost $79, while the Sequencer key board will set you back $179. Both should be available in June.

Snapchat introduces first Lens that reacts to sound

From CNET: Snapchat has rolled out its first Lens that reacts to sound.

The messaging social media app's latest addition is an animal mask with ears that pulse and shine, as well eyes that move, depending on the sound your phone's microphone picks up. It also appears to react more at greater volumes.

The new Lens was added Tuesday and Snapchat plans to launch more sound-reacting Lenses in the coming weeks, Engadget reports. The company did not immediately reply to a request for comment.

Sony’s annual sale is offering limited edition blue PS4s and tons of game deals

From The Verge: Sony is celebrating the PS4 community with its annual Days of Play event — which offers a bunch of deals on games and PS4 hardware along with a limited edition blue-and-gold Days of Play PS4 console — from June 8th through June 18th. (Those dates happen to coincide with E3, where The Verge will be in attendance to bring you all the latest news from Sony and everyone else in the gaming world.)

Xbox 360 Gets First System Update Since March 2016

From PC Mag: The Xbox 360 is fast approaching its 13th birthday and Microsoft stopped manufacturing the console back in April 2016. The last system update the 360 received was in March 2016, right before the hardware got discontinued. I say was because Microsoft just surprised everyone with a new update for its last-gen hardware.

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