Apple’s 2018 iPhones are rumored to not include headphone dongle in the box

From The Verge: We all knew this day would come eventually, but apparently 2018 is the year: Apple will reportedly no longer bundle its 3.5mm to Lightning port headphone dongle with this year’s iPhone models, according to a research note from Barclays that was seen by MacRumors.

And while you can take Barclays’ note with a grain of salt, the sourcing does seem at least somewhat legitimate. The research note claims that Cirrus Logic, a supplier for the dongle has “confirmed” that it won’t be included in the box alongside the new iPhones.

Microsemi Announces PCIe 4.0 Switches And NVMe SSD Controller

From AnandTech: Microsemi is starting their transition to PCIe 4.0 with updates to their Switchtec PCIe switch family and Flashtec NVMe SSD controllers. The new PCIe standard doubles the per-lane throughput from approximately 1GB/s to almost 2GB/s.

June's Best Selling Gaming Hardware Was... the NES Classic

From PC Mag: It's hard to forget the mess Nintendo made of the first NES Classic launch in late 2016. Not enough were made to meet demand, then Nintendo discontinued the console meaning prices surged on eBay. Having seen the error of its ways, the NES Classic was relaunched on June 29 this year, and it sold so well it topped the charts.

Huawei Takes #2 Smartphone Manufacturer Spot in 1H18

From AnandTech: Huawei has released its business results for the first half of 2018, and has posted new record sales figures of 95+ million units.

Most importantly, the company has now surpassed Apple in terms of smartphone shipments and has been able advance to the n°2 positioning with a global market share of 15.8% (It’s to be noted that we’re talking about unit shipments and not revenue).

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Yowza! Apple becomes a trillion-dollar company

From CNET: It's official. Apple on Thursday became worth over $1 trillion. Yes, that's right, $1 trillion. As in $1,000,000,000,000.

Shortly before 9 a.m. PT on Thursday, Apple's stock hit $207.05 a share, giving it a market capitalization at that trillion-dollar mark. Apple -- the biggest public company in the world -- had 4,829,926,000 shares outstanding as of July 20, which meant its stock had to hit $207.05 to be worth $1 trillion.

Symantec Warns of Increasingly Sophisticated Tech Support Scams

From eWeek: Symantec issued a report on Aug. 3 revealing that technical support fraud scammers are using call optimization services to improve their results. The new techniques come as the volume of tech support scams blocked by Symantec continues to grow.

Google Maps location sharing adds phone battery status

From CNET: Google Maps has added phone battery status to its location sharing for iOS and Android devices, allowing your contacts to see if you'll be cut off soon.

When a location has been shared, you'll see that there's now a battery icon between the distance and the time since the location was shared, as first spotted by Android Police. This way, you'll be able to tell if your contact is unable to update you because a phone battery died.

A quick test confirmed that the shared location displayed the phone's battery life accurately.

Intel Details Upcoming SSDs For Datacenter Including QLC NAND

From AnandTech: Intel has finally shared the naming and specifications for their first datacenter SSDs using QLC NAND flash memory, after recently announcing that the then-unnamed drive had entered mass production. Intel is also introducing a modification to their enterprise/datacenter SSD naming scheme, and announcing a refresh to their TLC-based SATA SSDs for datacenters.

Report: Google Working on Censored Search for China

From PC Mag: The Great Firewall has meant that Google Search isn't accessible from within China. In order for it to function there, Google would have to agree to adopt the Chinese government's censorship rules and the company has refused to do that for many years. However, it looks as though Google is now willing to accept censorship in return for access.

Origin PC's new EON15-S crams Core i9 into a 3.4-pound gaming laptop

From PC World: The laptops we’ve seen with Intel’s debut Core i9 mobile processor so far lean toward extremes. On one hand, you’ve got big, beefy notebooks like the Alienware 17 R5 with cooling galore to let the 6-core CPU scream long and hard. Then, you’ve got the slim, svelte MacBook Pro and all the throttling issues that come with restricting a monster chip in such a small package. Now, Origin PC’s splitting the difference by housing the Core i9 inside its EON15-S and all-new EVO17-S gaming laptops. Both measure in at just under an inch thin.


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