Wireless charging reaches beyond the charging pad, finally

From CNET: Powercast said Tuesday that it's won FCC approval for its PowerSpot transmitter, which can deliver over-the-air charging to electronic devices two or more feet away and, in some cases, as far as 80 feet (24 meters). The idea is that charging certain devices could work a little like Wi-Fi does: The devices just have to be in the vicinity, rather than plugged in or plopped down in a particular spot.

The biggest beneficiaries for now will likely be keyboards, remote controls, certain wearables and especially low-power devices like home automation sensors.

Report: No 64GB Switch Cartridges for Developers Until 2019

From PC Mag: With the launch of the Switch, Nintendo decided to drop the optical drive completely from its hardware line-up. The GameCube used small optical discs before the Wii and then Wii U went with a more standard optical drives. By using cartridges in the Switch$299.99 at Amazon, gamers can benefit from not having to install lots of data and load times are kept to a minimum, but size limitations can remove those advantages and they do make the games cost more.

Uber reportedly selling failed leasing business to Fair.com

From CNET: After closing its money-losing Xchange Leasing business in September, on-demand car service Uber appears to have found a buyer.

According to The Wall Street Journal, startup Fair.com, which offers open-ended leases for used cars -- excuse me, make that "pre-owned" -- through dealer partners, will buy the business for an undisclosed amount. Uber will also take an equity stake in Fair, as well as offer access to Fair via its app, according to the report.

The OnePlus 5T's Face Unlock feature is coming to the OnePlus 5

From The Verge: One of the OnePlus 5T's most coveted and new features is Face Unlock. Now, the authentication method is rolling out to the slightly older OnePlus 5. Carl Pei, co-founder of OnePlus, tweeted yesterday morning that the security measure will come to the phones. He didn't specify a timeline.

Transformers Games Disappear From Steam, PlayStation Store

From PC Mag: The rush to buy Christmas presents is over and retailers are turning their attention to the post-Christmas sales. However, just before Christmas, games publisher Activision decided to pull a number of titles from sale on both Steam and the PlayStation Store meaning they won't be featuring in any digital sales.

Where did you do most of your Christmas shopping?

40% (47 votes)
Retail stores
60% (70 votes)
Total votes: 117

Camorama Review (Page 1 of 5)

What makes us human? Even though we can sit here and name all the shortcomings we as a human race has fallen short of what we ought to be in front of our maker, there are many beautiful things that are a part of humanity that makes us human. Ever since the beginning of time, we live to tell and we gather to hear stories. And think about it -- every form of communication, in a way, has been made into a storytelling vehicle. Before the invention of written languages, people used spoken languages to tell stories. When written languages were invented, written stories became a thing. When audio recording came into existence, people also used it as a storytelling medium. And what more do I need to say when people learned how to record and edit videos? Of course, the art of storytelling has always been the ability of the storyteller to make others see things through their lens from their perspective. That said, with being human, we do not like to be complacent and we always try to be innovative. The way stories can be told could change. While I enjoy seeing things documented from one perspective through the lens of one person in a traditional video, the advent of the 360 degree camera may revolutionize how a story can be told through a video recording. Today, we have the Camorama 4K action VR 360 degree camera. If you have never heard of this company before, Camorama is a new startup and has only one product under the same name. With YouTube and Facebook supporting 4K 360 degree videos, is the Camorama worth buying for next-generation storytelling? Read on to find out as we look more into this product along with some video demonstrations for you to experience!

Patriot Viper V570 Blackout Edition Review (Page 1 of 4)

'Twas three nights before Christmas, when all through the house
A single creature was stirring; indeed 'twas a mouse;
Its exterior was lit, with rainbow lights so bright,
In hopes that a hand would hold it quite tight.

The reviewer was nestled all ready to game,
Trying for headshots, as kills were his aim,
And mouse in his hand, he said with a grin
"I think it's time for Overwatch-in'"

When all of a sudden, his palm felt strange matter
A mouse that was longer and notably fatter!
Looking down at his desk, that's when he realized,
The Viper V570 was in front of his eyes!

Bitcoin's inevitable plunge is here

From CNET: Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency that has soared in value this year, plunged below $11,000 Friday morning, sinking by nearly half from a record high it hit less than a week ago.

Coinbase, one of the biggest cryptocurrency marketplaces, said later Friday that trading in Bitcoin may be offline because of high traffic. "We're working on restoring full availability as soon as possible," the exchange said.

LG Unveils Nano IPS HDR, 5K Ultrawide Monitors

From ExtremeTech: LG is taking a pair of gorgeous monitors to CES, and they’re both loaded with goodies. The first is a 4K 32-inch display (32UK950) with LG’s new Nano IPS technology. LG defines Nano IPS as “the application of nanometer-sized particles to the screen’s LED to absorb excess light wavelengths. This greatly enhances the intensity and purity of on-screen colors for a more accurate and life-like viewing experience.”


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