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When I was growing up, I played the piano, although I was terrible at it and put in little effort to improve. In school, I learned the trombone and the trumpet through the band program, which I think I was a bit more successful at. However, I also picked up a few instruments on my own, including the electric bass, the ukulele, and the cello. I have been asked several times in the past about the instruments I started with and often I do not have a very good answer. For the electric bass, this was something my dad played before my time and he wanted me to try it out. I am no expert at it, but I enjoy jamming along. As for the ukulele, it was an instrument I wanted to learn since elementary, but for some reason it was skipped in our school curriculum. I really wanted to learn it, so I taught myself over the winter break when I had my wisdom teeth extracted. Once again, there are a lot of things I know I can learn with both of my current instruments, but it was more important for me to take the first step to try something new. It seems GAMDIAS has followed this advice, as today we can see them getting into power supplies for the first time. Following CES 2018, where they announced quite a few products that were not peripherals, they have finally made good on their new venture, releasing the ASTRAPE P1-750G 750W as part of their power supply lineup. These units are not the easiest market to dive into, so let us see how they do in today's report!

Tesoro Gram XS Review

I have never really understood the idea behind "diet" or "light" versions of food. Every lunch time at work, my co-workers would pull out a can of Pepsi Zero or Diet Coke. Personally, I do not drink soft drinks on a daily occasion just because I know it is not the healthiest of things. However, if I were to do so, I definitely would not drink the diet versions of those drinks either. To me, they have a weird aftertaste, even with the newer versions featuring other sweeteners. I have also heard reports about how lighter versions of things, such as peanut butter, can actually be worse than the original. In the case of peanut butter, light versions tend to swap out the oils and instead add extra sugar to compensate for the difference. Of course, this is not to show a bad light on these types of food, but I personally think if you really want a diet version of any food, the easiest way is to cut back the portion size. Today in our hands is the Tesoro Gram XS. Tesoro showed this keyboard off at CES earlier this year, advertised as a super slim mechanical keyboard. I would think this is like the diet version their original Gram Spectrum, but is it any good to use? Are there any compromises made to get the body so slim? These questions and more will be considered in today's review!

Facebook to End Targeted Ads Built with Third-Party Data Mining

From PC Mag: The fallout from the Cambridge Analytica controversy has triggered Facebook to cancel an advertising tool that pulled data from people's backgrounds, like whether you own a home or what products you like to buy.

"We want to let advertisers know that we will be shutting down Partner Categories," Facebook said on Wednesday. "This product enables third party data providers to offer their targeting directly on Facebook."

Facebook data used by Cambridge Analytica may still be around

From CNET: The data used by Cambridge Analytica -- data Facebook said had been deleted -- may still be circulating.

That's according to a report from the UK's Channel 4 News, which saw some of the information, which included details on 136,000 individuals from Colorado.

The data, which Cambridge Analytica inappropriately obtained from a third party app on Facebook for use in political ads, is at the core of the privacy scandal hitting Facebook. It's part of data on 50 million Facebook users that include profiles on people's personalities and psychological details.

Trump slams Amazon for 'causing tremendous loss to the US'

From CNET: President Donald Trump is once again calling out Amazon, complaining in a tweet Thursday morning about the e-commerce giant's business practices.

The president took aim at Amazon's tax contributions, its use of the US Postal Service and practices that put "many thousands of retailers out of business!"

The accusations aren't new. The tweet was likely prompted by an Axios story on Wednesday that claimed Trump was weighing "going after" Amazon over alleged antitrust activities or violations of competition laws.

New Nvidia Chips Enable Big Leap in Deep Learning, Virtual Reality

From eWeek: Chipmaker Nvidia made a series of big product announcements here at its annual GPU Technology Conference (GTC) for developers highlighted by faster graphics chips, a workstation designed to compete with far more expensive supercomputers and a new high-powered server.

A clearly energized CEO Jensen Huang demonstrated during his two-hour keynote how far the company’s products had advanced far beyond the graphics chips where it first made its name.

Sony PSVR bundles now start from $299 in the US and Europe

From The Verge: If you’ve ever wanted to try out a VR gaming headset but have been put off by the price, we have good news — Sony is cutting the prices of its PSVR bundles in the US and Europe. In the US, the Playstation VR Doom bundle now costs $299.99 and includes a PSVR headset, the Doom VFR game, and PlayStation Camera. The Playstation VR Skyrim bundle is now $349.99 and includes the Skyrim VR game, two PlayStation Move controllers in addition to the PSVR headset and PlayStation Camera. Both bundles are $100 cheaper than their previous retail prices.

Facebook Sued Over Call and SMS Data Collection

From PC Mag: If Facebook's legal team wasn't already on high alert, it certainly is today as the social network is being sued by three Facebook Messenger users for violation of their privacy. The alarm bells will be ringing at Facebook because the lawsuit seeks class action status on behalf of all affected users as well as asking for unspecified damages.

Netflix and YouTube streaming video is about to get a lot faster

From CNET: Tech's biggest companies -- including Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Cisco and Netflix -- have finished the first version of video compression technology called AV1, and now they're ready to use it to speed up your streaming video.

Foxconn Is Buying Belkin for $866M

From PC Mag: US consumer electronics company Belkin could soon be in the hands of well-known Taiwan-based manufacturer Foxconn if a deal announced today gains approval.

According to the Financial Times, Foxconn subsidiary FIT Hong Teng will acquire Belkin for $866 million in cash. As part of the deal, FIT will benefit not only from Belkin's existing business, but also over 700 patents as well as gaining control of the Linksys, Wemo, and Phyn brands.


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