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ROMOSS UPower and Lovely Elf Video Review | Lounge

In this episode of our new series here at APH Networks, Alex takes a look at the ROMOSS UPower 10,000mAh and Lovely Elf 6,000mAh Power Banks.

2018 OLED iPhones Expected to Use Bigger L-Shaped Batteries

From PC Mag: If you are still considering which new iPhone to buy this year, it may be worth waiting until next year's iPhone refresh. I realize you can say that every time a new iPhone appears, but 2018 is different if KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is to be believed. Forget any new and novel features, next year's iPhone are getting bigger batteries.

Nvidia's hugely powerful $3,000 Titan V PC GPU is fastest ever

From CNET: Looking for a way to turn your home computer into a deep-learning AI super-monster? Nvidia has an expensive answer.

The new Titan V GPU promises a crazy amount of processing for deep learning and AI applications. It's nine times more powerful -- at 110 teraflops -- than last year's Titan X, Nvidia's last massive desktop graphics processor aimed at machine learning applications.

Bitcoin Exchange NiceHash Hacked as Crypto-Currency Hits New Highs

From eWeek: The Bitcoin crypto-currency is one the biggest financial stories of 2017, increasing dramatically in value over the past 12 months from $1,000 in January to as high as $20,000 on Dec. 7. As Bitcoin's value has grown, so too have its risks, as sites struggle to remain both available and safe.

The most recent security incident occurred on Dec. 6, with Bitcoin exchange site NiceHash publicly revealing that it was the victim of a security breach.

Elon Musk says Tesla is working on custom AI chips

From The Verge: Designing specialized processing chips for artificial intelligence is becoming common for serious tech companies, and Tesla, it seems, is no exception. According to reports from both The Register and CNBC, CEO Elon Musk was talking up the company’s custom AI chips at machine learning conference NIPS last night, telling attendees that Tesla is “developing specialized AI hardware that we think will be the best in the world.”

San Francisco Cracks Down on Delivery Robots

From PC Mag: Companies looking to test package or food delivery robots on San Francisco sidewalks will have a more difficult time in the future.

According to a report from the San Francisco Chronicle, the city's Board of Supervisors this week unanimously passed tough new regulations that "limit companies to three robots each; limit the city to nine robots total; and confine robots to industrial areas where almost no one lives." On top of that, robots being tested on city sidewalks can go no faster than 3 mph, and a human must be present to monitor the machine.

TSMC Speeds Opening of China Fab

From EETimes: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) said it aims to open its second fab in China earlier than originally expected in order to meet strong demand in the world’s fastest growing semiconductor market.

The company will “pull in” the opening of the fab located in Nanjing, China, to June of next year, according to TSMC Co-CEO Mark Liu, who was the keynote speaker at a company event to commemorate its outstanding ecosystem suppliers.

Steam Drops Bitcoin as Payment Option, Citing Price Surges

From PC Mag: The rollercoaster rising value of bitcoin has forced online gaming distributor Steam to drop the cryptocurrency as a payment method.

A year ago, it cost a mere $0.20 to process transaction fees for bitcoin payments, but due to the digital currency's surging value, those fees can now reach as high as $20, according to Steam.

"At this point, it has become untenable to support bitcoin as a payment option," the platform wrote in a Wednesday blog post.

Lyft edges closer to IPO? Hires VP of investor relations

From CNET: Fresh off the heels of $1.5 billion in new investor funding, Lyft is hiring a vice president of corporate development and investor relations. Kristina Omari, former vice president of corporate development for Fitbit, has been tapped for the job.

"She brings a proven track record of helping companies grow in a fast-paced environment," Brian Roberts, Lyft's chief financial officer, said in a statement. "Her skills and experience will help Lyft continue to expand."


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